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Lucha Underground Review 5/25/16

Welcome back to another Lucha Underground review. Last week, Chavo Guerrero won the Gift Of The Gods Championship, and he defends it against Cage tonight. So, let’s get into it.

We kick things off with a weird backstage angle with Pentagon getting beat up by Vampiro. Stupid as shit. Who gives a damn. Vampiro tells Pentagon he’s not ready.

Joey Ryan vs. Mascarita Sagrada

Shitty opener. Mascarita pulled off some “Little” High-spots and flipped around, but overall; Joey Ryan trashed him and picked up the win with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Famous B tried to calm a heated Sagrada down after the match.

A vignette type deal aired for Taya. LOL.

We see another backstage angle with King Cuerno having Mil Muertes tied up in a room with animal heads.

(Gift Of The Gods Championship) Chavo Guerrero (c) vs. Cage

This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a while. Guerrero steals Cage’s medallion and puts it in the GOTG title then gets Cage’s spot in the seven man match. Then, Cage makes Chavo win because he some how deserves a shot at the title. And one week after holding the championship, Chavo loses it. Yes, Cage defeated Chavo to win the Gift Of The Gods Championship in a lackluster match via Lucha Destroyer. Cage was solid during this bout but I just can’t stand Chavo anymore.

Cage cut a promo after the match. Cage told Matanza that he’s cashing in his GOTG title next week for a Lucha Underground championship match.

Taya showed Jack Evans & PJ Black their partner for tonight, which was Fenix knocked out. Johnny Mundo is their new partner.

Joey Ryan & Cortez Castro were snooping through Dario’s office to find some evidence for the police station. Mr. Cisco walked in and caught them. He told them he was going to tell Dario, but Joey Ryan pulled a gun on him and they arrested him.

(Lucha Underground Trios Championship) Prince Puma, Dragon Azteca Jr. & Rey Mysterio (c) vs. PJ Black, Jack Evans & Johnny Mundo

This main event thankfully almost made up for the rest of this bad show. Of course with six guys like this, we saw a lot of high flying and big spots which was fun and exciting after being bored the whole show. Dragon Azteca was probably my favorite in this match because he was on FIRE. He’s really good, quickly becoming one of my favorites. Taya was really annoying here but that’s my only complaint. The team of PJ, Jack & Mundo played some fantastic heels, especially after the ref was taken out by Mundo, and they low-blowed Rey, Puma & Azteca. They almost won the match, but Puma kicked out at a close two. Taya distracted the ref again, allowing Jack Evans to hit Azteca Jr. with a chair, and putting Mundo on him for the three count. Mundo, Evans & PJ Black are the new trios champions. Great main event.

Overall, this was a shit show. During the first season of LU, I loved it. It kept getting better from there. But now, this season has been so slow and gets cornier by the show. We sit through one hour of wrestling for maybe one good match if we’re lucky and it’s really sad to see. I will continue to review Lucha Underground but if it continues to get worse and worse, I don’t know how much more I can take. Next week; Cage takes on Matanza for the Lucha Underground Championship, so hopefully that’s good. Thanks for reading.


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