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Oz Academy 20th Anniversary Review & Results (11/13/16): The Big Show in Yokohama


Oz Academy 20th Anniversary Yokohama Dream Park DK

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Yokohama Bunka Gymnasium – Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

Comman Bolshoi, Kaori Yoneyama & Tsubasa Kuragaki def. Aoi Kizuki, Hikaru Shida & Mika Shirahime**1/2

Wrestler Sakura Hirota joins the announce desk as a guest. Everyone is polite and handshakes with everyone before the opening bell. Kaori starts by starting a “Yoneyama” chant for the audience and is her usual playful self to contrast the aggression of young Mika. Hikaru and Aoi run over and knock Bolshoi and Tsubasa off the apron before joining Mika in attacking Kaori in the corner. Time edit to Kaori and Hikaru fighting, Hikaru hits a hip thrust and tags in Aoi and she does her signature Mongolian chops. She then stomps all over Kaori before hitting her with a senton. Hikaru and Aoi try to attack Kaori together but she’s able to arm drag both before tagging in Tsubasa who then hits a backdrop on both. A second time edit to Bolshoi using Aoi to walk the ropes and hitting a nice armdrag. Hikaru brings in her kendo stick but misses Bolshoi multiple times, she tries hitting Bolshoi off the ropes but Bolshoi grabs her arm for a hanging arm bar. Mika runs over and hits Bolshoi and Hikaru sets her up on the ropes, suplexing Mika onto Bolshoi. Mika and Kaori tag back and get in a strike exchange, both get fired up. Kaori tries to go up top but Mika pulls her down and the whole team gets some hits in. A lot of pin attempts broken up by opposing teams, then Tsubasa, Bolshoi, and Tsubasa go up top and attack Mika. Kaori hits a top rope senton and pins Mika picks up the win, continuing the rookie’s losing streak. A good opener, nothing fancy and everyone got to do something.

Kagetsu def. Yako Fujigasaki**1/2

Match starts out with some arm drags, time edit, and Yako hits two missile dropkicks. Northern lights suplex by Yako who’s dominating the early portion of this match. She hits a bodyslam and goes up top but misses the splash. Given the time to recover from Yako’s missed splash, Kagetsu starts hitting some offense, with a high kick and suplex. Kagetsu lifts Yako into a fireman’s carry but she reverses it into a roll up that gets reversed a couple more times before Kagetsu kicks out at two. She then hits Yako with a Samoan driver to pick up the win. Given that this match was only five and a half minutes long it was either going to be a basic match or a barn burner, we got a basic match out of these two. It wasn’t bad but felt like they wanted to get as many women on the card and threw this out there, just an okay match.  

Manami Toyota & Tsukushi vs. Kyoko Kimura & Hana KimuraN/R

I love that Tsukushi’s gear is a throwback to early 90’s Manami Toyota. The match starts off with a shoulder block from Hana, she goes for the ropes but Manami kicks her down and both her and her mother get put in the ropes for Manami and Tsukushi to dropkick. Tsukushi and Manami take turns stomping on Hana’s back and you can see that Manami is having a lot of fun in this match. Hana hits both of them with a dropkick and tags in Kyoko. Kyoko grabs Tsukushi by the hair and starts tossing her about and bites her head. TV edit, Kyoko chops Tsukushi to the mat, Tsukushi dodges a lariat, hits a hurricanrana and a dropkick on Kyoko. She tags in Manami who’s ready for a missile dropkick until Hana runs over and tries to get her off the top rope. Manami slaps her away and jumps over Hana to dropkick Kyoko. After another time edit everyone is outside the ring and Tsukushi dives onto them. Manami tries to go up top but Kyoko pulls her off the top rope and Hana hits her with a missile dropkick, but Manami fires up and kicks Hana in the head. Manami then hits Hana with the Queen Bee Bomb, Kyoko breaks up the pin and also gets hit with the Queen Bee Bomb. Hana gets set up into the Cyclone Suplex, Tsukushi dropkicks Hana into the suplex fall and Manami pins her for the three-count. Only a fourth of the match made air which is a shame, from what we can see it was a good match between the two teams.

