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Lucha Underground 5/11/16 Review

Welcome back to yet another Lucha Underground review. This week looks to be pretty good based on the main event; Matanza vs. Muertes in a ‘Graver’ Consequences match. Not sure what else is on the show, but I hope it’s good. Let’s get into it.

Dario is in the bar meeting while a unknown man. He gives the man a envelope, then the man tells him that the police have an investigation on the temple. The man tells Dario that his employer is coming to check out the temple, which seemed to scare Dario.

Mr. Cisco vs. Cortez Castro vs. Joey Ryan

Well, this match was basically nothing. Joey Ryan was taken out of the match temporarily in the begging, leaving Cisco and Cortez to battle it out. This back and forth lasted maybe a minute or two before Joey Ryan snuck in and rolled Cortez Castro up for the win. Joey Ryan now has an Aztec Medallion.

Catrina and Mil were in a creepy room where she told him that she wants him to bring Matanza to his knees and close the casket kid in him, but not before she gives him the lick of death. When they leave the room, King Cuerno walks out from hiding and trails behind them.

(Lucha Underground Trios Championship) Rey Mysterio, Dragon Azteca Jr & Prince Puma (c) vs. Son Of Havoc, Ivelisse & Johnny Mundo (w/Taya)

There was splotches of good in this match, but it wasn’t consistent and that’s what really killed it for me. Rey & Havoc were killing it in this match, and it was cool to see Dragon Azteca show off his stuff, but everyone else was average here. Taya was annoying the hell out of me at ringside, and it wasn’t a good heel annoying either. A 619 into a 630 splash won the match for Rey, Azteca, & Puma. Solid match, that’s about it.

After the match, Taya attacked Ivelisse while everyone stood around and watched.

(Lucha Underground Championship Graver Consequences Match) Matanza Cueto (w/Dario Cueto) vs. Mil Muertes (w/Catrina)

These two wasted no time getting into this match. Almost immediately, coffins were being dented, Matanza was speared into the crowd, and we saw Mil hit Matanza with a flatliner onto three coffins lined up. It felt like these two tried to get every big spot in at the beginning of the match, then we saw nothing special for the middle and ending of the match. Catrina & Dario tried getting involved a few times during the match but it didn’t work. Dario ended up being slapped by Catrina, then Catrina was hit with a chair by Matanza. Matanza ended up putting Catrina in a coffin which pissed off Mil, so he beat the living shit out of Matanza, but ended up being slammed into the coffin by Matanza who won the match. There were a couple cool spots in the match, but like I said it just felt so rushed in the beginning. Mil at one point punched through the coffin which isn’t very believable but okay. Also, on a side note; Matt Striker kept calling the coffins “Death Boxes” which very much annoyed me because he’s a little dweeb. Overall, the match was solid. Some cool spots, but too rushed at the start.

After the match, Dario opened the coffin that Catrina was in, but she was gone. Then, the people came down to carry the coffins away, and a hooded King Cuerno was revealed carrying away Mil’s coffin.

The man Dario met earlier was seen getting into a limo, and handing someone the envelope from earlier. The man was his employer that he told Dario about. This man is coming for Matanza.

Overall, the show was bland. Nothing bad, but nothing was good. The only thing I liked was what they’re doing with King Cuerno. Seems like Mil will be going away for awhile and Cuerno will be Catrina’s new man. Hopefully things on Lucha Underground start picking up because it hasn’t been good as of late. Maybe next week. Thanks for reading.


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