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Lucha Underground Review & Results (11/23/16): Every Woman is Sexy, Every Woman is a Star


Lucha Underground S3E12: Every Woman is Sexy, Every Woman is a Star

Watch: El Rey Network, Sling

Lucha Underground Temple – Boyle Heights, California

The opening recap has Aztec Warfare III, Killshot vs. Dante Fox, the Black Lotus Triad, Johnny Mundo’s quest to become LU champion, and the Rabbit Tribe.

Lucha Underground Trios Title Match: Fénix, Drago, Aerostar (c) def. Mala Suerte, Saltador, Paul Londonvery good

Mala Suerte, Saltador, and Paul London debut here as the Rabbit Tribe. (Why is it that they get a cool team name and no one’s come up with one for Fénix, Drago, and Aerostar except for Matt Striker’s unofficial [and lame] “Superfriends” moniker?) The guy in the black shirt is Mala Suerte (the dice and playing cards on his pants are a hint, although it took me a few minutes to figure this out), and the one in the checkered outfit is Saltador.

Really crazy springboard reverse plancha by Paul London.

Aerostar backward rolling into armdragging Fénix into a cannonball senton never gets old. The final pinning sequence with Fénix and Saltador is also great.

This is a short match, as many Lucha Underground matches are, but they fit quite a bit into the time allotted, and the match serves the purpose of establishing that the Rabbit Tribe can have fun matches. (Fénix, Drago, and Aerostar can too, but – with no apologies to a certain luchador – you already knew that.)

Fénix def. Saltador by pinfall in 5:44.

After the match, Kobra Moon, who had been watching, tells Drago that he’ll have to bow to the queen sooner or later. This subplot probably isn’t the best use of Drago, but then again, neither is bailing out Sexy Star.

In the locker room, The Mack congratulates Sexy Star and wants to be her second in her defense against Johnny Mundo tonight, but Sexy Star refuses, intending to show that she doesn’t need help and that she deserves to be the Lucha Underground champion in her own right. (If this is really the point that they want to make, I’m sorry, but they’ve done a remarkably poor job of making it up until this point. Her matches in this season have been preposterously riddled with shenanigans.)

Dante Fox def. Killshotgreat

Maybe it’s a good thing that this review wasn’t posted on its usual schedule; my initial notes for this match were a confused mess of words trying to describe the craziness here. Aside from the usual movesets that one would expect from these two, there a lot of creative, crazy counters; the two that I remember most are a 619 around the apron countered into a stunner, and an attempted Lo Mein Pain blocked and countered into a slam on the apron.

Fox eventually wins with a Lo Mein Pain and Fox Catcher. This is a really strong match, one of the best singles matches so far this season in Lucha Underground.

Dante Fox def. Killshot by pinfall in 8:06.

In Dario’s office, we have another episode of whining by Johnny Mundo, this time complaining about Angélico’s interference in Aztec Warfare III. Apparently, Mundo has taken the step of obtaining a restraining order against Angélico, which (unsurprisingly) fails to temper the disdain that Dario has for the Gift of the Gods champion. At the risk of overanalyzing what’s probably meant to be simple fodder for Dario’s trademark snark and to show the level of Johnny’s hubris and self-absorption to the point of cluelessness, this is a really weird juxtaposition of reliance on the legal system in an “underground” operation, and that’s saying something in a show with several police officers with different ulterior motives.

After the break, Dario returns to his office to find Black Lotus there and demanding that her triad get a shot against Pentagón Dark. Dario obliges by booking them against Pentagón Dark in a gauntlet match for the following week.

Lucha Underground Title Match: Johnny Mundo def. Sexy Star (c)eh

This is the title match that Johnny Mundo gets for cashing in his Gift of the Gods championship. It’s a technically uninteresting match, made no better by Matt Striker’s commentary trying to hype Sexy Star’s story into an all-time epic. I literally gagged when Matt Striker described Sexy Star as “one of the most athletically gifted” wrestlers in Lucha Underground. Sorry, no; that’s just objectively false: of the seven people in matches on this episode, Sexy Star finished a very distant seventh in terms of doing athletically interesting things.

The most interesting spot of the match is Johnny Mundo’s turning a roll-up pin into a submission. I honestly don’t know how we got 11 minutes here, but at least we did without resorting to an overbooked mess of multiple run-ins.

At one point, Johnny Mundo takes a crutch from a planted “fan” in a Sexy Star mask and tries to use the crutch as a weapon, but it actually ends up being the “fan” who lands the decisive blow with brass knuckles to Sexy Star’s face. Johnny Mundo unceremoniously lands his finisher, and we have a new champion. The “fan” ends up being Taya, and the rest of Worldwide Underground come out to celebrate.

Johnny Mundo def. Sexy Star by in 11:09 by pinfall.

  • Strong Effort - 7/10


The main event offers little, but at least the first half of the show makes up for it. Killshot vs. Dante Fox is must-see.

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