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Lucha Underground Review (8/9/2017): Bloodlines

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Lucha Underground S3E30: Bloodlines

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Lucha Underground Temple – Boyle Heights, California

In addition to the usual Cueto Cup reminder, the opening recap reminds us that World Wide Underground received an opportunity for three Aztec Medallion opportunities, that Famous B and Brenda are still courting Texano Jr., and that there is still unresolved business with Mil Muertes, Catrina, and Jeremiah.

Aztec Medallions Match: Paul London, Saltador, Mala Suerte vs. PJ Black, Ricky Mandel, Tayagood

Each member of the winning trio here gets an Aztec Medallion for entrance into an upcoming Gift of the Gods match. Ironically, it’s Mala Suerte who brings the rabbit foot that Mascarita Sagrada gave the Rabbit Tribe a few episodes back. On the opposing side, World Wide Underground brings along Jack Evans, who carries a small whiteboard with him, since he’s still suffering from a broken jaw. His first communication with that tool is a rebus puzzle.

This is mostly a comedy match, albeit an enjoyable one, with occasional written wisecracks from Jack Evans and more frequent general zaniness from the Rabbit Tribe. There are a few cool spots beyond the comedy; Saltador springboarding off of Mala Suerte’s back to give a headscissors comes to mind. Paul London wins the match for his team with a shooting star press.

Backstage, Benjamin Cooke berates World Wide Underground for losing and positions Johnny Mundo as the successful, glamorous leader of an otherwise failing team that he will apparently allow to stay together for the time being. Much eye-rolling ensues.

Cueto Cup Quarterfinal: Jeremiah Crane vs. Mil Muertesexcellent

During entrances, Mil Muertes jumps Crane at the top of the stairs, thereby commencing a classic out-of-ring Temple brawl even before the match officially starts.

I tend to take a lot of notes during this type of matches, simply to remind myself of how crazy they become, and because these Temple environmental brawls tend to take more unpredictable turns escalate unpredictably. As I clean up my barely intelligible half-sentences (and there are a lot of them for this match) for publication, I can’t help but feel that this is quite different from the other great mayhem-inducing Temple brawls that we’ve seen. The main thrust is nothing new: Jeremiah has a lot of difficulty against the significantly bulkier Mil Muertes. Not unlike a situation in which a a Prince Puma or a Fénix who overcomes the size difference with agility and cunningness, it seems as if it’s Mil who, more often than not, ends up spoiling Jeremiah’s plans with surprising reversals. Sure, he’s still incredibly strong, no-sells a fair amount of Crane’s offense, and makes it generally clear that he’s the one with the power moves (a lot of them!), but at the same time, the story seems to be that a little more than pure power is ultimately required to put Jeremiah away.

There’s a great moment in which Mil counters Jeremiah’s run around the ring with a spear and then throws him well over the announce table into the seats behind it. The match turns very chair-heavy from that point on, and a couple of tables join the mix for good measure. Mil ultimately gets the win by intercepting something that Jeremiah attempts from the top-rope turnbuckle and flatlining him.

Catrina seems to go for her standard lick of death after the match, but on seeing that Crane invites that opportunity, Mil flatlines his opponent again to nip that in the bud.

In the time that I’ve sat here organizing this match write-up into standard English, I’ve vacillated among “great”, “great+”, and “excellent” for a rating. You could probably make a solid case for any of those, but I think that this one will stick out a little more to me than the average high-end Lucha Underground match when the dust clears, and so I’ll err on the higher side

FBI Agent Winter comes into Dario’s office – surprisingly, on friendly terms – and announces that “The Order” has named him to replace the slain Delgado, whose untimely end is nonchalantly dismissed as the result of “an adjustment period” for Cage. Agent Winter assures that he’s committed to seeing that the gods will rule again, mentioning that even Pentagón Dark will suffer in the upcoming war. After Winter leaves, Dario takes his bull and seems to meditate with it against his forehead.

Cueto Cup Quarterfinal: Pentagón Dark vs. Texano Jr.ok+

Speaking of Pentagón Dark, it’s time for him to have his quarterfinal match. This is disappointingly standard until the end; if you’re familiar with Pentagón and Texano, there’s nothing that you haven’t seen before.

As the opening recap foreshadowed, The twist here comes when Famous B and Brenda come out, ostensibly to continue their efforts in courting Texano. After the match wears on for a bit, Famous B tries to help his prospective client by throwing a horseshoe into the ring. Like so many of his schemes, this one backfires: Pentagón is the one who grabs the horseshoe. With the ref distracted, he clocks Texano with it, allowing him to get win.

After the match, Pentagón goes to break Texano’s arm in his customary victory routine. Famous B begs Pentagón to reconsider; predictably, Pentagón obliges by breaking Famous B’s arm instead. Oh, and for good measure, he does the same to Brenda too.

In the closing scene, Captain Vasquez gets a visit from Catrina, whom Vasquez asks for her help in fighting the gods in the Temple, arguing that she has helped by giving Catrina life – twice – showing her half of the amulet. Catrina initially resists, but Vasquez makes the point that Cage has the gauntlet, that only Mil Muertes can stop him, and that she will give Catrina her life fully back by relinquishing her half of the amulet, sacrificing her own immortality in the process. Catrina finally agrees, calling Vasquez her “mother” as she leaves the office.

  • Good - 7.5/10


This isn't quite as good as last week's episode, but it's not that far off. Crane vs. Mil Muertes is must-see, and the storyline advancement continues to be interesting. Lucha Underground seems to have turned a corner after the earlier rounds of the Cueto Cup tournament.

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