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Mano a Mano: October 7 to 13, 2016: The Week of Singles Matches in Lucha

Hello! Welcome to the first edition of a weekly column where I review every singles lucha match that either happened or was released from any given Friday until Thursday. CMLL, AAA, IWRG, Elite, and other indies will be covered in this. If a big triple threat or four-way match gets released with big names I may also put that in here but only if I feel like it will be worth a watch. If a match that involves more than two people looks bad on paper and is a bad watch I will not feature them. (Singles matches no matter how bad they look will be in here though.) This weekly column is not only to cover the most important matches in lucha but to spotlight some stuff that would never get the attention it deserves or doesn’t deserve. Not only will I be spotlighting full matches but also clipped matches from different indies that gets presented on YouTube channels like Mas Lucha. I will be providing links and multiple links for clipped matches if possible as for clipped matches different channels might have different things in them. Singles matches I find important in Lucha. Don’t get me wrong I love trios matches but because trios matches are majority of every Lucha cards I find the singles match to be an exciting part of any lucha card since there are so few on every card if none at all. I want to share why something like this is important.

This week is a pretty light week when it comes to singles matches. Two CMLL matches that one is fantastic and one of the most exciting feuds going on in lucha right now and the other one….. Yeah not looking forward it. An indie has a full match out that I do not know what to expect. A slew of clipped matches. No AAA (though a triple threat did release with Pagano vs. Psycho Clown vs. Dr Wagner Jr. that revolves around a big storyline of Psycho Circus turning on Psycho Clown and aligning with Pagano and is a part of the Del Rio controversy but it sounds bad on paper and I can’t put myself through a bad AAA match that isn’t a singles match). No IWRG and No Elite.


Two matches from CMLL in the column this week. One being the exciting feud of Volador Jr/Bárbaro Cavernario and the other one being Rush taking on Diamante Azul which sounds awful.

Volador Jr vs Barbaro Cavernario****1/4

Cubsfan link

This is the second match of what is an exciting feud that is going on in Lucha right now. This match is a title match for the NWA Welterweight Championship. This is a match I wanted a couple days ago and a lot of stuff sticks out in my mind. What was different in this match than the obvious was that they didn’t do a quick two falls. They played around a bit with that which is something I find Cavernario to do a bit. I do not remember what was the order of the falls but once it got to the third fall it ramped up. To start the third fall Cav brought Volador Jr. to the stage and smashed Volador on the side of the stairs on the stage. Cav then would do a dive from the top of the stage which was call back from the match from the week prior when Volador dived on top of Cavernario. The two then went into the ring in an epic bout of moves, entertainment, and excitement. Once it got to the climax of the match the live Clarosports feed went out and then when it came back on you saw Volador the victor. They would then do a promo challenging each other to hair vs hair for a future date and then the replay showed the finish. This is a must watch match either if you are lucha fan or not. Fantastic work from both guys. I would have the match at ****1/2 but with the feed going out I can’t do it. Highly recommend giving this match a go.

Rush vs. Diamante Azul**1/4

CMLL Link (match starts at around the 2:10:00 mark)

This is the match from this Tuesday’s Arena Mexico show. On paper this sounded really bad but actually both of them in the match did pretty decent job. Rush is my favorite Luchadore but Diamante is one of my least favorites. The match started hot for the first two falls though they were quick. Diamante worked hard and Rush worked the way Rush usually does. You saw some banter in the last fall, Rush going for a suicide dive but instead he stopped and posed laying on the ground showing off. There are two reasons why I gave this match a low score. First was when Rush was covering Azul before the 3rd count Azul grabbed the refs hand to stop it. Never saw that done ever and I never want to see it again. The next and the biggest reason was the finish. The finish was Rush had La Mascara (he needs to change that name soon) distract the ref, Rush took took Azuls mask fouled him, pinned Azul with the mask on while the ref some how didn’t see and when the ref turned around Rush quickly threw the mask back at Azul. The main problem I had was the count, there is no way the ref didn’t not see Rush with the mask on. You have to be looking at both guys counting and it would be easy to spot the guy not wearing the mask and the other who doesn’t wear a mask, actually wearing a mask. Do not watch this match. Both guys worked hard but the bad finish brought down the match a ton.


Only one full match from indies this week which is from Monterey. It is called a Super Libre match which I am actually not sure what it means and it has two guys i’m not familiar with so I have no expectations going into this match at all but lets get to it!

