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Oz Academy Farewell Dynamite Kansai (December 11) Review & Results

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OZ Academy Dynamite Kansai Produce Farewell Dynamite Kansai 12/11/2016

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Korakuen Hall – Tokyo, Japan

A disclaimer about this show, besides the main event none of these matches were shown in full. This event was all about one person, Dynamite Kansai, therefore every other match was edited down so we could get as much of the retirement ceremony as possible. Important promos for Oz Academy titles were kept in but besides that you just saw the last bits of matches.

Aoi Kizuki, Kaori Yoneyama, & Yuki Miyazaki def. Bolshoi Kid, Bachiko, and ReikaN/R

You’re not going to see most of this five minute match. The match ends pretty quickly, with Miyazaki winning with a roll up.

Maya Yukihi & Yumi Ohka def. Hana Kimura & Manami ToyotaN/R

Match joined in progress. Manami hits Ohka with a moonsault but Maya breaks up the pin. Hana is tagged in and hits Ohka with some knees, a dropkick, and a suplex for a two count. She hits Ohka again with a missile dropkick but Mio goes with a slow count, making Hana get up and air her grievances with her poor refereeing. Hana rolls up Ohka and they go back and forth with reversals until Maya breaks it up. Then Manami runs in to kick one of her opponents, she hesitates, then kicks Mio instead. Maya then gets her whip to attack Manami, meanwhile Hana hits a big boot for another two count. She goes for another but Ohka catches her so Maya can hit her with the whip. Ohka hits Hana with a big boot and gets the quick three count. Another heavily edited match, seven minutes into show time and we’ve already seen two matches.

Kansai interview, part 1

Talks about some of her final matches from this year including Aja Kong and Sonoko Kato. Shows film of a hair match between her and Carlos Amano vs KAORU and Mayumi Ozaki from 2008.

Hikaru Shida & Syuri def. Hiroyo Matsumoto & Rina YamashitaN/R

Hiroyo tags in and lariats Shida, tries to run the ropes but Syuri kicks her back, she’s quick to recover and lifts both Hikaru and Syuri into a samoan drop. She then tries to hit Hikaru with a powerbomb it’s reversed into a frankensteiner. Hikaru gets backdropped and hit by lariats from both Hiroyo and Rina. Hiroyo hits a back elbow and Hikaru answers with an enziguri but Hiroyo comes back at her with a nasty discus lariat. Hikaru’s kendo stick is in the ring and she’s ready to strike but Rina stops her from swinging, Hiroyo winds up for another lariat and accidentally hits her team mate. Two shining wizards get Hikaru the win and Hiroyo looks shocked that she was pinned. It doesn’t take long for Hikaru to grab a mic and ask for a match for the Oz openweight championship. Hiroyo denies her that request and instead makes Kyoko, who is set to retire in mid-January, her first challenger. After that announcement Hiroyo tells Hikaru and Syuri that she’d like to challenge for the tag titles with Kagetsu as her partner.

Kansai interview, part 2

Talks about the Crush Gals then talks about debut with the original JWP promotion and JWP Project members, Ozaki, Suzuki, and Plum Mariko.

Mission K4 (Sonoko Kato, AKINO, Kagetsu, & Kaho Kobayashi) def. Aja Kong, Ayako Hamada, Kyoko Kimura, & Tsubasa KuragakiN/R

Kagetsu spears Ayako for a two count and tags in Kato. Ayako hits a big powerbomb but MK4 comes in to save Kato. Kyoko tags in and superkicks Kato but she catches her foot and hits Kyoko with a dragon screw leg whip. Kato starts landing some hard kicks before Kyoko catches her leg and headbutts her knee, then she powerbombs Kato for a two count. Kato uses Kowloon’s Gate but for some reason she rolls off of Kyoko and both roll to their corners to tag out. AKINO and Tsubasa run in and waste no time attacking each other, Akino hits a jawbreaker before getting hit by a superkick and other attacks by the other team. Tsubasa has Akino ready and goes up top but Kaho runs over and holds her down. Given enough time to recover, AKINO climbs up and tries to superplex Tsubasa.  Tsubasa holds onto the ropes and tosses AKINO down to the mat. A tv edit skips ahead in the match and it’s still AKINO and Tsubasa in the ring battling it out. AKINO gets the help of Mission K4 to attack Tsubasa but a miscue makes Kato kick AKINO and soon the older team comes in and little bit of chaos insues. After getting hit with Aja’s trash can AKINO gets hit by every member of the opposing side and Tsubasa’s Metal Wing but Mission runs in to break up the pin. Another miscue brings chaos to the ring as Aja accidentally lariats Tsubasa and everyone runs in and attacks each other until it’s just AKINO and Tsubasa in the ring. Tsubasa fails to pin AKINO with some lariats and the later picks up the win with a frankensteiner.


