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Lucha Underground Review (7/19/2017): Fade to Black

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Lucha Underground S3E27: Fade to Black

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Lucha Underground Temple – Boyle Heights, California

The opening recap has the usual pomp and circumstance of the Cueto Cup origins. It also reminds us that Cage murdered a politician with his glove, that Son of Havoc has to contend now with the existence of Son of Madness, and that there is a festering challenge for Puma to win the tournament so that he can get a rematch against Rey Mysterio.

On the Temple roof, Prince Puma ponders his history at Lucha Underground, as he’s been doing for several episodes. Vampiro finds him and advises him that the only way to find peace is to win the Cueto Cup. After Vampiro leaves Puma spots World Wide Underground entering the Temple below and resolves to his “master” not to lose.

Cueto Cup 8th-final: Pindar vs. CageNR

This “match” lasts exactly zero spots before Cage earns himself a DQ by knocking out Justin Borden, the ref, after being ordered to remove his glove. Borden gets laid out again for good measure afterward.

Cueto Cup 8th-final: Dante Fox vs. Son of Havocvery good

As Son of Havoc enters, Son of Madness ambushes him with a chain on the stairs. A impromptu street-fight mini-match breaks out on the stairs and continues for some time, culminating in Madness countering an attempted dive by Havoc with a chain to the face. Havoc’s actual opponent, Dante Fox, restrained to the confines of ring by the referee, watches this last spot with glee. Dario comes out of his office and decrees that the tournament must continue one way or another and forces Havoc to make a decision: have his match with Fox now as planned, or forfeit. Havoc decides to continue, and we benefit from that decision, as this ends up being quite an enjoyable match.

Dante Fox loves his apron spots, and I fear slightly that he’s going to end the season without a coccyx every time I see him do his leg drop to the apron. But that I remember @RobViper’s mantra that luchadors are unbreakable, and wonder whether Fox has worked enough in Mexico to be considered a luchador by this point. There’s another great sequence on the apron later on in the match that ends with Son of Havoc being slammed to the floor. Other dives and smart sequences also make this well worth watching, although it feels like it never crosses that intangible threshold of sustained craziness to make it into the “great” category. Fox wins with his Fox Catcher after Havoc misses a shooting star press.

Backstage, we’re introduced to Benjamin Cooke, who will be representing World Wide Underground, apparently while taking the occasional pot shot at Ricky Mandel.

Cueto Cup 8th-final: Prince Puma vs. PJ Blackgreat

A surprising amount of matwork starts this match, after which Prince Puma begins to partially adopt heel-like tactics. But They have time to do this and yet get in the crazy spots that you’d expect from a match like this. Aside from Prince Puma’s exploration of his rudo side, this is perhaps more of a conventional match than is the match that precedes it, and they don’t make extensive use of the Temple environment as many Lucha Underground main events do. But even so, the repertoire here is impressive. Avalanche reverse headscissors, anyone?

Puma wins with his standard 630 senton. Again, this is tamer than some of the crazier Lucha Underground matches, but neither does it disappoint.

After the match, Dario gets off the phone with Cooke for what he claims is the 17th time. PJ enters, and Dario explains that Cooke has pressed him to give his client another shot. Dario can’t re-enter PJ into the tournament, so he instead decides to set up a match against Rey Mysterio next week (as Cooke continues to try to call).

  • Good - 7.5/10


I enjoyed this episode; they get the perfunctory throwaway match out of the way in almost quite literally no time, and the other two matches are definitely worth watching.



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