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Lucha Underground Review 6/1/16

Welcome back to another Lucha Underground review. Coming out of last week and a few weeks before that, the shows haven’t been the greatest. Actually, they haven’t been great at all. Mostly boring shows this whole season and these past few weeks especially, so I hope tonight it changes. Heading into tonight show, we know that we have a Lucha Underground championship match and a Trios championship match. Plus, we kick things off with singles action. Let’s get into it.

Daga vs. Son Of Havoc

No cut scene this week, we just head straight into action which I like. Luckily, I liked the match too. Daga is one of my favorites in Lucha Underground. Every time I see this man, he impresses me more and more. Havoc is also a favorite of mine, which makes this exciting for me. These two went together so perfectly. The match just flowed so smoothly and it was a great thing to watch. Havoc pulled out some new moves to ‘WOW’ the crowd, and Daga hit hard, and kept on him which I loved. Towards the end of the match, Kobra Moon made he way out to the ring to cheer on Daga, which didn’t work, because after the most beautiful shooting star press I’ve ever seen; Son Of Havoc picked up the win. The camera angle was so damn perfect for that SSP, my goodness.

After the match,  Kobra Moon grabbed and touched all over Daga creepily until he ran away from her.

Dragon Azteca approached Rey backstage and said he wanted to find his mentor’s killer. Rey said no, which caused a bit of friction between the team.

(Lucha Underground Trios Championship) Jack Evans, PJ Black & Johnny Mundo (c) vs. Dragon Azteca Jr., Prince Puma & Rey Mysterio

This is a rematch from last week, and I think it was actually better than the last match. If you like high-flying, spot fest type matches, this is for you. Lots of big spots and flying around which was fun to see. We saw shades of last week with the ref being distracted and Mundo low blowing the opposing team. Then, Prince Puma tried to pull the same trick, but the ref caught him. Johnny Mundo, PJ Black and Jack Evans picked up the win. Fun match, weird ending but it made sense. After the match, Puma lashed out on everyone.

Dragon Azteca went to go find his mentors killer. He ran into Black Lotus and Matanza. She tells him El Dragon Azteca killed their parents, and he didn’t believe her.

Matanza (c) vs. Cage (Lucha Underground Championship Match)

I honestly didn’t expect much going into this match, but damn. I was blown away. From the start, Cage was ON FIRE. Doing hurricanrana’s, dives, and even a backflip off the top rope to the outside. Very impressive for a man of his size. Matanza was also on the ball tonight as he gave Cage a great fight. This was a perfect big man vs. big man Lucha inspired FIGHT. Cage was throwing everything at Matanza. From powerbombs, to clotheslines, pump handle X-Factors, to finishers, and even a suplex from outside to the inside which popped me that he perfectly executed it on the big man Matanza. Cage threw everything at him, but it still wasn’t enough. The monster Matanza Cueto made a comeback and finished Cage off with is spinning side slam. Can anyone stop Matanza?

Finally we have gotten a good show! After the last few shows being bad, this one was good throughout the whole thing. The opener and both title matches were great. Thankfully. We didn’t get any hint of what will happen next week, so stay tuned to find out. Thanks for reading.


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