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NJPW Fantasticamania Night 6 Review

Tokyo Japan
Korakuen Hall
Super No Vacancy

I didn’t review night 5 because it didn’t look like a fun card and I heard nothing was special except Kamaitchi returned finally! He gave Dragon Lee a German suplex to set up a match for tonight. This will be there 10th singles match together and it’s quite fitting that it’s taking place in Japan. This is the best looking card CMLL/NJPW has put on yet and should be an excellent story driven show.

Sho & Yohei Final Sendoff: Sho Tanaka & Yohei Komatsu vs. The Panther & Guerrero Maya**1/4

The young lions are mega over and both are FIRED UP! Team NJPW and Maya are so good but man Panther isn’t good, he messes up a lot and sucks at catching people of dives. Guerrero hit a suicide dive and broke the announce table, Komatsu also busted out his falcon-arrow. Panther unfortunately made Komatsu tap with a Fujiwara arm-bar.

Tiger Mask IV, KUSHIDA, Fuego, Stuka Jr vs. YOSHI-HASHI, Boby Zavala, Okumura & Hechicero***

This could stink really bad if Okumura and Boby do their boring crowd brawling. Tiger Mask looks to have a shoulder injury, he hasn’t worked regularly this tour and was wearing protective tape on his left shoulder. At one point in the match the rudo manager who is a female was suplexed onto Okumura which I thought was terrible but Kushida and Stuka Jr. followed it up with top rope dives which was gorgeous. The woman came into the match again and Tiger Mask kicked her and set her up for a Stuka Jr. splash which he connected for the 3 count. Better then I anticipated.

Lucha de Maestros: Jushin Liger vs. Virus ***1/4

Japan and Mexico’s finest mat wrestlers meet in a singles match in the year 2016, we are truly truly blessed. This is going to be great, could possibly be a classic technical warfare. This was perfect in every way except the time it was given, way too short I would pay for a 20 minute Liger/Virus match. Liger busted out some rare Liger submissions and Korakuen loved this bout, there was comedy involved which only added to this match. Liger submits Virus for the win, if given more time it could have been incredible.

Mascara Dorada’s Final NJPW Match: Ryusuke Taguchi, Mascara Dorada & Atlantis vs. BUSHI, EVIL & Tetsuya Naito**1/2

Naito is still trying to get Milano to snap and it’s so great, I wish it could lead to a match between the 2 fella’s or even have Milano join Los Ingobernables as a manager. EVIL unmasked Taguchi from his Pharaoh gimmick and Taguchi was wearing eye shadow just like EVIL, I have really been digging Taguchi as of late. This was a lot better then I thought, it dragged when Atlantis was in the bout but luckily that was only short. At one point all the technico’s hit dives which was the highlight of the wrestling match. NJPW/CMLL aren’t shy about doing the same match over and over because BUSHI pinned Dorada after a low-blow from Naito. Looks like a re-match will happen in Mexico for Dorada’s championship, post-match Naito held up Komatsu’s hand indicating he’s Ungovernable but that was not the case Naito and EVIL layed him out. When Komatsu goes to Mexico for his excursion he may declare war on LOS INGOBERNABLES. Sucks to see Dorada go but he will be used much better in CMLL.

Juice Robinson, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Titan vs. Kazuchika Okada, Shinsuke Nakamura & Barbaro Cavernario ***3/4

What a weird match of people you have here aye? Former NXT guy, New Japan’s top star,CMLL star, NJPW ace, A WWE guy in the near future and a caveman… This should be a hootenanny. Also Nakamura’s third to last match in CMLL, Okada and Nak are wearing caveman style masks! Oh man that’s so cool. This match is so much fun, The crowd is into everyone minus Juice but he is even doing good. So much good action and comedy from all parties involved, caveman and Nak did the vibrations in the corner followed by Nak and Okada attempting to do the worm but failing miserably. Okada attempted to do a springboard dive but slipped but instead he connected with a tope con hilo. Everyone minus Juice got to hit their big moves, Juice was pinned after taking the worst rainmaker bump in forever. Post-match Hirooki Goto layed out Okada setting up their match for February but Goto is meant to be the face? He was booed heavily but Korakuen was lit for that entire segment.

