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Lucha Underground Review: Última Lucha 2 Part 1

This first week of Última Lucha 2 was the 4 a Unique Opportunity tournament
This first week of Última Lucha 2 was the 4 a Unique Opportunity tournament

Lucha Underground

Watch: El Rey Network, Sling

Air date: July 6, 2016

Lucha Underground Temple – Boyle Heights, California

The show opens with a very short recap of Dario setting up the 4 a Unique Opportunity tournament.

4 a Unique Opportunity Semifinal: Falls Count Anywhere: Mack vs. Cagegreat

Before the match starts, Dario comes out of his office to add the stipulation that falls count anywhere. The main story of this match is the massive array of bizarre things that end up used as weapons: a trash can lid, the trash can itself, a poster in a glass frame, a stop sign, a guitar, a piñata with a wrench in it, and a cinder block. There is also a piñata with candy, which the crowd in the front happily tries to collect, adding to the chaos of the match. Mack also consumes beer and does his best Steve Austin impression. But because he’s Mack, there’s also a standing shooting star press at one point on the floor too.

Mack wins when Cage slips on the copious amounts of beer spilled on the Temple floor and Mack is able to roll him up for a three-count. This finish was slightly anti-climactic given all of the zaniness leading up to it, but the match overall delivers with the sheer amount of foreign objects brought into it. This match was a blast to experience live, and it holds up on a rewatch. Having piñatas smashed open in front of you during a wrestling match is quite the experience.

4 a Unique Opportunity Semifinal: Boyle Heights Bar Fight: Son of Havoc vs. Texano Jr.great

The other first-round match of this tournament starts with bar implements ringside, and Dario explains that, seeing that he has a biker and a cowboy facing off, he wants this match to be a Boyle Heights Bar Fight. This is another gimmick-heavy match, and although not quite as thrilling or bizarre as the previous match, it stands out in its own way by virtue of the unique stipulation. Texano Jr. ends up taking some insane bumps, first taking an avalanche headscissors onto what once was a set of bar stools, then destroying the entire bar setup (including all of the glass). Son of Havoc wins by tossing Texano Jr. into a shallow box full of broken glass and pinning him.

This was another really fun match, both live at the Temple and on rewatch, but as I mentioned, it’s not quite as insane as the first match. That is, unless you’re coming from the perspective of Texano Jr., who bumped like an absolute madman. I initially rated this match “very good” but bumped it up to “great” because it really is worth watching for the craziness with which the bar-related stuff is used. And I say this as a guy who generally doesn’t care that much for hardcore matches.

Before the finals, Matt Striker runs down the remaining matches for Última Lucha 2.

4 a Unique Opportunity Final: Falls Count Anywhere: Son of Havoc vs. Mackgood

Dario adds the falls count anywhere stipulation here as well. This is a fine match but feels a bit short and definitely nowhere near as memorable as the matches of previous round; it had two tough acts to follow. Son of Havoc wins with a slightly off-target shooting star press after having had a previous attempt countered by Mack.

For winning the tournament, Dario offers Son of Havoc the choice of $250,000 or a Lucha Underground championship match at Última Lucha 3; Havoc chooses the latter. But Dario’s caveat is that, in order to claim his reward, Havoc has to face one more opponent, whom Dario has offered the $250,000, and whoever wins the upcoming match will claim his prize. The mystery opponent happens to be Famous B’s new client: Dr. Wagner Jr.

4 a Unique Opportunity Post-Final: Son of Havoc vs. Dr. Wagner Jr.ok

Wagner wins a quick, pretty unsubstantive match with the Doctor Driver. That said, this match is obviously more about the angle than about the ring work itself. Some people will probably find the reveal exciting, but it’s hard for me to care a huge amount about Dr. Wagner Jr. I wasn’t alone: The live crowd vocally wanted Son of Havoc to win and was unhappy with the result.

OVERALL: The 4 a Unique Opportunity tournament tended to regress in match quality as it went on, but the first-round matches are definitely worth your time. I’m not a huge fan of hardcore gimmick matches, but I found them highly entertaining.


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