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The Decade in Indie: Makoto Hashi & Manabu Suruga vs. Kengo Mashimo & Madoka (FUTEN, September 26, 2010)

Makoto Hashi & Manabu Suruga vs. Kengo Mashimo & Madoka (FUTEN, September 26, 2010)


Kawasaki Plaza Sol – Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan

Pre-Match ThoughtsWanted to get into this one not because of the 5/30/10 tag which was something else entirely. This time though Suruga and Mashimo end up being on opposite sides of the ring. That fills me with many emotions. Suruga felt elite in that bout and I don’t expect less here. Mashimo kicks so hard. If those two get to blast away at each other then something special might go down. Not sure who Hashi is and I feel like Madoka is a name I have heard but can’t quite place. I do know Mashimo and Madoka represent K-Dojo here. 

Match Thoughts: Not quite the masterclass in violence that the May tag was but I feel half-baked shootstyle could get me revved up and this is better than half-baked. Maybe three-fourths baked. Gooey in the middle while holding its shape. Mmmmhmmmm. So the match. Found out who Hashi is. Hashi is a dude who will slapbox with you then cave your dome in with a headbutt. I think I like Hashi. The exchanges he has with Mashimo on the feet are fifth round, UFC strap on the line, gotta finish it here, stand-offs. Hashi busts open Mashimo with a headbutt at one point, putting a crack in the better K-Dojo representative. I wrote that as kayfabe but that’s also a shoot. Madoka probably comes off the weakest in terms of the context of the match and a critical perspective. He tries. Suruga and Hashi don’t try though, they just do the damn thing. Not sure how exactly to put it. Madoka does a pele kick which is simultaneously amusing and exemplifies my thoughts. He moves more articially than the others. Like when a non-comedy wrestler wrestles a comedy wrestler, the non-comedy one tends to work a comedy bout. They aren’t as good and it doesn’t often make sense. Not always bad but feels off. The match doesn’t hit those holy crap moments you might want down the stretch. The ending is bliss though if for no other reason than in some alternate world where FUTEN was actually Mortal Kombat then Hashi would have literally beaten Madoka’s head into mush. In the real world it is just figuratively. Still lovely I suppose. 

Beating the 10-Count: Hashi’s headbutts. Suruga’s existence. Madoka get OWNED!



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