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Michinoku Pro Tokyo Conference Vol.2 Review (4/16/16)

Tokyo, Japan
Shinkiba 1st Ring 

328 Fans

Welcome to my first ever Michinoku Pro show review! I have been apart of Wrestling With Words for almost five months, but I have never reviewed Michinoku Pro which is a damn travesty. Michinoku Pro was my favorite promotion from the 1990s because of the innovative high flying style that produced the likes of The Great Sasuke, Taka Michinoku, Dick Togo, Super Delfin, Jinsei Shinzaki, and many more. Michinoku Pro was the first ever promotion to launch outside of Tokyo. They have been based out of North-Eastern Japan for over 20+ years and still run rarely often. Two to three times a year they will hold a big show in Korakuen Hall which usually always sells out because it’s such a rare thing. Michinoku Pro is not what it used to be in the 90s, the popularity has decreased and most of the stars have gone but they still are one of my favorite promotions on the planet. I love seeing Sasuke run around with his goons who are the Brahman Brothers. Most of the guys under masks are very well known independent wrestlers who are very good. Just for example Masked Buddy is Shinobu from 666 and BJW. It’s truly awesome that I get to review an entire Michinoku Pro show so let’s get started shall we!

Ryuichi Sekine vs. Ayumu Gunji**1/2
Fun little match which exposed me to Ayumu Gunji for the first time, and he impressed me. Both men battle for control and tussle to get the upper hand which in laments terms means grappling. Gunji shined with a step up springboard arm drag. Sekine takes the heat with kicks and submission holds to wear down Gunji. Gunji makes his comeback with a very good dropkick followed by a fame-asser! That shocked me. Bit of back and forth but Sekine pins Gunji with a Finlay roll followed by two Penalty Kicks.

GAINA & Taro Nohashi vs. Daichi Sasaki & Kesen Numajiro***1/4
This was an OK match that really picked up towards the end with some awesome near falls. GAINA and Sasaki start off the bout doing big man little man spots. Numajiro comes in and puts his ass based offence on display. Nohashi is really awesome and it’s a shame his matches barely make tape, he has always been consistent and is very athletic. Nohashi gets the heat put on him but he drills Sasaki with an awesome back suplex and tags in big boy GAINA. He runs wild with power slams and splashes in the corner. Double lariat on Sasaki and Numajiro followed by a piggy back splash. GAINA attempted to powerbomb his teammate onto Sasaki but he moved which allowed Numajiro to hit a shining wizard which was followed by the BEST NORTHEN LIGHTS SUPLEX I HAVE EVER SEEN from Sasaki. GAINA goddamn murders Sasaki with a lariat which turns him inside out. Powerbomb followed an elbow drop from GAINA. Nohashi takes out Sasaki for good with a tope suicida which allows GAINA to pin Numajiro with a lariat.

Muno Taiyo (Brahman Kei, Brahman Shu, Masked Buddy 2015 & The Great Sasuke) vs. Eagles Mask, Yapper Man 1, Yapper Man 2 & Yapper Man 3N/R
This had the usual crazy Great Sasuke entrance which feels like I am watching some sort of cult like BDSM film. Brahman’s are spitting water and Sasuke is making magic. Sasuke applies a nerve hold to Eagles Mask but then releases and goes into deep thought. The nerve hold was the only wrestling move of this entire match. They fought on the outside; all eight of them. Lots of water splashed over the Shinkiba faithful. A Louis Vuitton hand bag was thrown into the ring. Yapper Man 2 blocked water attacks with the Burberry jacket and the hand bag which got major heat like always. Small Louis Vuitton chant. Mini Master who is a Sasuke mini came into and did a hand spring back attack which looked absolutely horrendous but it is meant to look that bad so it’s OK. Brahman’s do their bowling ball spot. Masked Buddy is positioned in the corner so that his ass is pointing outwards and the Brahman’s attempt to push a Yapper Man into the ass but his partners save him. Masked Buddy stays in that position for a good two minutes whilst their is action going on. Yapper Man (woman) 3 does a plancha. Brahman’s miss with a stop sign shot but connect on Masked Buddy’s ass. Sasuke wins with a Fujiwara arm bar on Eagles Mask but while he had it on Sasuke’s face was in Eagles crutch. Wrestling folks. I don’t know how to star rate this.
Kenbai vs. Rui Hiugaji***1/4
This was another pretty solid match that picked up toward the end. Very old school psychology which worked well. Kenbai, as soon as the bell rang, hit a big dropkick followed by a headscissors shortly after. Hiugaji took the control and wore down the smaller man with headlocks and a sleeper hold. Kenbai really was fighting from underneath, he would land a few forearms but would get knocked right back down. His selling of the beating was tremendous. Kenbai hits a tope con hilo which put him back in the action. Kenbai used a really cool diving forearm. Rui Hiugaji blocked a 619 and attempted a Boston Crab but Kenbai fought free but was knocked down with 3 lariats shortly after. Kenbai went for a running Meteora but Hiugaji caught him and slammed him. Kenbai kicks out of a elbow drop, Hiugaji attempts a Gory special but Kenbai slips out and cradles Hiugaji for the win! Innovative stuff right here.
Fujita Hayato & Ken45 vs. Bad Boy (Manjimaru & Takeshi Minamino)***1/2

Very good main event. Nothing super, but solid. First time seeing Fujita Hayato in Michinoku Pro for almost a year now and he looked great. Literally he has not lost a step, his strikes and timing are world class. Manjimaru won me over in this match as well. He was incredible with everything he did. Hayato and himself grapple on the mat for a good five minutes without throwing one single strike which is a very brave thing to do. It did bore me a little but when Hayato threw that first kick Shinkiba gave a nice ovation. Manjimaru took a beating early on eating a Penalty Kick off the apron and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Bad Boy take control for a few minutes until Ken45 lays out Manjimaru with a back drop suplex which Manjimaru took right on his skull. Based Hayato just breaks up a camel clutch with a kick to the back. Hayato and Ken45 have some real nice chemistry, loved their enzuigiri Tiger bomb combination. Minamino has never impressed me all that much but he was also great here. His athleticism impressed me the most, he is a big dude and he used a jumping shining wizard! Never seen that variation before. Bad Boy used some great double teams but my favorite was the German suplex chokeslam combination! Looked absolutely killer. This match was built around setting up Manjimaru and Hayato for when Michi Pro returns to Korakuen in June. I can’t wait for that match because they worked so great with one another. Hayato made Manjimaru tap quick after applying an arm bar. The last minute or two is must see.

Not among the greatest wrestling shows I have ever seen but that’s fine because it’s Michinoku Pro and we are blessed whenever a full show from them drops. Honestly there wasn’t anything terrible on this show at all. Three pretty good matches. I was introduced into some new wrestlers and watched The Great Sasuke be The Great Sasuke. The next Sasuke match that will make tape will be the current blast death match in May. OH I should mention HE IS WRESTLING ATSUSHI ONITA! Onita vs. Sasuke in 2016! There is no way that can’t be amazing.


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