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Lucha Underground 4/27/16 Review

Welcome back to another great looking Lucha Underground review. Tonight, we have a huge card as Cage takes on Johnny Mundo in a cage match for Aztec medallion. Plus, four teams compete in the Trios Tournament Finals. Should be a fun show. So, let’s get into it.

(Steel Cage Match) Cage vs. Johnny Mundo

I was very surprised that this match is the opener, I figured it’d be the main event. Johnny Mundo walked into this match with the advantage, seeing as the only other Steel Cage match that Lucha Underground had, Mundo won.

Right off the bat, Cage just wanted to rip Mundo apart. After a little bit of back and forth action, Cage finally started dominated Mundo, using the steel cage to his advantage. All throughout the match Taya kept trying to get involved in multiple ways like giving Mundo kendo sticks and chairs, but Cage wouldn’t stay down. Mundo tried a Spanish fly and moonlight driver off the top rope and even that wouldn’t keep Cage down. Then, when Mundo tried for a modified version of the end of the world off the top of the Steel Cage, Cage moved and looked to be in control until Taya jumped into the Steel Cage and landed a hard cross body on Cage. Taya & Mundo double teamed Cage but even that wouldn’t keep him down. Taya tried to handcuff Cage, but it backfired and she was handcuffed to the rope. Cage hit Mundo with a pile driver on a chair for the win. Pretty fun match to start off the show.

(Elimination Trios Title Match) Ivelisse & Havoc vs. PJ Black, Fenix, & Jack Evans vs. Cortez, Cisco, & Joey Ryan vs. Prince Puma, Azteca Jr, & Rey Mysterio

Dario announced before the match that Angelico is hurt and won’t compete in the trios match, but Ivelisse & Havoc will still compete.

Rey Mysterio, Ivelisse, Fenix and Cisco started the match. Once the match began, things were crazy and it only got crazier as the match went on. There were multiple tags back and forth, people flying around, and so much insane action that it was hard to keep control of, especially when everyone was in the ring at once. Cisco, Joey Ryan, and Cortez were eliminated first when Ivelisse rolled up Cortez and pinned him. With three teams left, things got less chaotic and more under control, and even funnier. At one point Jack Evans was bantering his opponents and said Ivelisse wasn’t the baddest bitch in the building, he was. Nothing better than some Jack Evans banter. Ivelisse and Havoc were killing it in this match. They were really the MVP’s of the match at this point, but after PJ Black got involved and helped Jack Evans pin Ivelisse. Now, with two teams left we are definitely getting new champions. These two teams against each other was super fun to watch. Azteca & Fenix went back and forth, doing some amazing moves that kept the crowd on their feet, and left me in amazement. PJ & Puma got the hot tags, and again; another fun pairing to watch go at it in this match. Puma almost had the match won for his team but Evans low blowed him when the ref was distracted. Things started breaking down from there and Rey hit a 619 on PJ and Evans. Then, Puma & Azteca took out Fenix and PJ while Rey finished off Evans with a dive. Rey Mysterio, Azteca Jr, and Prince Puma are the new Trios Champions. That match was a sight to see. Wow, that was fun.

We see Vampiro in a garage type area and he’s yelling at Pentagon Jr, who’s in a wheelchair. Vampiro yells at him to get up, but because of his hurt foot, he can’t. Vampiro then pours hot wax on him, which makes Pentagon scream in pain. He tried to stand up but fell face first onto the floor. Vampiro calls him weak, and we see a shot of Pentagon laying on the floor to end the show.

This week was really enjoyable to watch. Even better, it felt like it went by so fast. I hope more episodes are like this. Two solid matches, with new champions being crowned in the main event. I can’t wait for more. Thanks for reading!


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