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NXT Review 3/30/16 – Destination: Dallas

This was the go home show for the upcoming NXT Takeover in Dallas featuring the much anticipated debut of Shinsuke Nakamura. I am filling in for Al as he could not review this week, so lets get right into it!


American Alpha vs. Alabama Attitude**

I always love seeing Hollis and Skyler in NXT, although they job, they make people look strong and they are very good. Gable started off by mat wrestling both members of Alabama Attitude until Jordon tagged in and drop kicked Skyler. Hollis got in some cool moves, but in the end it was pretty much a squash as they hit Grand Amplitude, with Hollis almost flying into the atmosphere. After the match, we have an interview with Finn Balor saying that Joe is obsessed, but for all the wrong reasons. Balor is obsessed to be the best, not just for the title, and he will beat him at the Takeover in Dallas.

Baron Corbin vs. QT Marshall1/2

Well QT Marshall got destroyed. Besides a dropkick, it was ALL Corbin. This made Corbin look strong going into Takeover, but it was just a boring squash. After hitting the Deep Six, Corbin wins in just a little over/under a minute.After the match, they hype up Shinsuke Nakamura. They played some awesome Rev Pro footage and they interviewed people like Styles and Balor about him. After that a vignette for No Way Jose aired, bumping music though.

The Revival vs. Tucker Knight & Steve Cutler*

Tucker Knight looks like a damn monster, but as this was a squash as well, we did not get to see much from him. Cutler got worked over a lot, getting his gut stun gunned over the ropes. Tucker Knight was the only time their team got in any offense but he got hit with a Shatter Machine and The Revival got the win. The interview one of my favorite wrestlers, one of the greats, Bull Dempsey, saying Samoa Joe is a damn bully. Get em Bull.

Apollo Crews vs. Alex Riley*

I could go on for hours about how much I dislike Alex Riley, one of the most annoying wrestlers. Apollo Crews though? Love this guy! Strong and Flippy. Only good thing Riley did was hit a good looking Lariat, other than that, he was quite boring. The match ended very quickly as Apollo hits his toss powerbomb on Riley for the win, which looked very impressive. After the match Elias Sampson comes out, just makes me want to turn off the network. He literally comes out to sing a song. OK?? At least Baron Corbin makes up for it by cutting an awesome on how Aries could go be a Virgil at conventions and he could go back to fighting in front of 50 people once he beats him. Baron is getting really good on the mic! Then a great vignette on Bayley vs. Asuka plays and Sami Zayn has a backstage interview!

Samoa Joe vs. Bull Dempsey**

This is sadly Bull Dempsey’s last NXT match. IF they had just let him out of that gimmick, he would have been a lot better. This was also a squash, but a lot more competitive and Bull got in quite a bit of offense in the beginning until Joe went off and hit rapid fire strikes and took complete control. Joe hit all of his signature moves and Bull gets stuck in a Coquina Clutch. HE has to tap out, but Joe wont let go of this hold until Superstars from the back and Regal come out. Joe then attacks the Superstars and puts the hold back on. Balor comes out and they brawl. Show ends with them being pulled apart.


This was a show just to put everyone over before the Takeover and it was completely skippable. For all your NXT reviews and needs, you are in the right place, Wrestling with Words!


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