CMLL World Lightweight Championship: Dragon Lee (c) vs. Kamaitachi ****3/4

Wow this is awesome even though it’s these competitors 10th match against one another it should be a cracker, first match back in Japan for one Hiromu Takahashi (Kamaitachi). Milano is loosing his mind on commentary is the best, Dragon Lee’s is wearing protective tape on his knees…. That’s not good for a guy that has been wrestling for just over 2 years. This match absolutely blew my mind in every way possible, these two guys have incredible chemistry together. These bumps Kamaitachi took in this match were so scary, He can’t continue to take risks like this every night or he will be done sooner rather then later. In possibly the coolest yet dumbest spot of all-time Kama hits a senton from the top rope to the outside, the man has a death wish. THAT MATCH WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST SPOT FESTS OF ALL TIME! Seriously one of my favorite matches ever, The Korakuen crowd added so much to this match. These two guys gave their absolute all and made the crowd loose their bloody minds. They kicked out of every move and made me believe into every one of the near falls and submissions applied. HOLY SHIT THIS MATCH WAS THE BEST, Kamaitachi won the entire crowd ever and by the end of the match all of Korakuen were standing and applauding. Kama won when he reversed a phoenix-plex attempt into a flipping piledriver! Nothing can top this match on this show.

Mistico vs. Ultimo Guerrero***1/2

This should be a fantastic modern day Lucha match, these 2 have faced off against each other all tour and will put on a great Lucha exhibition. Ultimo should just join jackets in Wrestle-1 already, he always wears damn jackets. These two love pandering to the crowd I tell you, they do it all the time which I get sick of real quick. This match is quite good. I never get sick of Guerrero but I do get sick of these guys doing the same spots all the time, every time these guys have wrestled on this tour they do the exact same spots every night. This match more then others looked very choreographed, Mistico gets the pin with the La Mistica. Very good match but so hard to follow the previous bout.

NWA World Historic Welterwight Championship: Volador Jr. (c) vs. Mephisto****1/4

Weird choice for the top match on the card but with that said, these 2 men are going to go balls to the wall and do their best to put on a helluva mainevent. Volador Jr’s outfit is so cool, Its a mix of spider-man and Finn Balor’s face paint. Excellent match, very very long and if you don’t like no selling you will want to die after viewing this match. These guys did everything in the world, between this and the Dragon Lee match i’m pretty sure they done every wrestling move ever. I thought this could of gone 10 minutes shorter but it was a 25+ minute match with 5 dives in total. I don’t like that there were way too many dives in one match, but I don’t want to sound like a douche because these fella’s killed themselves. Mephisto really impressed me because he messed up his knee half way through the match and continued wrestling for another 15 minutes not to mention he is in he’s late 40’s! Volador finally wins with a top rope Spanish fly.

Post match the entire CMLL crew came down to the ring and celebrated and done a little war chant which made me pop and get FIRED UP. Very cool final moment.

I am going to miss having some of these guys around, If Dragon Lee and Cavernario stayed in New Japan for a short time I would be very happy. So this was the last night of Fantastica Mania 2016 what an awesome tour! I give credit to the entire crew that worked these shows for 6 days straight, everyone busted their ass and worked super hard. This tour made my want to watch more CMLL and that is what I said when I reviewed night 4, I want to learn about the CMLL guys more so I can become a fan of CMLL and now I am a huge fan of CMLL! One day I would love to wrestle in arena Mexico. I will be back with New Japan coverage on the 31/1/16 reviewing  Shinsuke Nakamura’s last New Japan match for the foreseeable future. Thank you for reading and please continue to support the site and check out my podcast.


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