Interview, part 3

Kansai talks about her and Ozaki’s careers and friendship

Dynamite Kansai def. Mayumi Ozaki***1/4

This isn’t the place where I’m going to talk about Kansai’s career, I’ll do that in a different post, this will strictly be about Dynamite Kansai’s final match against former tag partner, opponent, and best friend of thirty years Mayumi Ozaki. Lights above the ring go green and members of the audience have green glowsticks waving in the air. The announcer starts running through highlights of Kansai’s career while she walks to the ring one last time as a wrestler before getting showered in green streamers. Ozaki slaps away Kansai’s hand for a pre-match handshake and the bell rings. Kansai starts the match strong with kicking Ozaki around and body slamming her. Ozaki starts losing a test of strength so she starts biting Kansai’s arm until she gets her to the mat and puts her into a camel clutch and has her group run in to start attacking Kansai. This is when the match turns into a normal Ozaki-gun match, lots of interference by Ozaki and her stable, the only person missing is Mio as referee. A kick to the ear has got some color on Kansai who tries to mount a comeback before getting thrown out for Police to handle. He starts throwing Kansai around the venue, tossing her into chairs and pulling her around with a chain. Back in ring and Ozaki-fun is attacking Kansai with steel chairs, using a chain to choke her and dropkick her head. The ring is cleared up until it’s just Ozaki and Kansai again, Ozaki tries to get Kansai into a half-nelson hold and Kansai keeps escaping it until she meets a double-back hand and hip tosses. Ozaki locks in an armbar but Kansai eventually gets to the ropes, Ozaki starts to kick the damaged arm and goes to work. While her back is turned Ozaki gets locked into a sleeper hold, Ozaki-gun runs in to help her but Mission K4 runs them out. Someone places Ozaki’s foot on the ropes and she’s saved from the sleeper.

Kansai tries to backdrop Ozaki but Ohka and Maya run in and hold her down for an Ozaki-gun pose except now more people in green shirts come and save the day. Mission K4 and Rina Yamashita, and almost everyone at ringside throw Ozaki into a corner and attack her. The crowd and Kansai start cheering for the others until Kato and AKINO hit her and throw her into the opposite corner, but turns out everyone starts to run to the corner and hug Kansai. Fun times end as Ozaki recovers and dashes forward but catches a lariat. Mission K4 and Rina are back in ring to help put down Ozaki. Kansai gets Ozaki up for Splash Mountain but the pin is broken, this time Aja Kong walks in and slaps Ozaki-gun out the ring but accidentally hits Kansai with lariat. Chain comes back into the match as Kansai gets hung over the ropes and starts getting attacked with whips. She’s thrown into the crowd again and is taken up the stairs by Ozaki. The illegal attacks continue as she’s hit with a whip, chair, and even a noisemaker. After being paraded around the stands everyone goes back to the ring and start beating a tired Kansai. Ozaki pushes Kansai into a corner and starts beating her with the chain but Kansai starts to pull back on the chain and backdrops Ozaki! Ozaki winds up for a clothesline but gets backdropped again! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten backdrops in a row still isn’t enough for Ozaki to stay down for a three count! A Splash Mountain attempt gets countered into a roll up but Kansai escapes and kicks Ozaki in the head, but the pin gets broken up again by Ozaki’s friends. They try to beat up Kansai again but she’s fired up and takes them all out. With the crowd’s support Kansai hits a high kick but is met with a backhand. Both competitors go back and forth with elbow strikes and back hands and high kicks. AKINO once again saves the day by breaking up a pin and Kansai thanks her for her help.  A table is slid into the ring and Ozaki throws Kansai’s head repeatedly into it then lays it on top of her. Ozaki goes up and lands a moonsault senton on the table and Kansai for a two count. She grabs the table again and sets it up but is hit with another backdrop. Mission K4 helps again keeping away any interference and Kasai piledrives Ozaki through the table. Eventually everyone runs in to stop a pin and clear the ring. Kansai gets Ozaki up for Splash Mountain and lands it for the finish, after 32 minutes and 35 seconds Kansai wins her final match against. Kansai pulls Ozaki over and has her pin her for one last time and then they embrace in a deep hug, they both stand up and Kansai raises Ozaki’s hand. While embracing, you see Ozaki start to tear up and other wrestlers start to show their emotions.
Now we at the actual retirement ceremony and ten bell salute. The current JWP family comes out first to congratulate Kansai and hand her gifts. Sugar Sato, Carlos Amano, and Chikayo Nagashima come in after Gabi & company to congratulate Kansai. More early JWP members, Dirty Yamato, Iliya Yoneyama, and Jen’nu Yukari showed up for the festivities as did Lioness Asuka. Ice Ribbon comes in and say “thank you” in unison, Maya and Mio take off shirts revealing Kansai green with Yumi Ohka following suit when she and WAVE come in. When Kagetsu and AKINO walk in you can hear the emotional music in the background before Kansai grabs the house mic and asks AKINO to officially join the Oz Academy roster, she accepts her request. Cutie Suzuki walks in with a portrait of Plum Mariko that Kansai holds up high, three JWP originals and early figures of JWP Project. Sonoko Kato emotionally hands over a portrait of Splash Mountain before Aja Kong walks in and gets hit with a lariat for a three count on last time. Almost everyone and anyone that was involved in Kansai’s thirty year career showed up to congratulate her, Devil Masami and Akira Hokuto even sent in video messages for the event, the only person that you could say was missing from the festivities was Chigusa Nagayo. Unfortunately editing cut out some other appearances by fellow legendary joshi wrestlers like the Jumping Bomb Angels, Shinobu Kandori, Manami Toyota & Toshiyo Yamada, Kansai’s family, and others. Ozaki comes out last to read a letter for Kansai about her thirty year career, leaving both women crying. They shake hands and deeply hug, then Kansai reveals her own letter and reads it aloud with tears in her eyes. A final video plays going through the thirty years of Kansai’s wrestling career, from Miss A, all the title matches, her years in GAEA and Oz, to the final years. The ten bell salute rings through Korakuen Hall and a barrage of green streamers shower Kansai in the ring before she’s carried out of the doors.

OZ Academy Dynamite Kansai Produce Farewell Dynamite Kansai (12/11/2016)
  • Decent - 6/10


This show wasn't about match quality and putting on classics, it was about emotions and the story of a thirty year veteran wrestling her last match. Yes, important things in regards to the Oz Academy titles were discussed and decided at this show but as the name implies it was all about Dynamite Kansai lacing up her boots one last time and going out fighting a best friend.

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