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Lucha Underground 4/6/16 Review

It’s Trask filling in for Brady this week. Last week on Lucha Underground saw Matanza lay to waste one of the most powerful figures in Lucha Underground, Pentagon Jr., as well as Marty The Moth’s sister, Mariposa, destroy Sexy Star; plus a Lucha Underground Trios Championship and more, as Dario Cueto is back in control of the Temple. This week sees Fenix take on Matanza in the main event for the Lucha Underground Championship. Without further ado, let’s get into the show.

Unfortunately I missed some of the opening segement. Dario Cueto and Vampiro came face to face in the same bathroom Vampiro snapped in the build to his match vs. Pentagon Jr. last season. We got some talk about Pentagon Jr. being lucky to be alive, a standoff, and Vampiro popping a pill to end all things.

Joey Ryan and Reyes talked to their Captain about Matanza coming loose. The captain want both team members on Dario, as they need to get the evidence to nail him. It’s announced that Dario liked Joey so much, he entered Reyes, Cisco, and himself into the Trios Championship tournament that kicks off tonight. It will get them closer to ‘El Jefe’ if they win gold, the captain implied. Nice storyline development. She pinned a picture of Dario to a board.

Ivelisse vs. Kobra Moon

It is shocking how good Kobra Moon looked here. There were no blatant botches or incredulous awkward moments that come with some of Lucha Underground’s matches. Kobra Moon vs. Sexy Star was a disaster, and this was legitimately a good solid TV match. Ivelisse worked nearly a grapplefrick style, rolling out Kobra with her arm in-tact, yet still adding in all the athletic trademark offense she owns. Kobra used the ropes tons, which looked very unique and fed right into her gimmick. Tons of well executed moves like a mini powerbomb out of a leg-hook Kobra had on, roll-ups, a Dragon Sleeper, a huge knee, slither pins, Northern Lights, t-bone suplex, etc! Some submission teases too that were well done, much like the whole match, as the finish saw Ivelisse comeback to good reaction and deliver a Code Red for the win. Kobra already lost, but due to her wrestling skills, it’s already better Ivelisse is being held in higher regard … plus she’s a champion and that was put over during the match.

A Killshot video airs, explaining he was enlisted at the age of 18, with the whole “sniper, very good shooter, Killshot nickname because of army stuff” background; which makes a lot of sense; and I didn’t really think about the background of the character before. “Sometimes, even the best good enough,” Killshot said, because his highly regarded military unit was captured and he was in prison for 13 months, before boldly finding his way home in an escape.

A vignette airs backstage, with Famous B handing his business card to MASCARITA SAGRADA!! I love the Sagrada clan, so anything involving them pops them. It had a comedy type of vibe as well. The video then amazingly transitioned from one shot to another shot of Famous B entering the Temple’s gym, which led into a Willie Mack and Sexy Star conversation. Sexy refused to help out Mack ringside tonight, as The Mack has been forced to team with Marty and Mariposa, but continued to power through her set of weights in frustration at Marty The Moth and his sister Mariposa.

Someone spray paints a question mark on the temple sign, and no it is not Rey Mysterio or a CMLL luchadore trolling Boyle Heights. The suspense is real.

(Trios Tournament First Round) Joey Ryan & The Crew (Cortez Castro & Mr. Cisco) vs. Marty The Moth, Mariposa & The Mack

Two bizarre teams against each other. So, typical Lucha Underground trios things! This was a kickass start to the tournament. This match was way better than it looks on paper. Mariposa was protected yet was an important part of the match. Storylines branched out, The Mack was put over huge, especially with Ron Funches in the crowd marking out at points. The star of the match was far and away Mr. Cisco. I’ve never seen as good a Cisco performance as in this match. He was athletic as can be, and that got the crowd hot for him. The first sequence ended with Cisco and Mack fist bumping. Fan service done completely well which set the tone for the rest of the match. Cisco also survived Mariposa near falls and offense, and got rid of Moth Martinez for a hot tag to Castro. Mariposa saved the match, Joey stole a tag from Cisco, Mack stole a tag from Moth, with Mack being completely on fire; he eventually hit a massive dive on everyone in the match. Mack went to run the ropes for his finish, but Marry stole his thunder. In a great finish, the two exchanged chops, and Mack gave Marty a stunner which led to The Crew giving him an assisted codebreaker, with Joey Ryan stealing the pin for the win. A well put together, quality trios match, although not show stealing or still must-see, it did its job and then some; putting over The Mack and Mr. Cisco huge.

Post-match, Sexy Star ran-in to save Willie Mack despite refusing to join him for the match earlier on in the night. Sexy popped off on Mariposa, chopping and dragging Mariposa everywhere; ending the beat down with stomps and kicks. The Mack and Sexy stood tall to end the segment. Intergender tag incoming.

Rey Mysterio and Dragon Azteca Jr. were on the roof of the temple, which explains the spray paint. Rey hyped up Azteca, explaining he now needs to kill Matanza, and to fight for honor and not revenge. He still has a lot to learn, and Rey had good news. They have a match in the Trios Tournament next week, and their partner is none other than PRINCE PUMA! This was a glorious team-together segment, I am so hyped for this team in the tournament and hopefully beyond.

(Lucha Underground Championship) Matanza Cueto (c) (w/Dario Cueto) vs. Fenix

“Cut his wings, don’t let him fly, and kill him.” -Dario Cueto 

Fenix won the championship from Mil Muertes, only to enter at #1 in Aztec Warfare, only to get pinned with 7 other men by Matanza. Keep in mind this has all happened in one season. I don’t get to publish takes on Lucha Underground. I’m using this one-off to my full advantage. Matanza Cueto is the best booked wrestler in professional wrestling. Everyone in the squash main events always gets their hope spots in, but in so many different ways, according to who is who. Fenix hit multiple superkicks, left Matanza in a 619 position, but that was about it. Matanza pounced Fenix more than once, smashed his head into different materials, release German suplexed and tilt German suplexed Fenix right into the canvas, and so much more deadly offense. Dario coaching Matanza was perfect, especially for this encounter. “Remember mom,” yelled Dario, as Matanza knocked out Fenix with a baseball punch sending him flying off the apron. More head into surface action, after Fenix got some more offense in, Matanza caught him out of a tope and made a THUD after press slamming him onto the floor. He was beaten to near death, brought back into the ring, and the Wrath of the Gods was hit for the win. Matanza continued the beating after the match, like a UFC “why aren’t you stopping this ref, stoppage” yet it was all happening because this is Dario’s monster, Temple, and ref/staff. Catrina interrupted before Fenix was unmasked, and Mil Muertes jumped Matanza, sending him over the ropes, ironically saving Fenix in the process. This is a helluva triangle spider web to try and connect, but I do know that we could even get a triple threat … but the next match for Matanza is one vs. Mil Muertes!

This is my favorite episode of Lucha Undergroud this season. Even though Aztec Warfare was extremely special, this was a spectacular all around show. From the camera work, to transitions, to all the vignettes (Vampiro/Dario, Killshot, the police station, Famous B shilling himself, Sexy Star/Mack, Mysterio/Azteca/Puma) to the matches, this was excellent. Everything over delivered, with the opener being way better than expected, the Trios Tournament being booked well, trajectory setting in from all sides, and the quality squash match main event with accompanying wonderful post-match angle, this is a must-see show. Lucha Underground can only get better from here. Next week you’re likely to see Brady again. Until next time.

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