Yumi Ohka def. Saki Akai**3/4

Yumi blindsides Saki by attacking her before she can finish her entrance with her signature whip and starts to dominate this match early on. Mio is referee which means anything can go and most rules don’t apply. Saki gets choked with the whip and eats a big boot in the corner. After a time edit Police is now in the ring but Saki is able to start turning the tide of the battle. Saki kicks Police in the head and hits Yumi with a big boot. Yumi and Saki trade big boots until Saki suplexes her. Saki covers for a pin but is greeted with a slow count by Mio who stops counting after two to listen to the crowd boo. When Saki gets up to argue with her, Mio tells her to fight, so Saki goes to kick Yumi but misses and eats a clothesline from Police. After another incident of biased counting Saki argues with Mio again, Mio counts the next pin fairly but Police walks in and breaks the pin. A low blow is enough to weaken Police and Saki grabs his chain and starts to punch him. Saki tries to hit Yumi with the chain but Yumi uses her whip to knock it out of her hands. A running knee is enough to keep Saki down and grab Yumi the win.

Arisa Nakajima & Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. AKINO & Kaho Kobayashi***1/4

Match starts immediately with a fast pace from Tsukasa and Kaho. Arisa comes in and starts kicking Kaho’s head in putting her in a submission that AKINO comes over and breaks up. A couple snapmares and Tsukasa tags back in and continues the beatdown of Kaho. Time edit, AKINO and Tsukasa are in ring, challenging each other to kick the other into submission. AKINO lands a hard kick and lifts Tsukasa up but she gets out and Arisa runs in to cause trouble. Double corner dropkick, AKINO bodyslams Tsukasa but she lifts herself out of the pin and dropkicks AKINO in the face. Tsukasa gets put in a stretch muffler and she struggles to get to the ropes but still gets the rope break. Arisa tags in and hits a big missile dropkick, a slingblade and basement dropkick to set up another missile dropkick. Elbow strike exchange between AKINO and Arisa, AKINO slaps her and hits a backdrop. After more kicks Kaho finally tags in and starts attacking Arisa with dropkicks and elbow strikes, she hits a lariat for a two count. Tsukasa gets in ring and both her and Arisa start running all over Kaho. A little later Kaho is hanging from the second rope primed for Arisa to hit her with a double stomp but AKINO runs up the ropes and superplexes Arisa to save Kaho. Chaos breaks out in the ring with everyone running around doing something, multiple pins attempts that keep getting broken. The pace of the match starts to speed up giving a sense of urgency, even the play-by-play announcer starts sounding more excited and gets louder. Arisa picks up the win with a bridging German suplex. Post-match Arisa walks over to AKINO and shoves her, AKINO grabs both by the hair but Kagetsu comes in and pulls her away

Chihiro Hashimoto & Yoshiko def. Meiko Satomura & Aja Kong***1/2

Actress and guest announcer for this match, Masami Hisamoto presents Aja with a bouquet of flowers before the match and they pose for pictures. Meiko and Chihiro are the only ones who walk to the center of the ring to shake hands. Aja and Yoshiko meet eyes and both decide to start the match, they start off lariating each other with neither one budging. Both show frustration and Yoshiko eventually puts Aja down with a lariat but Aja recovers quickly and hits a backdrop before tagging in Meiko. She quickly starts kicking Yoshiko in the corner but Yoshiko lariats her way out of trouble. Meiko counters with a more kicks but Yoshiko isn’t going down easily, Meiko starts kicking again but Yoshiko catches her leg and clotheslines her, goes to the top rope and lands another clothesline. Chihiro gets tagged in and hits a bodyslam and three sentons for a two-count. Meiko hits a spinning heel kick while Aja climbs the ropes but Yoshiko runs in and knocks her off, Chihiro hits another senton. Powerbomb and lariat to Meiko but she kicks out at two, soon Aja gets the trash can and knocks down Chihiro and Yoshiko. At ringside Aja grabs Chihiro and tosses her into the crowd like she usually does and hits her with a chair. A camera change shows us that Meiko is taking care of Yoshiko with hard kicks into the railing. The ref comes out and tells Aja to get back into the ring but gets ignored, Aja continues to drag Chihiro through the crowd and hitting her with chairs. Camera goes back to Meiko and Yoshiko walking around and beating each other up. Aja piledrives Chihiro on the runway and then hits Chihiro with a brainbuster on the trashcan to the amazement of the announcers. Meiko and Yoshiko are still running a muck outside, finally make it back to the ring. Aja lands a hard lariat for a two count, tries to lift Chihiro for another spinebuster but she escapes and spears Aja. Chihiro grabs Aja off the top rope and hits a spinebuster to set up for Yoshiko’s senton, then Chihiro hits a backdrop and Meiko breaks up the pin.

