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Michinoku Pro Kyotendochi Review – BAD BOYS BRAWL

Manjimaru vs. Fujita "Jr." Hayato main evented this time around for the Touhoku Jr. Championship

Michinoku Pro Kyotendochi 
June 10, 2016 
Korakuen Hall – Tokyo, Japan 

YAY! Michinoku Pro finally made tape! This is one of the few times a year they run Korakuen Hall and whenever they do it is always a good time. Never the GREATEST wrestling on the planet (though this card looks great) it is always confirmed to be a good time. Crazy Sasuke is easily one of my favorite things in wrestling this year. Taking insane bumps and doing Asai moonsaults at his age and condition is truly remarkable. Going to be interesting to see if the Brahman Bro’s will take this match more seriously or be their usual water dousing selves. Hope you enjoy this rare Michinoku Pro wrestling review!

Jinsei Shinzaki & Ultimo Dragon vs. Numajiro Kesen & GAINA***

This match was tons of fun. Basically three veterans showing the crowd that they are still amazing. Well Ultimo and Jinsei are still some of the best in the world, Kesen takes good bumps, but is limited. Still does a lot for his age though. Shinzaki is so quick and smooth. The way he climbs and walks the ropes is so impressive. He even used a springboard flying chop. GAINA was a hoss and used a big lariats. GAINA and Kesen used a piggy-back splash which is hilarious. Ultimo was tremendous with all of his kicks and timing. In the end Ultimo pinned Kesen following the Asai DDT.

Taro Nohashi & Kenbai vs. Bad Boy (Takeshi Minamino & Ken45)***1/2

Now this was legit great and I wish it went longer because these four dudes were killing it! I expected a good match, but I didn’t expect it to be this great. The babyfaces, Nohashi and Kenbai, shined early on with their high flying acrobatic offence but Bad Boy soon put an end to that and took control. Their heat segment was pretty boring but it didn’t last overly long and when Nohashi and Kenbai made their comebacks it was awesome. They hit tandem tope suicida’s on Minamino and Ken45. Nohashi is so full of energy, it’s great! I hope doing current blast death matches with Onita won’t slow him down. Ken45 and Nohashi traded hurricanranas, beautiful back drop suplex on Nohashi. Minamino was good in this using a running shining wizard. Top rope rana from Ken45, superplex from Minamino. Kenbai is so fucking good, I need to find out who he is under the mask so I can send him flowers. Kenbai SHOCKED the world when he used a tornado clutch on Ken45 to win the bout! HELL YEAH.

Yapperman #1, #2, #3, Eagles Mask & X vs. The Great Sasuke, Masked Buddy 2015, Takayuki Ueki, DASH Chisako & Kaori Yoneyama

Okay, so I better explain some of the things that took place in this ‘match’. Sasuke attempted to throw orbs, but his opponents avoided them, thank god! Because who knows what would of happened if the Sasuke orb would of connected. Masked Buddy 2015 is known far and wide by numerous puroresu fans, he is actually one of my favorite performers in Japan, but I won’t let out his identity. He and one of the Yappermen traded ass slaps and then kissed each other. Ueki looked like he spent a night out with the boys after taping Mid South television in 1983. Dive train that ended with shi… I mean Masked Buddy 2015 hitting a beautiful Asai moonsault. DASH Chisako is legit a fantastic Joshi performer and she was awesome in this. Okay, so Ueki pulled his gun on every wrestler and basically the entire Korakuen crowd. He made Buddy and one of the Yappermen go into the fetal position with their asses showing. In the end Eagles Mask and Sasuke ended up eating ass. I am not joking. Eagles Mask continues his tradition of eating pin falls as he was pinned after Sasuke sat on him. Truly amazing.

Tohoku Tag & UWA World Tag Double Championship Match: Ikuto Hidaka & Minoru Fujita vs. Shu & Kei Brahman***3/4

This was a certified hoot. The Brahman’s know that this is a big time spot for them and they have to impress! They know that this match will be air all over the great country that is Japan. So they brought it! They fucking brought it! For about 5 minutes they were legit awesome, 100% serious and it was tremendous. Both brothers are such great professional wrestlers, but they never get to show it because they are always doing comedy which works for them. If they were just awesome wrestlers they would get lost in the shuffle, but they differentiated themselves and became one of the biggest comedy acts in modern Japanese wrestling so good on them. Back to the match. After they showed off what they can do, they reverted back to water dousing and object using. But Brother Shu was stretched out of the match mid way through after being nailed with an enzugiri. One of the best things I have ever seen in wrestling transpired. They carried Shu back out to ring side, but this time with Sasuke by his side. They laid Shu next to the ring and Sasuke performed a ritual on him, rubbing him and using special healing water and by god it worked. Brahman Shu made a feel recovery and did one of the best hot tags I have seen in wrestling. The bowling bowl spot was very over. The last 10 minutes of this was so fucking good, The Brahman’s were the best I have EVER seen them. When they show up like they did in this match they are up there with some of the best Jr. tag teams on the planet. All of their creative double teams and pins made me smile because they weren’t just being mid card death match dudes. Don’t get me wrong Hidaka and Fujita were awesome as well as they always are. Hidaka always seems to be booed when he goes to Korakuen. One of the Brahman’s kicked out of everything Hidaka and Fujita had to offer, even kicking out at one when Hidaka hit his high kick. Moments later one of the Brahman’s was pinned after Hidaka’s brutal brain buster to the knee.

Tohoku Jr. Heavyweight Championship Match: Manjimaru (c) vs. Fujita Jr. Hayato****

Great. Anyone that has read any of my reviews you know when I anticipate a match that much I don’t write down notes or focus on remember spots. I just enjoy the match and lay back in my chair and think about how lucky I am to be able to be watching two independent performers main event the most famous wrestling arena in Japan. Great, This match was just that. It wasn’t full of pretty ground work or awesome sequences it was just two boys beating the life out of one another. I loved how they built to this match and they actually had a really good video package before the bout began so If you aren’t familiar with the storyline, you were by the end of the video. But yeah this match, Hayato is known world wide for his incredibly stiff kicks and smash mouth style. Unless you follow Michinoku Pro like Ozzi then you probably aren’t overly familiar with Manjimaru. One thing you need to know about Manjimaru is that he is a bad motherfucker. Awesome spot in the opening minutes was Manjimaru countering the apron PK with a dropkick to the legs of Hayato. Both men’s selling in this was superb, many submissions were locked in and it had me on the edge of my seat expecting one of the warriors to submit. Hayato kicked the holy shit out of Bad Boy stable mate Manjimaru. During this entire match there wasn’t a ton of moves per say, but just a lot of forearms, lariats, kicks, many more kicks, suplexes and brain busters. Basically it was an Izzac special because that’s all the shit I love in my puro. Hayato has a front choke locked in and Manjimaru escaped that by hitting a fire thunder driver. Hayato shocked Korakuen again by kicking out of numerous brain busters and yet another fire thunder driver! Manjimaru annihilated Hayato with a third fire thunder driver to win and retain his Tohuku Jr. title.

I am legit shocked, this was so great! What an enjoyable show. Had a bit of everything. Lots of great wrestling, comedy spots were tremendous and the legends/veterans match served it’s purpose. Man I need more Michinoku Pro to make air. Check out this entire show if you can because you won’t be left disappointed.


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