Podcast Review: The Card is Going to Change Episode 5

This episode is all about AIW's recent show: What's in the Basement, Klopek?

As times evolve so do wrestling review sites! Who knew? I’m a huge podcast buff and figured I could dish out some recap/reviews for the podcasts I listen to every week. Guys like Joe Gagne with Podmass on Voices of Wrestling have kicked off this type of trend. I love audio and will be breaking into radio/media as a student in the future. What better way to do more audio tape study than to write about some of my favorite personalities on a mic. With that being said, this is kicking off our “Podcast Review” section on the site.

AIW presents “The Card is Going to Change” Episode 5 – Shane Douglas Needs A Babysitter

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The Card is Going to Change is my favorite wrestling podcast in the world right now. It features a moderator Glenn Moore and co-hosts (and co-owners of Absolute Intense Wrestling, an Ohio based independent company) Chandler Biggins and John Thorne. Every episode is a themed one, whether it is a retrospective of names that have passed through the company, reflection on latest shows or vintage shows.

This time around the show is all about AIW’s recent show “What’s in the Basement, Klopek?” It’s immensely entertaining to listen to the trials and tribulations of indie promoters. Thorne and Biggins recall yet another Grado booking problem, with an emergency backtracking plans along with Brian Myers never being able to make ONE flight to the show. That alongside ideas put on the table, scrambling to book notable talent make for an easy listen at about 35 minutes. The Card is Going to Change makes for a new type of podcast in the wrestling bubble.

Promoters shooting the shit about the troubles of running a large independent promotion in this case, is tremendous everytime out. However, with each show comes different stories, such as translators for luchadores or attempting to get a mic before the show starts. It’s an easily identifiable struggle and taps you into the entire process, start to finish, of an indie show. Every show there are boatloads of curtain pulling stories that only makes you want to turn on the next show. But … I’ve already caught up. The plus side is I’ll be reviewing every one from here on out. Props to AIW and everyone involved for pumping out a breezy complimentary audio product to a promotion. Now I very much would like to watch the Klopek show.

Episode 5 is a must listen for stories regarding Flamita, Grado, Myers, the process of the show coming together and the last minute booking of ‘The Franchise’ Shane Douglas! This podcast is only going to grow and so are podcast reviews/recaps throughout the net. I’ll catch you on the flip side of the mic.

The Podcast Buff Rating: 8/10


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