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Oz Academy The Dynamite #2 Review, Results (September 11, 2016): One Match Show


Oz Academy The Dynamite #2

Watch: The RealHero Drive

Shinjuku FACE – Tokyo, Japan

Mochi Miyagi vs. Yumi OhkaN/R

We join this match already in progress with Ohka getting her whip ready to attack Miyagi but accidentally hits her friend Mio. Miyagi pins Ohka but poor Mio is still reeling from a hit from the whip forcing Miyagi to pick her up and set her in position. The time it took for Miyagi to get the official standing, go up to the top and drop another leg, Ohka recovered enough to roll out of the way. A little more shenanigans and Ohka picks up the win. After Gaora editing we only get to see a little more than three minutes of this eight minute match making it hard to truly judge it given we saw less than half of it.

Yumi Ohka def. Mochi Miyagi 

Aja Kong, Manami Toyota & Rina Yamashita vs. AKINO, Kagetsu, & Kaho Kobayashi**3/4

This match starts four minutes in with the team of Mission K-4 members attacking Toyota. Rina and Aja come in and swing AKINO around until she can’t walk about. Kaho tags in and tries her best to do anything to Aja but as any pro wrestling fan will tell you, nine out of ten times a small wrestler can’t beat up a big wrestler. Things start to get a little hectic with wrestlers coming in the ring and hitting maneuvers, including about 4 missile dropkicks, garbage can attacks, and kicks. Eventually Manami finishes Kagetsu with the Queen Bee Bomb.

Aja Kong, Manami Toyota & Rina Yamashita def. AKINO, Kagetsu & Kaho Kobayashi 

Aoi Kizuki vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto**1/2

Kizuki was her usual playful self and not surprisingly Matsumoto dominated this whole match. Matsumoto dropkicking Kizuki hard enough to send her hairclip flying was the most noteworthy thing about the match. Nothing was sloppy or actively bad here but there was nothing exciting about it either. The two and a half star rating isn’t an indication that this match was bad but more that it was perfectly in the middle, not bad but not good either.

Hiroyo Matsumoto def. Aoi Kizuki

Hana Kimura & Kyoko Kimura vs. Maya Yukihi & Mayumi Ozaki***

When Mayumi Ozaki, Police, and Mio are at the ring together you know exactly what type of match is about to take place, a weapon-filled match with some crowd brawling and loose rules. Not even five minutes into the match Hana gets pulled outside by Police and is thrown through the audience’s chairs. More minutes pass of Hana getting attacked with Yukihi’s whip and struggling to the ropes and she finally gets a rope break, unfortunately Ozaki grabs her and sends her back outside to be thrown about by Police. He pulls Hana into the stands starts attacking her with chairs followed by more dragging and tossing, if you were wondering where Kyoko was in all of this Ozaki and Mio were holding her back in the ring. Kyoko runs in and kicks Ozaki after Hana kicks out of a pin, but Ohka quickly runs in with her own whip and attacks Kyoko. Ohka’s attack does nothing as Kyoko still manages to kick down their entire team. If you were holding your breath for more chairs in this match, you can now exhale, Police throws some into the ring for attacking Kyoko. Hana runs in trying to avenge her mom but Ozaki and Co. put her down and kick her about like a can. Now is when Hana gets fired up and starts attacking Ozaki, knocks Police out of the ring, and goes back to attacking Ozaki. In the end shenanigans let Ozaki get the upper hand and grabs the win.

Maya Yuhiki and Mayumi Ozaki def. Kyoko and Hana Kimura

Oz Academy Tag Team Championship: Kaori Yoneyama & Tsubasa Kuragaki (c) vs. Syuri & Hikaru Shida***1/4

Kaori and Hikaru start of this match with some simple back and forth wrist locks and grappling that lead to a Kaori dive to the outside. Back in the ring, Hikaru and Syuri gain control by effectively keeping Kaori on their side of the ring and put her in a deep single-leg boston crab. Kaori gets the rope break and leaps for the tag but Hikaru grabs her leg and forearms Tsubasa off the apron. Syuri starts to work over Tsubasa’s arm with an armbar, Hikaru hits the arm with a missile dropkick, another kick against the ropes, an armbar attempt, and a hit with the kendo stick. After a missed swanton of the top Shida hits Kaori with a shining wizard and drops her into a Syuri kick. A little scramble between the four leads to Syuri kicking Kaori in the side of the head for the pin, making Syuri and Hikaru Shida your new Oz Academy tag champions!

Syuri & Hikaru Shida def. Kaori Yoneyama & Tsubasa Kuragaki to become new Oz Academy Tag Team Champions

Oz Academy Openweight Championship: Sonoko Kato vs. Dynamite Kansai***3/4

A video package detailing Sonoko winning the Oz openweight championship and Dynamite Kansai’s road to retirement plays as our intro to this title match. Like many twenty minute plus main event matches in Japan, the first half stays comfortably in third gear before finally revving up the final three thousand rpms to hit fourth and sometimes fifth gear. Bell rings and Kato throws out some lows kicks trying to feel out the situation, she attempts three waist locks before Kansai reaches the ropes and gets the break. A video edit moves us forward in the match to seeing both wrestlers go towards the crowd to see a senton of a ledge, back in the ring Kato sits Kansai in the corner for a rolling senton before she goes up top for another. She runs the ropes again but Kansai hits her with a hard slap and locks in a sleeper hold. This is where we finally hit fourth gear in this match, the ref does the arm test to see if Kato is out and on the third try she raises her arm and slowly rolls to the ropes. Both wrestlers are exhausted with each high kick causing the other to stagger more, Kato starts to yell, “Kansai!” before each kick. Kato is struggling to stand and deliver another kick to her opponent who’s waiting for the impact, she even falls to her knees before standing long enough to finally hit Kansai again. The kick is only enough to knock her opponent back as Kansai comes back and kicks her to the mat. Kansai readies another kick but Kato reverses it into a dragon screw leg whip and tries another dragon sleeper only for Kansai to reach the ropes again. Two top rope dropkicks aren’t enough to grab the win for Kato and the anguish is easily read on her face after the kickout. Shortly after Kansai goes for the top rope Kato tries to stop her, Kansai applies a clawhold and hits a Splash Mountain, but Kato reverses the pin and Kansai reverses it again for a two count! Double foot stomp and Kato still kicks out, and kicks out of the next pin. Left laying on the mat after a lariat Kato shows one last burst of energy by reversing the scoop by Kansai for a three count and retains her title.

Sonoko Kato def. Dynamite Kansai to retain the Oz Academy Openweight Championship

  • Decent - 6/10


Despite having three good matches on this show only one is worth spending time to watch. The tag title match was fun to watch but lacked the emotion of the main event. Sonoko Kato vs. Dynamite Kansai is the match of the night by a country mile, if you miss the rest of the show you aren't missing anything earth shattering.

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