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Lucha Underground Review 4/13/16

Welcome back to another Lucha Underground review. Huge thank you to Trask, as he filled in for me last week. But, tonight; we have what looks to be a fun show. More of the Trios tournament, and even a big debut that I’m really looking forward too. So, let’s get into it.

Johnny Mundo, Taya, and Cage were all in Dario Cueto’s office. Dario says that he wants unique teams in the Trios Tournament, so they’re all a team. Cage wants a match with Mundo instead, but Dario denied the request. Dario convinced them to be a team, so now it looks like it’ll happen.

Argenis vs. Killshot

Last week we saw a vignette for Killshot basically explaining his background and where he comes from, as we now know; he’s a former military man and he escaped. Tonight, we saw him play to that a bit more, coming out wearing a camouflage vest, and even had a small spiritual type meeting in the corner with his dog tags.

Now, I’ve always been a fan of both of these men since seeing them on Lucha Underground and I’m so happy they finally have a one on one match together. These two have great chemistry. The match just perfectly flowed along and everything seemed to be exactly on point. Hard hitting, high flying, fast paced action. Every time Killshot got hit, it seemed to piss him off more and more. He never really went down for too long in this match other than when he was arm dragged off the top rope but he got up almost immediately. Killshot was in the drivers seat for the majority of the match and it was very clear early on that he was most likely going to win this match. After one of the nastiest moves I’ve ever seen (a variation of Kenny Omega’s One Winged Angel), Killshot picked up the win. Fantastic match, I’d say one of the best openers in Lucha Underground history.

High drama here on Lucha Underground as we see Dragon Azteca approach Black Lotus and ask why she’s working with Dario. It was revealed that Matanza killed Black Lotus and Azteca’s former master, and now she’s with them so she won’t get killed. Quick little scene, but I’m sure more will come regarding this story…

In Dario’s office is Daga. The newest recruit for the Lucha Underground roster. Dario tells him that he will start off by giving him a chance to win a gift of the gods medallion. All he has to do is defeat Texano in his debut match.

Daga vs. Texano

This is actually my first time ever seeing Daga wrestle, and he damn sure impressed me.

These two have a history as former tag team partners in Mexico and it really showed here. They knew just about everything their opponent had to offer, which made this a very competitive match. Not only was it competitive, but hard hitting as well. My goodness, these two beat the living shit out of each other and it was awesome to watch. Great back and forth action with no man really having the upper hand, but in the end, after trying earlier in the match; Texano finally connected with his huge powerbomb and picked up the win, and received a Gift of the Gods medallion. Not sure if I agree with having Daga lose, I wouldn’t loved to see him win his debut match but at least he really impressed everyone. Looking forward to seeing more from him.

Mil Muertes was seen staring at candles while Catrina was behind him. She told Mil that the Disciples Of Death will be in the Trios Tournament next week, and they want to ask Mil for his forgiveness. Mil tells them to rise from kneeling and Catrina tells them to leave. She says they won’t disappoint him again. Catrina fired up Mil when she talked about Matanza.

(Trios Tournament First Round) Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma & Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Taya, Johnny Mundo & Cage

This is certainly a interesting match up. One team that hates each other, against anther team of all stars that’ll be sure to amaze you. Just as I thought, this match was fantastic. Early on, Mundo and Taya had bad blood with Cage with played out all through the match. At first, Johnny and Taya tried to get Cage to cheat and do heel tactics like they were doing to advance their team in this match. But, good guy Cage wouldn’t do it. Johnny tried to get Cage to hit Puma with a chair while the referee was distracted, but again, Cage wouldn’t do it. So, Mundo and Taya began to get mad and we saw some blind tags, team mates pushing each other, and even hitting moves on each other, which effected this match greatly. While all this was going on, Puma, Azteca and Rey were showing us great team work and some outstanding moves that had me on my feet. Such fast paced action and moves that were blowing my mind had me going crazy. Dragon Azteca was one that really impressed me here. The first time he’s in a match outside of Aztec Warfare and he showed off. Azteca hit the single coolest tilt-a-whirl DDT I’ve ever seen. Plus, he was apart of some awesome tag team moves with puma, such as a assisted ‘rana off the top on Mundo which had to hurt. Rey on the other hand teased the 619 throughout the match, but in the end, Rey Mysterio got the hot tag and we saw a flurry of fantastic offense before Rey hit Mundo with a 619, then Azteca hit that sweet DDT, then Puma finished it off with a 630 senton to win his team the match. My lord that was fun. With this team advancing in the tournament, I’m excited to see more action like this, I can’t wait.

Before the show ended, we saw Dario tell Matanza Cueto that he will defend the title next week vs. Mil Muertes.

Finally this season of Lucha Underground is picking up. This was one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen. Three outstanding matches that had me excited though the whole show. If you can, please check out this episode because it’s worth every second. Next week, more Trios Tournament matches, and a big main event, so be sure to come back for that. Thanks for reading.


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