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Mucha Lucha Atlanta 11 Review (03/26/2017)


Mucha Lucha Atlanta 11 on March 26, 2017 in Duluth, GA

Watch: Highspots Wrestling Network

Note: First time hearing these commentators. They were not introduced. Both commentators do a good job putting over the talent and keeping up with the matches. I also feel they work well together. These commentators are our own Patrick and Danny, aka FOW Radio!

We go straight to the action with Priscilla Kelly making her entrance.

Kiera Hogan vs. Priscilla Kelly**1/2

What worked/what didn’t:

  • Both ladies look good, and as someone who has not seen Kelly wrestle, I would be cool with seeing more of her.
  • Lots of the strikes seem soft.

Solid, easy to watch opener, nothing must see though. Hogan won after a fisherman’s suplex.

Joey Lynch vs. Austin Theory***

What worked/what didn’t:

  • Good feeling out process in the beginning.
  • Austin Theory looks like a future star here.
  • Nice brawl on the outside.
  • Good job establishing the heel and face in this match.
  • Boss Super Belly to Back Suplex!
  • Great strike exchange in the later parts of the match.
  • Good intensity.
  • Moonsault!
  • The match did a good job making me believe both men had a chance of winning.
  • This does feel similar to the previous match at the opening.
  • This could have been a wee bit shorter.

Like the previous match, solid and easy to watch, while a bit longer had more impressive highspots.

Serpincito vs. Aztec Warrior Alex Cruz**3/4

Pre-match promo by Serpincito saying he will rep Puerto Rico and tells Cruz he abandoned his last show because Cruz represented the crowd.

What worked/what didn’t:

  • Hot start.
  • Good pacing by both men, keeping the action nonstop.
  • Serpincito hit some sick moves.
  • The ref got involved for the finish and it was annoying and not explained in the best ways.

Nice, easy to watch mid card match pre-ref shenanigans. Serpincito defeats Alex Cruz.

Post-match Cruz tries to attack the ref, but he gets away.

MLA TV Championship: David Tita (c) vs. Darby Allin***


What worked/what didn’t:

  • Both men have great entrances.
  • The opening exchanges are both unique and showcase both men’s ability.
  • Darby did crazy Darby things.
  • As the first time seeing Tita, he looked good, though I can’t truly get a feel for him.
  • No major complaints, solid mid card match.

Solid match that probably felt better live, still a good part of the mid card. Tita retains his TV title.

MLA Global Championship: AR Fox (c) vs. Rey Horus***1/4


Horus is also known as El Dragon Azteca Jr. on Lucha Underground, while AR Fox is Dante Fox on LU.

What worked/what didn’t

  • The Athleticism on display was crazy good.
  • The crowd was hot for this.
  • We got a unique beyond belief sequence.
  • I could believe both men had a chance of winning.
  • So far, all of these matches have featured an extended outside brawl, normally with one wrestler in control.
  • A lot of playing to the crowd, too much playing to the crowd at that.
  • They’re doing a whole slow count evil ref thing and it is annoying. The worst part is we get no explanation why he counts so slow.
  • This was way too long.

Bar the referee shenanigans and too much pandering, we had a pretty good match. AR Fox retains.

Horus cuts a promo afterward saying he wants a rematch.

MLA Heavyweight Championship: Penta El 0M (c) vs. Mr. 450***1/4


Mr. 450 is accompanied by Serpincito.

Mr. 450 cuts a promo talking smack to the crowd and bragging about how he burned Penta’s mask at the previous show.

What worked/what didn’t:

  • They sold hate for each other well, this feels like a fight.
  • They didn’t go crazy with high flying spots and it was a nice change of pace from the last match.
  • Once again, they do a good job making me believe anyone can win.
  • Screw this dumb evil ref angle.
  • Ew, Serpincito interfered.

This was good outside the damn interference finish. I really wanna see a clean match between the two now. Probably the best match on this show so far. Mr. 450 is the new champ.

Dog Collar Deathmatch: Vary Morales vs. Powder Nocturno***3/4


What worked/didn’t work:

  • Well, you can tell this is a grudge match, as Nocturno uses a fork and bloodied up Morales in the early moments of this match!
  • A door was used, the GOAT weapon.
  • Lots of blood and weapon use.
  • Tape and Gladstone’s were combined in an interesting way.
  • They used the Dog Collar rules well, though they didn’t really need it.
  • Damn it we get interference for the finish.

Jeebus Christ! As someone who does not watch a lot of hardcore, this was a crazy spectacle/ Probably one of my favorite Lucha deathmatches pre-interference. Sadanico beat up both competitors and it was ruled a no contest.

Serpentico who beat both competitors up proposes a triple threat Mask vs. Mask vs. Hair match for the next show.

Vary Morales accepts, and talks smack to Serpentico, Nocturno does the same.

Psycho Clown vs. Dr. Wagner Jr.***1/4

What worked/didn’t work:

  • The crowd is hot for this.
  • This has a festive feel to this.
  • Both men sell their feud well during this match.
  • Sequences in this match felt repetitive.

Good match all in all, better than their AAA matches — a fun brawl with a good crowd. Psycho Clown defeats Dr. Wagner Jr.

  • Decent - 6/10


There are lots of things to like about MLA, they have good presentation and good talent, though the amount of interference or evil ref finishes on the really good matches hurt this show -- especially because I still don't know why that ref was so evil. At three hours long I can't bring myself to recommend this show to anyone, though I would be willing to check out their next show.



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