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Lucha Underground Review (6/14/2017): The Cup Begins

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Lucha Underground S3E22: The Cup Begins

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Lucha Underground Temple – Boyle Heights, California

The opening recap covers Dario’s announcement of the Cueto Cup and of the Johnny Mundo vs. Rey Mysterio title match, Drago’s betrayal under the control of Kobra Moon, and Pentagón Dark’s encounter with Black Lotus Triad.

In the opening vignette, a defiant Pentagón Dark interrupts Dario’s Cueto Cup bracket construction to ask about Black Lotus’s whereabouts. Dario’s lack of a definite answer only manages to place him in Pentagón’s crosshairs:

Dario: But who cares about her? She broke your arm, but don’t forget: you broke hers first.
Pentagón Dark: And maybe now I will break yours.
Dario: You don’t want to do that.
Pentagón: I think I do.

In the Lucha Underground realm, Pentagón seems to be at his most terse (and nonetheless as forceful as ever) in Dario’s office.

Cueto Cup 16th-final: The Mack vs. Mala Suertegood

I’m not sure that I had any expectations, good or bad, coming into this match, but it felt like it ended up more fun than it had to be. The match certainly doesn’t bring the gravitas of the previous two that The Mack has been in, but after all of the big match aura of the first two post-hiatus episodes, this is a lighter, yet unexpectedly solid start to the Cueto Cup. The Mack and Mala Suerte mesh well here, and there’s a decent mix of power moves and a couple of cool arm drag spots. The Mack ultimately wins via his trademark stunner.

Dario finds Cage training backstage and tells him to meet with Lawrence Delgado, whom he describes as a powerful local politician. Cage is reluctant to do so.

Cueto Cup 16th-final: Argenis vs. Pentagón Darkok

Argenis gets in a couple of decent spots, but this match is really about welcoming Pentagón back to the Lucha Underground fold, and at no point can Argenis’s chances here be realistically construed as good. Pentagón wins with a package piledriver and breaks Argenis’s arm afterward, much to the delight of the Temple faithful. There’s nothing really wrong with this match, but no really standout moments either.

Cueto Cup 16th-final: Texano Jr. vs. Famous BNR

Famous B complains to Melissa Santos that he had asked to be introduced from Texas, and outright states that he wants to represent Texano Jr. so much that he will throw the match to win Texano’s favor. Texano is happy to take the win but gets in a powerbomb first, though. That’s literally the only thing that happens here, so it’s an angle masquerading as a match.

We get a nicely done hype video for Rey Mysterio vs. Johnnny Mundo.

Cueto Cup 16th-final: Aerostar vs. Dragovery good+

Kobra Moon brings Drago out on a chain leash. At the start of the match, Aerostar tries to get Drago to snap out of his control, but that, predictably, doesn’t work. and so we do end up with a proper match, unlike the previous contest. Also equally predictably, Aerostar busts out a plethora of creative offense, including inside springboards, a split-legged senton off of Drago’s back, and other nuttiness. The tenor of the match changes when Aerostar topes more or less right past Drago’s shoulder and into the first row of the audience, hitting them back-of-the-head-first.

From that point on, Drago carries the advantage for most of the remainder of the match, and has some cool offensive tricks of his own, including a rolling body scissors. Aerostar’s tries to sneak a win with Drago’s own finisher, but only manages a two-count, and Drago secures the victory shortly thereafter with the Whip of the Dragon’s Tail.

The ending scene has Cage, who has apparently decided to pay Delgado a visit, at Boyle Heights City Hall. An initially pleased Delgado tells Cage that “our work” can begin, but Cage refuses to work with him, instead opting for decapitation with a punch from the gauntlet of power.

  • Strong Effort - 7/10


This episode kicks off the Cueto Cup tournament decently. Of the four matches, only Aerostar vs. Drago is must-see, but The Mack vs. Mala Suerte exceeds expectations, and destruction of arms by Pentagón makes for a fun interlude. But if nothing else, watch the main event for Aerostar's offense.

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