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NXT Philly 2/18/16 Live Experience

#NXTPhilly day is finally upon us. The excitement was unreal as I head to the show. Once I arrive, the line was longer than expected; which sucked because it was freezing cold and I had to stand outside for a good 30 minutes. But, once we entered the building and found our seats, the fun began.

Enzo & Cass vs. Vaudevillains

This was by far the most fun-filled match on the card. So many great spots and Enzo’s hilarious mic skills made for a very entertaining opener. For example, at one point in the match, Simon Gotch tried to do a test of strength with Big Cass. Obviously, he failed. So, Gotch put English on his shoulders, so they could be as tall as Cass. But, Cass wasn’t having it. He put Enzo on his shoulders and they played a game of chicken. The Villains lost. Shortly after, Enzo grabbed the mic during the match and challenged English to a boxing match. I swear I’m not making these things up. The chairs were brought in the corners of the ring, towels and water, along side their partners hyping them up made it look like a real boxing match. Sadly, it ended in one punch. English hit Enzo and he was down for a nine count. Once he got up, it turned back to a wrestling match and Enzo & Cass picked up the win. Fantastic stuff!

Carmella vs. Peyton Royce

Well this one made me sleepy. Royce was working rest holds basically the entire time until Carmella fired up and picked up the win. Noting much to say. But, it was great to see both women live.

Apollo Crews vs. Elias Sampson

This one surprised me, and not in a good way. Sampson kept control for the first bit of the match until Crews started to mount a comeback. Apollo was using an arm hold A LOT because oddly, the crowd chanted for it. Crews eventually picked up the win with his spin-out powerbomb. It was great to see Apollo live. He played to the crowd and used Sampson’s guitar after the match.

(NXT Women's Championship) Bayley (c) vs. Alexa Bliss

Honestly, nothing in this match really stuck out, other than the fact that the crowd was on fire for Bayley the entire time. Bliss though, did play a really good heel in this match. The only thing I can really remember is that Bayley hit her signature Bayley-To-Belly out of nowhere to win.

Sami Zayn vs. Alex Riley

All these matches were worked the same way. And this was no different. The heel, Riley, got the better of Sami in the beginning, but Sami came back and hit his corner suplex out of nowhere, then followed it up with the helluva kick for the win. Certainly not one of Sami’s best showings.

Asuka vs. Eva Marie

As expected, the Philly crowd absolutely hated Eva. They shit on her (not literally) the entire match. Surprisingly though, it was a nice back and forth match; with Eva getting the edge for most of the offense. Asuka eventually won. She locked Eva in the armbar, Eva almost broke out; but Asuka switched it to the Asuka Lock, making Eva tap out. The transition from the Armbar to the Asuka lock was so sick.

Finn Bàlor & Austin Aries vs. Baron Corbin & Samoa Joe

On paper this match looks amazing. But, it was a bit of a let down. Heels had the match locked down in the beginning until Aries was in for the hot tag to compete with Joe. They started going back and forth to loud “TNA” & “Thank You Dixie” chants that were eventually drowned out by boos. Bàlor came back in and had a nice couple minutes with Joe that were actually enjoyable, but Finn was favoring his injured ankle and he didn’t look so good after hitting a small stomp on Joe. Aries came back in, him and Bàlor hit a few cool tag team moves, then Finn ended it with a brainbuster. Fairly decent match, but not as good as it could’ve been.

Overall the show was pretty good, but I think that verdict is due to me being there live. If this card was on the WWE Network, it wouldn’t have been that good. The best part was by far the opener. The main event is a distant second place tied with Eva vs. Asuka.

Lots of rowdy fans, and hilarious chants throughout the night made it a little more enjoyable too. Eva & Sampson both got “Shut the fuck up” chants when they tried to talk, Bayley was the most over and got so many chants it’s hard to count, heels got booed and faces got cheered, and lastly, “This is Boxing” was a thing and it was fantastic. If you’ve never been to a NXT show, I advise you to check it out. Also, shout out to Enzo, Cass, and the Villains for making my night and keeping me so entertained. Thanks for reading.


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