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NXT Review 4/6/16 – Driftin’ in Dallas

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! After an absolutely incredible night of wrestling at NXT TakeOver: Dallas, we’re back at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention for some more hard hitting, dramatic action! Tonight’s review will be a lot shorter than usual, as NXT is mostly a recap of TakeOver: Dallas tonight. What we do know is that, at the very least, we’ll be getting Apollo Crews (whom recently debuted on RAW, as Dan reviewed this past Monday) versus Elias Samson. Parts of this review may or may not be sarcastic, as a warning.

Elias Samson vs. Apollo Crews*1/2

The only match on tonight’s show was taped pre-TakeOver. Of all the bloody things to put on this show, I have to sit through a recap of a show that I already lost my mind over and NOW you give me this hot pile of guitar playing garbage on my television? I’m with the Dallas crowd on this one, I want wrestling too. Crews, much to the delight of the crowd, interrupts whatever indie music garbage that was about to come out of Samson’s mouth. I would call the match grapplefuck, but that’s an insult to grapplefuck. The entire match, to this point, has been arm bars, arm drags, takedowns, and collar and elbow tie ups. Finally, the exchange is broken up as Samson pushes Crews into the corner, whispering sweet Spanish nothings into his ears as he breaks his hold. Crews is grounded by Samson, who locks in a headlock. Samson continues to work submission holds on Crews, and the crowd goes mild. Crews attempts a rally, but Samson runs away, realizing he may have lost one of his dollar bills from his guitar on the entrance ramp. I’m sure the guy needs it anyway for bus fare. Crews tries to hit the standing moonsault, but lands awkwardly off of Samson’s feet. It’s a good thing this match wasn’t on TakeOver: Dallas, because it would have taken what was an amazing card down a notch or two, easily. Samson hits a leaping knee and lazily crawls into the cover, not able to put Crews away. Crews stuns Samson with a big boot, hits the delayed powerbomb, and there you have it. Apollo Crews comes up with the victory.

As far as wrestling goes, that’s all for tonight’s episode of NXT. Next week, we’ll be seeing not only Austin Aries, but Shinsuke Nakamura. Man, that’s a weird sentence to type. Shinsuke Nakamura on weekly television is going to be a spectacle, and one I will fully enjoy. In the mean time, if you haven’t, you have to check out Dallas! In particular, Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura is worth every bit of time you can devote to it. The in ring work wasn’t off the charts, but this is more for the spectacle than anything. In short, if you aren’t familiar with Nakamura and his off the walls charisma, you are in for a treat. If you are familiar with Nakamura, you will enjoy how WWE still maintained the allure, mystique, and charisma that really makes Shinsuke, well, Shinsuke.

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