Everyone is laying on the mat from exhaustion but Aja and Meiko get up first and grab Chihiro. Meiko lands a frog splash and Aja a diving elbow. Yoshiko runs in and breaks the pin but is quickly held back by Meiko. Chihiro rolls up Aja with a small package and gets the upset win. The crowd loudly reacts in shock, even the guest announcer is surprised that Aja got pinned. Meiko kicks Chihiro off Aja who is left sitting in shock, not believing that Chihiro had just pinned her. Gobsmacked Aja gets up and stares down Chihiro, Mika and Meiko try to step in between them but Aja pushes them away and gives Chihiro some choice words before leaving visibly pissed off.

Dynamite Kansai & Mayumi Ozaki def. Rina Yamashita & Maya Yukihi***1/2

Sugar Sato is now our guest announcer and gives her thoughts on the two upcoming matches. Video package plays highlighting all of Kansai’s 2016 matches on her road to retirement and her journey with Mayumi through their thirty year careers, from their rookie years through JWP. Before they can even make it to the ring Rina and Maya start walking down the entrance ramp and they start pushing each other and glaring, it’s very obvious how reluctant these two are being teammates. Maya and Mayumi start and both bring out their weapons, Mayumi is the first to successfully hit her opponent and starts choking Maya before the ref enforces a break. Mayumi throws Maya into the corner and pulls Rina in, puts her in a camel clutch and Kansai lands a solid kick to Rina’s chest. Kansai tags in and continues to kick Rina, putting her in a sharpshooter. While Rina crawls over to the ropes Mayumi strolls over and stomps her hand away before Maya shows up and pushes her away from her teammate. Rina gets to her corner and is able to tag Maya in and they both start to attack Kansai. It goes well until Maya tries to lift Kansai and is unable to, giving Kansai an opening to attack and eventually applying the claw. Rina tries to save Maya but she’s gets caught in a claw too. Mayumi gets back in and starts punching Maya with the chain, Maya misses a kick but recovers quickly and goes for a pin but only gets a two count. Out comes the whip again and both wrestlers go back and forth with their weapons. While cheering to the crowd Mayumi gets caught with Maya’s whip and gets choked. Maya starts dominating the match hitting Mayumi with kicks and a chokeslam. Yumi comes to aide Mayumi and hits Maya while she’s on the top rope, allowing Mayumi to land a suplex from the second rope. When she isn’t looking, Maya takes Mayumi’s chain and attacks her with it. Rina fires up the crowd and lands lariats in the corner to Mayumi. Rina and Maya land a combo kick and Rina hits a backdrop but Kansai breaks the pin.

