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Lucha Underground Review, Results (October 19, 2016): Payback Time

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Lucha Underground S3E07: Payback Time

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Lucha Underground Temple – Boyle Heights, California

The opening recap covers Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes, the anonymous message to Killshot, and the situation with Sexy Star, Worldwide Underground, and the trios champs.

The first vignette has Prince Puma in the Temple locker room. Vampiro enters, and Puma immediately makes it known that he doesn’t want any help from Vampiro in his match against Mil Muertes. Vampiro is ostensibly displeased, although he nonetheless predicts that Puma will still win.

We switch to the Temple floor, where Dario spins his Dial of Doom to determine Matanza’s next challenger. The dial lands on Killshot.

Lucha Underground Title Match: Matanza (c) vs. Killshotok

Still bandaged up from his Weapons of Mass Destruction match vs. Marty the Moth from episode 2. Predictably, this ends up essentially a squash for Matanza, though there is some momentary drama leading up to the finish when killshot escapes a teased avalanche piledriver from Matanza. But Matanza hits his Wrath of the Gods soon after to put away Killshot.

As an aside, the award for most ridiculous commentary line of the episode goes to Vampiro during this match: “This dude [Matanza] is turning me on, and I didn’t mean to sound the way it sounded.”

Matanza def. Killshot by pinfall in 3:58.

After the match, a new soldier (un-introduced, though recognizably AR Fox) appears. Killshot embraces him, but the soldier attacks in return. After the onslaught, the new guy takes off his own dogtags, places them on Killshot, claims that Killshot had left him for dead, and makes a firing gesture.

We get a new short Rabbit Tribe promo this week, with an ominous voice stating: “We’re coming. Better late than never.”

The trios champs enter, but instead of announcing their opponents, Dario comes out of his office to reveal that Aztec Warfare 3 will be in four weeks. Observing that Matanza hasn’t had a real challenge from anyone that the Dial of Doom has fed him, Dario further decides that Matanza will defend his title at Aztec Warfare 3 and on top of that, will be first entrant in that match. Dario thinks briefly about making Fénix the 20th entrant, but decides instead to make the trios champs fight each other for that spot, with the additional incentive that the two losers would not participate in Aztec Warfare 3 at all.

Aerostar vs. Drago vs. Fénixvery good

Me, during the match: “So whom are you rooting for?”
My wife: “You’re, you’re… ¡Eres malo!” (You’re evil!)

This is pretty much a spotfest sprint, with the notable development that Drago accidentally breaks Fénix’s nose early in the match on a plancha. There is a lot of craziness here, much of it courtesy of Aerostar; his inside springboard arm drag is particularly impressive. There’s also a headscissors into a backcracker later on Fénix. I think that there was originally supposed to be more rotations during that spot because of some hesitation. If that’s true, then it was good improvisation to cover for that mistake.

The nagging thing about this match, though, that tends to mute my enthusiasm is that there are some other things that don’t go as well and look more obviously odd. I want to like this match much more, but it doesn’t live up to its full potential. Fénix being busted open almost certainly has something to do with that. All of that having been said, I’m a spotfest guy, and I’ll gladly watch Aerostar doing crazy spots on Fénix any day of the week and twice on Wednesday. So I’m letting this match meet my recommendation threshold, if only barely.

Drago beats Aerostar with his blockbuster DDT to win last entry in Aztec Warfare 3!

Drao def. Aerostar by pinfall in 8:35.

In the bathroom, Kobra Moon sneaks up behind Drago and tells him that she expects him to win the Lucha Underground title back for their tribe, to which Drago responds that he left the tribe 1,000 years ago and would never return to it.

Johnny Mundo enters Dario’s office to complain – again – about needing a title shot, and that he’s not waiting until Aztec Warfare. He returns the briefcase that he won way back in season 1, with most of the money intact. Dario obligingly books him versus Sexy Star for the Gift of the Gods Championship next week.

Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertesgreat

Puma gets the early upper hand with some dives, but eats a Mil Muertes spear after rebounding off the grating on the side of the Temple:

Mil keeps the upper hand for a while with brawling outside the ring, but Puma gets in a crazy plancha off of an elevated area near the bleachers. Back in the ring, we get some more Puma highspots. He misses with a 630 senton attempt, but fights off Mil’s attempt at a flatliner. Puma then manages to hit the 630 for the win.

We’ve seen Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes before, and while this isn’t as intense as an Última Lucha match would be, it’s one of the stronger matches of the season to date, and provides a good mix of insanity and match structure within the time that they have.

Full Match

The closing vignette shows Rey talking with Chavo Guerrero Sr. about Chavo Jr. Rey complains to Sr. that Jr. is interfering with the work that needs to be done in the Temple, so Rey flatly frames the situation: “Either he leaves, or I leave.”

  • Great - 8/10


This is a fairly strong episode. Even if the three-way match didn't quite live up to expectations, it;s still enjoyable, and the main event makes up for those deficiencies.

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