My Journey: How Wrestling Has Changed Me

I’m a millennial and I’m a wrestling fan.

I was born on March 10, 1996 and became a wrestling fan in 2004 when my brother and I saw the magic happen for the first time. It has been a long and tremotulous road to become the wrestling fan I am today. As I have gone through fights, depression, ADHD, parents having alcoholism, divorce; and the one of the two constants that has been in my life were my siblings and professional wrestling. For some reason, every week I was hooked onto the business I loved, and the lessons I learned made me the person I am today. It has been a strange journey but this is just one story of the many stories millennial have to deal with.

What does the story of a person have to do with why they are a wrestling fan?

This is where the unfortunate statistics seep in as nowadays as at least 50% of parents get divorced. My parents suffered that fate as well because of their love of alcohol. But it’s an escape; whether it’s the 5 hours a week on television, or the hours perched on our screens watching wrestling, it’s the time spent away from your shitty situation that fuels us as fans even more. I couldn’t tell you the countless times I’m late 2012, the times I contemplated killing myself and deciding not to do so based upon watching a match and feeling good that I watched it. I thought the world was coming down on me and wrestling was the fuel that kept me going.

Especially when I started to watch puro full time in mid 2013 that I realized this business is one of the things I live for. Though I bitch and complain a lot and I might dread watching the 3 hour Raw’s like everyone else, I can’t gravitate away from it. The stories, drama, action, comedy, romance of it all reminds me every day of why we live. We live to get the most out of life, not to sit in a corner and be bitter about it.

Which brings me to what I want as a wrestling fan?

The thing I want in wrestling is heart. Heart is all I want in a wrestler and in the product. When it comes down to the nitpicks and gripes we all have as wrestling fans, it’s all petty if the guy shows he loves this as much as I do. I maybe have an agenda or a criteria of what I want a wrestler to be or how they should act but in the end they’re all human. They make mistakes too, they have bad days. As much as I ragon Alberto Del Rio on how much effort he gives, maybe he’s having a rough time. Maybe someone that you don’t like has thin skin and can’t take the day to day verbal abuse by some fans.

I will always look at wrestling from a critical eye and how they should perform because we do that with anything. That’s just life but, please do me a favor and before you send that nasty tweet or message to someone, be empathetic and walk in their shoes and ask am I being critical or am I being an asshole? That question has gotten me into some very dark places when I answered it wrong and I don’t want to see someone else have the same fate.

I’m always looking for feedback. Maybe share some of your experiences in the comments and listen to my show.


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