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My SmackDown Live 900 Live Experience

Tonight, Tuesday, November 15, 2016 I was in attendance at SmackDown’s 900th episode. The selling point for this show was indeed WWE Hall of Famer Edge and of course–The Undertaker. Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you probably know this. And by the time you’re reading this you’ve probably watched it on your television. Like everyone else, I knew this was happening for the last few weeks. Then they recently announced Undertaker and eventually Edge. But, what I didn’t know was that it was in my area until last week. So, late last week I bought tickets at the last moment because why the hell wouldn’t I want to see Edge and a man that I haven’t seen live since I was four years old, Undertaker. I bought what tickets were left which ended up being $20 tickets and I was high up in the stands. Yet, I didn’t care. I’m not one to complain because 1. I get to go to a wrestling show, something I love with all of my heart and 2. It’s Undertaker and Edge. All week I was hyped for this moment. The day was then finally upon us. I’m going to SmackDown Live.

Once arriving at the show with literally no issues at all, which was a first because I always run into issues. We sat in our seats at approximately 7 pm ET. which means, SmackDown doesn’t start for another hour. Luckily, we had some dark match entertainment. A jobber by the name of Ricky came out and cut a promo. He basically belittled Wilksbarre and said he would’ve sold his soul to the devil to be in a WWE ring. But, not here in Wilksbarre. He basically said no one would want to defend the honor of this crap town, but someone did. That man was none other than James Ellsworth. James got one of the biggest pops of the night. It was absolutely Ch(in)sane. They had a short match where Ricky beat down Ellsworth for the entire match. He even cut a promo on James during the match which ultimately cost him the match when he turned around and was hit with the no chin music. Ellsworth won and had the crowd hot to start the show.

As many know they tape Main Event before each SmackDown. This week we saw Breezango vs. Vaudevillains and Apollo Crews vs. Luke Harper. I won’t say who won just in case someone reading doesn’t want spoilers. But, the first match was okay. Nothing more. The crowd wasn’t into it. The second match was the exact opposite though. Luke and Apollo killed it out there and had a nice little match that had the crowd fired up for the show. I’d highly recommend checking that out when Main Event drops on the network.

SmackDown finally started. Kicking off with Shane and Bryan. This was actually my first time seeing Shane. Pretty cool to hear his music and see him live. The first match was the Intercontinental Championship match that was a certified banger. Miz and Dolph killed it once again. Plus, the surprising finish had everyone on their feet and I could already tell this was going to be an awesome show. I’m so glad I got to see Miz live because you can’t deny he’s possibly doing his all-time best work right now and he proved it tonight.

During commercial break for the viewers at home, NXT flashed on the big screen and at first I was a bit confused as to what it was because I didn’t recognize the music. It ended up being Oney Lorcan. I was stoked. I was literally the only person standing and clapping for this man which hurt me deep down. Cheer this man folks! His opponent was Kalisto, who’s one of my current favorites so I was all about this match. They ended up having a short match but it was good for what it was and the crowd seemed to be into it for the most part. I dug it.

There was a big 16-man tag team match up next which featured most of SmackDown’s tag team Survivor Series team. Before this we saw King Booker give them a bit of a pep talk backstage. Cool segment. They wrestled the Villians, Ascension, Spirit Squad and Head Bangers. Can’t believe I can say I saw the Spirit Squad and Head Bangers live. Not that I wanted to anyway. The match itself was okay. The crowd really wanted Slater and Rhyno who were not in the match. They popped hard for hot tags and that’s about it. It was enjoyable but nothing amazing. American Alpha killed it though which I was glad to see.

Carmella vs. Nikki was next. Oh boy, this was such a downer. I was excited for this. Yet it was nothing to get excited about. I didn’t like the match at all and even the live crowd seemed occupied by other things. People leaving their seats, on their phones or just chanting random things. Then, Charlotte came out from the crowd and suddenly people were interested. I knew the rest of Team Raw had to be lurking somewhere. I was right. After Nikki knocked Charlotte down and pulled her over the barricade, the rest of team Raw came flying through the crowd. A 5-on-1 beat down occurred on Nikki Bella. Team SmackDown came to the save though. A huge brawl broke out and my girl Nia was wrecking everyone. She threw Becky around like a freakin’ rag doll and went to spear her threw the barricade. Lynch moved and Nia went flying through to pop the crowd. Soon after, Naomi did a springboard crossbody out onto the rest of Team Raw to a huge pop and everyone was going wild. I was on my feet for this. That was one hell of a way to heat up the women’s match going into Survivor Series and now I’m really amped for that.

But finally, the moment I came for. Edge. WWE must’ve answered my prayers because Chimel was there and we got a “RATED R SUUUUUUUPER STAR” announcement which was epic. Edge came out, his fireworks were loud as hell, he was fired up, we were fired up and the Cutting Edge began. He introduced Team SmackDown who all came out to the ring. Edge interacted with his former partner Randy Orton and asked what’s been up with him. Bray answered for him, shutting Edge down. Edge put over James Ellsworth and had a back and forth with Styles which turned into Ambrose and Styles verbally going at it. Then… it happened. The bell toled. Undertakers bell rang throughout the arena and I honestly have no clue if people were cheering. Everything went silent for me. He was here. The man I’ve been waiting to see. The last time I saw Undertaker was when I was four as I said earlier, and that was American Badass Undertaker. This is Deadman Undertaker. This is on a whole other level. I’ve heard stories of people saying Undertaker has this stigma around him that you can feel something special is going on. I felt that. I was shaking, yet it wasn’t a bad shaking. It wasn’t out of fear or nervousness, it was something I nearly can’t describe. I got chills all the way up my body and as I watched this man walk to the ring, it amazed me at how one man can have a full arena quiet and with all eyes on him. Then, he spoke. He said he’s back which popped the crowd nearly louder than his bell tole. I looked around while marking out like “Did he really just say that?!” And he did. He had a stare-down with Shane that sent chills up my spine and cut an epic promo that almost brought a tear to my eye that I got to see it. He gave the SmackDown team a pep talk and said Team Raw will REST… IN…. PIECE..! That was the end of the show for the at home viewers, but not the live crowd. As Undertaker was walking up the ramp, fire exploded and Kane’s music hit. Undertaker and Kane had a short stare-down on the stage before both turning around and doing the Brothers Of Destruction pose that sent chills up and down my spine once again. I just saw that happen, holy shit. If this is indeed the return of The Deadman himself, I’m glad and honored to have been apart of what is the beginning of possibly his last run ever. This was my WrestleMania feeling type moment. Thank you, Undertaker. There is no one like you. You gave me an experience like no other and one I’ll never forget. Thank you so much.

The dark match was an 8-man tag. Kane, Dean Ambrose & American Alpha vs. Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Luke Harper & AJ Styles. This was a typical dark match to send the crowd home happy. It started off very quickly with them all hitting their big moves on each other, ultimately ending with Ambrose hitting the dirty deeds on Styles for the face team win. A couple things though: Chad Gable sold Orton’s rope-hung DDT like a champ, Jason Jordan sold the RKO like a champ and weirdly, Luke Harper left the match and went backstage before it was even over. He left on his own and didn’t seem injured. I’m not sure what he was doing but it was unusual. All in all, this was a fantastic show and I’m so glad I got to be apart of it. I’m 100% invested in Survivor Series and can’t wait for more wrestling. Thanks for reading.


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