Super Libre Match: Galactar vs. Delta***1/4

Cubsfan Link

After watching this I learned what a Super Libre match is. It’s a one fall match in this promotion. This is out of Noches de Coliseo out of Monterey in Arena Coliseo Monterrey. This match ended up being pretty good. It took me until three quarters into the match to be sucked in but both guys worked hard. I liked Galactar’s rudo work of using dirty but legal moves in the match. Delta didn’t stand out to much to me. One of the big spots was botched from Delta was when running up the ropes to the turnbuckle he slipped and response he returned his composer to do a moonsualt onto Galactar on the outside. The climax of the match saw a lot of moves and near falls with Galactar winning via wacky lucha stretch muffler type submission. Watch I would say would be worth your time if you are interested into indie lucha and discovering new guys. I hope to see more Galactar going forward and Delta wasn’t too bad himself.

Clipped Matches 

For those that don’t know indie lucha is more likely than not seen in clipped matches by different YouTube channels. This is due to rights and airing issues but these matches likely show the highlights and big moments of matches. These are usually short where most are at max 6 minutes. I will not be star rating these matches due to not seeing the whole flow of a match but I will put if it is: Really Worth Your Time, Worth Your Time, If You Are Interested, or Not Worth Your Time as a rating scale. I will be providing different links if necessary as some channels might have different stuff in the same matches than others. If IWRG stuff or any stuff that may come out in full I will not include them in this section of these posts. These are just going to be short write ups unless something is worth while to talk about.

Gran Guerrero vs Corasario Negro Jr.Worth Your Time

Mas Lucha Link

Not sure when or where this actually happened but the acronym of the promotion is called ILLM. This match is a fun hoss like battle from what is shown in this match. Lots of chops, big lads type moves and just a fun watch. Finish seemed abrupt and I’m not sure what caused it to end but it is worth your time as it is only two minutes long.

Zeuxis vs. KeiraReally Worth Your Time

Mas Lucha Link

The match includes someone who I think is one of the best female wrestlers in the world with Zeuxis and this showcases that. A lot of smooth mat work from both ladies in the match, a lot of exciting action. While Zeuxis looked smooth so did Keira. Both had great chemistry with each other. Zeuxis wins but it didn’t really show the finish. This is really worth your time as it is a fun watch. Zeuxis just had a tryout for WWE and you may also want to watch this if you have not seen her as of yet.

Chamuel vs. Chico TemidoIf You Are Interested

Mas Lucha Link

This was a minis match. Match had some fun moves but not something I would recommend on seeing unless you are interested in two small guys wrestling each other. I’m not sure which is which but who ever won dropped kicked the other guy to the floor and won by countout I think.

Mask & Championship vs. Mask & Championship: La Barnonessa vs. Sexy LulaWorth Your Time

Mas Lucha Link

Match is worth your time for the fact that it is mask vs mask and those are always exciting even if you know the wrestlers or not. This is out of Tijuana as indicated by the courtsy of 126f Magazine in the video (which we have a couple of matches from them later). It showed highlights of all three falls. First fall had some great wrestling and the rest had a lot of shenanigans with interference and chair shots but we saw Sexy Lula overcome the shenanigans to get the win. La Barnonessa unmasks.

Seiya vs. Fly BoyWorth Your Time

Mas Lucha Link

This was a fun watch. Not sure who was who to be honest but what I saw was some cool aerial moves, some smooth impressive mat work, great submissions, some wicked looking Spanish flys and just an overall fun match to watch. It happened at the same place as the match before. I hope I see both of these guys at some point again.

El Humilde Supera vs Cachorro CortezIf You Are Interested

126F Magazine Link

Match was pretty good out of Tijuana. Saw a lot of good submissions and mat work. Both guys worked hard and the finish saw a innovative back breaker. Match was good but something to watch if you are interested.

Dago Ortiz vs. Nitrox BowReally Worth Your Time

126F Magazine Link

Match was a confirmed shoot fight. This was from the same show as the last match. Two big lads who from the distance of the camera doesn’t look like they should be in a wrestling ring but they did a good fun match that resulted in Dago Ortiz winning on a foul.  Really worth your time to watch this as it was just good fun.

Black Terry vs. Fly WarriorNot Worth Your Time

Estrellas del Ring Link

Sad to say this isn’t really worth your time as this is only the first four minutes of the match. You don’t see highlights of the whole match or you don’t see any type of climax. What we did see was just submissions which were good but again we didn’t see any escalation. I wish they would do some type of highlight in the future as this looked to be on paper really good but I can’t really recommend going out of your way to see this match.

Thank you for reading this column. I hope if you watched any of these matches either full matches or clipped, I hope you had a good time watching them. I will be back next friday for next week’s installment!


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