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Lucha Underground Review, Results (November 16, 2016): Aztec Warfare III

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Lucha Underground S3E11: Aztec Warfare III

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Lucha Underground Temple – Boyle Heights, California

In the Temple hallway, Dario runs into Johnny Mundo, who asserts that he will hold both the Lucha Underground and Gift of the Gods championships at once after Aztec Warfare–and, if that doesn’t happen, he’ll cash in against whoever wins Aztec Warfare. In response, Dario makes him the second entrant.

Aztec Warfaregreat

Order of entrances:

  1. Matanza (c)
  2. Johnny Mundo
  3. Son of Havoc
  4. Jeremiah Crane
  5. Pentagón Dark
  6. PJ Black
  7. Mariposa
  8. Rey Mysterio
  9. Dr. Wagner Jr.
  10. Marty the Moth
  11. Jack Evans
  12. Sexy Star
  13. Ricky Mandel
  14. Mascarita Sagrada
  15. Famous B
  16. The Mack
  17. Joey Ryan
  18. Mil Muertes
  19. Kobra Moon
  20. Drago

Really long, large matches are usually hard to recap in a coherent manner, but fortunately, on that front, Lucha Underground provides pretty clear subplots within long matches. Since LU very clearly wants Sexy Star to be the focus of this match, I suppose that I’ll oblige and start my review by getting that topic out of the way. They do about as well as they can to mask her shortcomings, but it kind of undermines your point when (a) the finishing move is the most unbelievable double stomp ever; and (b) the commentary tries to make this into a overtly religious (and therefore extremely awkward and off-putting) moment. Keep in mind that, earlier in the match, The Mack does most of the work to eliminate PJ Black, only for Sexy Star to join in the pin. They make especially sure to note on commentary that Sexy Star is supposed to be “on record” for scoring that pin. It’s a relatively minor detail in such as big match and yet, they feel the need to highlight that the supposed protagonist here needs to sneak in pins. Okay then.

“They took [as the winner] the most undeserving and overhyped luchador in that match.” — @conjuarez

Please note that I am not opposed to any of the following:

  • intergender wrestling;
  • a female Lucha Underground champion; or
  • the overall story of female triumph that Lucha Underground is trying to tell.

I am opposed to this specific telling of that story through this specific very technically limited luchadora and the contrived ways in which her matches tend to go in order to hide those limitations.

The other awkward subplot is the Black Lotus clan’s interference in this match against Pentagón Dark. I’m sure that we’ll get more explanation about this as the season unfolds, bur for the moment, it feels as if one of the most popular luchadors in Lucha Underground is being reduced to a plot device here, an extremely unfortunate decision.

Now that the major qualms that I have about this match (and they are significant) are out of the way, let’s talk about what I do like, and there’s a good amount of that, too: the extended sequence that occurs when Rey Mysterio enters; the sudden return of Angélico; the way in which Matanza is finally eliminated; the recurrence of Joey Ryan’s self-handcuffing, only for that to be foiled in a different way this time; and plenty of crazy dives in general throughout this match. Despite my misgivings about some of the storylines in this match, there’s still plenty to like.

Sexy Star def. Mil Muertes by pinfall.

  • Great - 8/10


Aztec Warfare is a spectacle as usual. There's a lot of fun action peppered with some groaners, but overall, there's enough good to limit the downward pull of some of the storyline decisions.

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