Rina is about to hit Mayumi with Splash Mountain but Kansai stops her in her tracks and tags in. Kansai comes in a bit peeved as Rina would try Splash Mountain and starts hitting her with elbow strikes. Rina comes back with elbow strikes of her own and they start striking each other. Rina blocks an elbow and backdrops Kansai before she is backdropped herself. Mayumi tries to intervene but Maya runs in and holds her back. Now Kansai and Rina are trading hard lariats,. Kansai high kicks Rina but she’s still able to lariat Kansai to the mat for a two count. Rina hits another lariat but Kansai kicks out again, so Rina runs the ropes to get ready for another lariat but Kansai slaps her silly and puts her in a sleeper hold. Maya tries to break it up but Mayumi puts her in a dragon sleeper. Eventually Rina is able to reach the ropes. Kansai throws some hard elbows to Rina but she recovers and backdrops Kansai. Mayumi is trying to reach for a tag but then decides to hit Rina. They set Rina up for Mayumi’s backhand but she accidentally hits Kansai instead, the other team tries the same but Maya kicks Rina on accident. Kansai eventually gets a claw on Rina and sets her up for Splash Mountain. Splash Mountain hits but Maya and Mayumi crash in and break up the pin. Top rope double stomp from Kansai gets the win. Post-match Kansai gets on the house mic and talks to Rina, Maya, the crowd, and Mayumi. After some discussion it’s decided that Mayumi will be Kansai’s final opponent in her retirement match on December 11.   

Hiroyo Matsumoto def. Sonoko Kato***1/4

Video plays showing how Kato won the title and her title defenses during this reign. Kato is hesitant to shake hands and her cautiousness was soon proven right when Hiroyo doesn’t let go of Kato’s hand and attacks her with a powerbomb, mirroring how their last match went. This time Kato is able to kick out of the pin and Hiroyo tries to powerbomb her again but Kato escapes. Hiroyo is showing intensity early in the match and is getting the better of Kato until she throws a German suplex. After the suplex Kato hits hard kicks all over the ring, tries to backdrop Hiroyo on the apron but she holds on and carries Kato to the barrier and drops her on the floor. She picks Kato up again and throws her into the ring post, then carries her to the entrance ramp and bodyslams her onto the wooden planks. Hiroyo thinks about picking up her opponent but instead goes inside and sets herself up on the top rope. When Kato recollects herself she’s greeted by a missile dropkick from Hiroyo. Hiroyo stands over her opponent and starts slapping her, Kato slaps back but gets an elbow drop in return. Minutes later Kato is able to turn the tide of battle with some kicks and a rolling senton to the floor. Back in the ring Kato gets to work laying in more kicks and attempting pins, but Hiroyo is able to kick out of each one. Backdrop to pin attempt helps set up a Boston crab for Hiroyo, but Kato is able to reach the ropes.

Kato traps Hiroyo in a dragon sleeper and Hiroyo reverses the hold, but Kato is able to get it back in her favor. Hiroyo reverses the dragon sleeper hold again and suplexes Kato. Later Hiroyo goes to kick Kato but she grabs her leg and hits a dragon screw leg whip, this leads us into a section of someone hitting a back-to-belly suplex and both taking a while to recover. Kato breaks it up going to the top rope after hitting a suplex and Hiroyo runs up and starts hitting her with elbows. Hiroyo becomes dazed from elbows and kicks and Kato is able to hit a dragon suplex and transition into a dragon sleeper. It doesn’t look good for Hiroyo who’s almost completely gone from the sleeper but somehow is able to get her foot to the rope. She’s still out on the mat, Kato drops two guillotine leg drops but Hiroyo kicks out. Another journey to the top rope is interrupted by Hiroyo when she climbs up and hits a powerbomb. They start to trade elbows until Hiroyo hits her signature powerbomb but Kato kicks out at one, Kato hits Kowloon’s Gate and Hiroyo kicks out at one, too. Hiroyo then uses Kowloon’s Gate but Kato kicks out again. A rolling elbow and lariat aren’t enough to put away Kato, Hiroyo tries a powerbomb but it doesn’t work either. Hiroyo finally tries a backdrop and gets the pinfall, making her the new Oz Academy Openweight champion.


  • Good - 7.5/10


An overall good effort by Oz to put on an entertaining big show. No match was bad, the lowest the bar was set was 'ok'. If you're in a time crunch skip to the bottom three matches. Clocking in at under three hours this show is an easy watch and won't leave any bad impressions.

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