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An Open Letter to Lucha Memes: Reconsider Your Video Policy

Chairo II got a lot of buzz because it was uploaded to YouTube

I’d like to be excited about the Chairo show on September 25. Volador Jr. vs. Rey Horus is a match that alone would make a trip worth it for me, a “holy shit”-level match, and I’ve already discussed possible plans with the usual crew.

There’s only one problem: I don’t know whether I’ll be able to make the trip.

You see, I’m getting married next weekend, and my future wife will be filing for United States permanent residency immediately afterward, as well as for permission to leave the United States before the residency is approved. I don’t know exactly how long that will take, but it’s nowhere near certain that we’ll get that permission in time to commit to making a trip at the end of September.

Don’t worry: You’ll be getting my money one way or another. You see, I want to have a decent seat in the event that I can go, and I’ll happily take my chances of buying a ticket that I can’t use. That’s how much I’d like to go, even if the decision won’t be mine.

I enjoy going to shows live. In fact, I spent 30 days in Mexico last year over multiple trips and saw 9 distinct promotions, including yours – I was at the Chairo Bill show in September, which I enjoyed greatly. It’s never been a question of wanting to go; the barriers are considerations like vacation time from work or, in this case, immigration paperwork priorities.

If I don’t get to go, it’ll be a shame that I won’t have a way to see, or consequently talk about, Volador/Horus, or any of the other matches, after the fact, due to your recent policy of disallowing filming of your shows. A lot of people outside of Mexico reviewed and talked about the Chairo II Christmas show precisely because they were able to watch it on YouTube, and as a result, they want to see future shows of yours if they get a chance to go to Mexico.

If I do go, I’d like to write about the show eventually, and it feels like a wasted opportunity if I rave about a match that people can’t go and watch themselves to see to what extent they agree or disagree with me.

I know that you have to protect the live attendance. So prevent videos from being for some number of weeks after the show, or something like that. Or perhaps have the video released on YouTube for a charge; CMLL recently began to do this. But let people watch your shows somehow. People will gladly pay money to watch hyped matches, enough to cover the cost of what they would have paid for a ticket, even.

Last year, there was a (pre-split) Chilanga Mask show in May that had Rey Horus vs. Flamita. People who were there bring that match up from time to time as one of the best matches of the year. And yet, more than 14 months later, only a relatively small group of people have actually seen the full match. It’s become something of a myth. You may think that’s a good thing but, trust me, even this much later, the buzz would be far greater if you were to allow Más Lucha or someone to release that match in full.

You’re free to run your promotion as you see fit, of course, but I think you’re limiting yourself. People ask me about other indie lucha promotions, and I’m happy to point them to places where they can pay for footage, sometimes official footage, or to help them to acquire physical DVDs when I go to Mexico or arrange a group order. It’s unfortunate that I can’t do any of that with your shows, and I hope that you’ll reconsider.


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