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Lucha Underground 3/9/16 Review

Tonight’s fallout from last week’s show could be game changing. So many things coming out of last week that we have to look forward to, but most of all; Mil Muertes is defending his championship against Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. Let’s not waste anymore time, here we go.

We take a look back at the past few weeks, highlighted by the Pentagon Jr. & Prince Puma match from last week.

We then go into the temple where we see Sexy Star backstage being approached by The Mack. He asks her to be ringside for his math tonight and she agrees to do so.

Marty The Moth Martinez vs. The Mack

The Mack started this match off, doing for Sexy Star, what she wished she could do for herself. He started to beat the living shit out of Moth, but in a weird array of events, he started to smash his own head into the turnbuckle, which threw Mack completely off of his game. Marty then took the drivers seat from there and the match started to pick up. Throughout the match, Marty was making creepy taunts at Sexy Star who was ringside, and continued to take The Mack to the limit. Mack started to turn things back his way but the lights shut off and weird music started to play. A girl who I assume was Marty’s sister appeared and distracted Star & Mack. Marty the moth took advantage and hit a curb stop off of the top rope for the win.

After the match, Marty told everyone to bow down to his sister, Mariposa. She kicked Sexy Star in the face to end the segment.

A vignette for Fenix aired.

(No Disqualification Match) Taya vs. Cage

Cage was supposed to fight Johnny Mundo, but he sent out Taya to do his bidding. Sadly for Taya, she accepted the wrong match. Cage absolutely destroyed her. She got one slap in at the beginning, and a few moves in the middle of the match that didn’t really effect Cage. After Taya got her shit in, Cage was on her like a rabid dog. Throwing her around, hitting her with the majority of his move set, and even Suplexed her through a table. Mundo came in and cracked Cages’ skull with a led pipe, which couldn’t finish him off. Mundo brought in glass bottles and cinder blocks but it backfired when the bottles didn’t effect Cage. He picked up the win after the weapon X on Taya. Pretty cool match. Taya took one hell of a beating and I loved seeing all the weapons and destruction that the match brought.

A vignette for Famous B aired.

We see Ivelisse, Angelico, and Havoc arguing because next week, they have a title match. But, if they lose they’re fired.

(Lucha Underground Championship) Mil Muertes (c) vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Prince Puma

Going into this match, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Puma and Pentagon’s last two matches together didn’t really blow me away, but luckily with Mil in the mix; it was a lot better. And I mean A LOT. This match was fantastic. Mil brought so much destruction to this match and really played a great role of the big man, who can dominate anyone. Mil dominated Puma & Pentagon all throughout the match, but he took a beating as well. Puma really stood out to me here. Like I said before, he really hasn’t been blowing me away lately like he has in the past, but he did tonight. One spot that really popped me was a Shooting Star Press out of the crowd onto his opponents. It looked so perfect. Mil and Pentagon also had some great moments in this match, that really made this one of the best Lucha Underground main events I’ve ever seen. But, in the end a double flatliner won the match for Mil Muertes.

After the match, Fenix came out and cashed in his Gift of the Gods Championship, receiving a Lucha Underground title match next week.

This episode was very, very good. All three matches were good in their own right. Either for wrestling, or storyline development. Next week will be another great show I predict, because my personal favorite is challenging for the title, so make sure to check that out, and thanks for reading.


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