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NXT Review 5/11/16 – Requiem for The Demon

Another week, another episode of NXT. It’s Al, it’s Wednesday night, and you know what that means! Last week’s episode of NXT delivered with some solid in ring action, and started to give us a glimpse of what we can expect from the next TakeOver. Will WWE continue to build on the momentum it’s starting to gather? Will Elias Samson lose his guitar and become so downtrodden that he can’t appear on NXT?

Finn Balor starts off this week’s episode of NXT, opting to discuss what happened, or as he call its, the elephant in the room, that is Samoa Joe being NXT Champion. Out comes Elias Samson, to sing a song for Finn Balor as he’s drowned out by a thunderous chorus of boos. Balor looks absolutely infuriated the entire time, as Samson comes behind the now former champion and eats a pele kick for his troubles.  Balor will take on Samson in the main event of tonight’s episode, apparently.

Corey Hollis & John Skyler vs. American Alpha***

Jason Jordan has a smile that may need to be surgically removed from his face. I can’t say I’d blame the guy. From being an oddball pairing to becoming one of the smoothest tag teams seen in recent history, to becoming the NXT Tag Team Champions. It’s all good for Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. Speaking of our good friend Chad Gable, let the amateur showboating begin. Gable is making Skyler and Hollis look like rookies right now, which they obviously aren’t. Jordan comes in and starts to ragdoll Skyler around. American Alpha continue to dominate their opponents, topping things off with Grand Amplitude. Dash and Dawson watch the action from the entrance ramp, taunting their opponents and backing away.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Alex Riley**1/2

I believe last week, Alex Riley said that he had no idea what Strong Style was. Well…young padawan, you’re about to learn, the hard way I might add. One thing I love about Shinsuke’s entrance, besides his music, is the fact that he’s become so familiar with little mannerisms that NXT does. Just one example was the fact that he waited for the violin screech in his music to hit the ropes in the ring for his signature pose. You all know the production crew must have marked out for that, since they love things like that. Riley tries to disrespect Shinsuke, and the King of Strong Style is having none of Riley’s sour attitude, shoving him through the ropes and telling him to bring it. Riley obliges, slapping Nakamura around and Nakamura responds by stomping the ever-living crap out of Riley. Nakamura disposes of Riley in short order with the Kinshasa. It’s been real, Alex Riley, but that’s what you get for disrespecting Shinsuke Nakamura.

Alexa Bliss vs. Rachel Ellering**

Alexa Bliss is being positioned rather interestingly, having been built up over the past few weeks and months. While it’s more than likely to be fed to Asuka when the time is right, it’s still cool to see her actually get some TV time and be built up as a performer. This match is about the same as all the other Alexa Bliss matches we’ve seen over the past few months. Bliss puts on a wicked display, her opponent tries to come back but is stopped short. Only difference this time around is that Alexa connects with a brutal knee to the face versus using the Sparkle Splash.

Finn Balor vs. Elias Samson

Much like the aforementioned Alexa Bliss match, you knew what was going to happen here. Finn Balor is obsessed with the fact that he is no longer NXT Champion and is letting white-hot rage pour out of him. Samson gets a fair deal of offense in, but Finn rallies back, not opting for the Coup De Grace, but instead opting for 1916 to end things for The Drifter. Post match, Balor grabs the mic and goes into a fit of rage, explaining how he has gone from being obsessed with the NXT Championship to be possessed by it. Samoa Joe, who just happens to hear this, is none too happy about Balor’s claims. Joe and Balor almost clash, until good ol’ William Regal comes through the crowd and books the official rematch: June 8th at the next NXT special from Full Sail University, Samoa Joe versus Finn Balor with the NXT Championship on the line. Finn Balor strikes with an outside dive that takes Joe hard onto his head and leaves him lying on his back to end this week’s episode of NXT.

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