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Pandita vs. Kendo Kashin: Match of the Century

Pandita vs. Kendo Kashin

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July 8, 2016

Shinkiba 1st Ring – Tokyo, Japan

This is a legit show that happened. This is an entire wrestling event review. This is not a single match review, no not at all. I am reviewing this entire wrestling event. It just happens to be a single match card and the entire show lasted less than an hour. I heard a report that said front row seating was $1000 US and one person purchased. Kendo Kashin was very over in the entrances, Pandita not so much. This entire match/show was a build to the FMW/IGF feud that is currently taking place in FMW and Super Fireworks. I give props to the people involved to have the balls to make this event just for a piece to the FMW/IGF puzzle. I am somewhat hyped for this because it is so unique. Wish me luck.

Pandita comes out with Kikuzawa and NOSAWA Rongai but one thing is off about Pandita, he is wearing Nike basketball kicks like his mentor Mr. Onita ? That is weird I wonder why he is doing that. Pandita was playing games with the ref but Kendo takes out the ref which proved to be a very dumb decision because Kikuzawa and NOSAWA took the fight to Kashin. Throwing him to the outside and brawling with the 49 year old veteran. Kashin would fight back with uppercuts but eventually would be cut off. Kashin gets thrown back into the ring and more goons are beating him up, poor Kashin. All of this tiny crowd was behind Kashin believe it or not. Whenever he would get offense in they would make some noise. Kashin takes out two of the goons with chair shots but once again Kikuzawa and NOSAWA attack him. Pandita is just in the corner sitting down relaxing having a jolly old time. Double suplex on Kashin. The goons would hit moves on Kashin and Pandita would make the cover and when Kashin kicked out he would just go back to sitting down. THE PANDA WAS GETTING A MASSAGE MID MATCH. The finish was hilarious, Kashin takes out all the goons and un-masks Pandita and by god it is ATSUSHI ONITA under the mask! Onita spits mist at Kashin’s face and then gives him a pile-driver through a table to score the victory. My god that was fun.

Post-match the FMW dudes are still wailing away on Kashin, stomping all over him and disrespecting him. Onita and the OG Pandita grab the mic and humiliate Kashin some more. Kashin is on the mat but is still trying his best to fight. He didn’t want the FMW guys to leave unless he was dead. The FMW guys continue to beat up Kashin UNTIL Hideki Suzuki and Kazuyuki Fujita come through the crowd and to save Kendo Kashin. IGF Gun is here to save there fallen brother! Suzuki and Fujita make Onita and Co head to the back. Fujita gets on the mic and calls out FMW once again.

After that some dude who was over comes out and sings a couple songs really bad. That was a tremendous fucking show. Never change Onita, never change.


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