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Lucha Underground 3/30/16 Review

Welcome back to another Lucha Underground review. After one hell of a Aztec Warfare match, Matanza, who is Dario Cueto’s brother; is the new Lucha Underground Champion. Plus, with Dario back, anything could happen. I’m excited to see how this show plays out after last week. Let’s get into it.

As soon as the show begins, Dario Cueto is in the ring and cuts a promo about how he’s back, his brother winning the championship, and that there will be another trios tournament soon. He’s interrupted by Pentagon Jr., who wants a title shot because he wasn’t in Aztec Warfare. But, Dario tells him maybe he’s not championship material. This, of course makes Pentagon mad and he pulls Dario face first into the mat and threatens to break his arm. Dario then gives in and gives Pentagon a championship match for tonight.

Johnny Mundo & Taya vs. Mr. Cisco & Cortez Castro

This match honestly wasn’t much of anything. Taya started with Cortez and it seemed as if Mundo didn’t want to tag in. Finally, after Taya was in control; Mundo tagged himself in and stayed in until he started losing control of the match, so he tagged himself out. Taya continued to get her ass beat, and when Mundo got involved in the match when he wasn’t legally in, Cage came out and scared him off. Taya ended up taking the loss for her team minutes later after a psycho realm finisher from Cortez and Castro.

A creepy backstage scene with Marty The Moth aired. He explained his background and his tribe, and how Mariposa is his secret weapon.

We then see Black Lotus backstage standing outside of Dario’s office. Catrina showed up in his office and told him that death with come for his brother, and the temple will eventually be hers again.

(Trios Tag Team Championship Elimination Match) Ivelisse, Angelico & Son Of Havoc vs. The Disciples Of Death

This was a pretty fun match. The match went quicker than I expected it to actually. Ivelisse was eliminated first after Catrina got involved. The match started to pick up after her elimination and Angelico was on fire. I love Angelico. Time and time again that he’s one of the best on the show. During his part of destruction, Angelico eliminated one of the disciples. Now that the match was even, Angelico and Son Of Havoc were flying around like maniacs. But, soon things weren’t even again. After a Desciple jumped on Angelico’s back with his knees, (I have no clue what he was even trying to do but it didn’t look good) Angelico was eliminated. Shorty after, another Disciple followed and we were down to a one on one match. Catrina tried to get involved again, but Ivelisse came back out and kicked her head off, giving Son Of Havoc the upper hand to win the match. The Lucha Underground Trios Championship has been retained.

Rey Mysterio was in Dario’s office and Dario talked about not believing he was actually here. Not much else of note.

Mariposa vs. Sexy Star

Mariposa has Marty in her corner, and Sexy Star has The Mack in hers. Mariposa basically destroyed Sexy Star the entire match, plus it was very short. Mariposa defeated Sexy Star after the butterfly effect.

After the match, Marty and Mariposa attacked The Mack and the hit a double team move on him to end the segment.

Dario opened up Matanza’s cage and let him loose for the main event.

(Lucha Underground Championship) Matanza vs. Pentagon Jr.

I’m shocked, honestly. This match did not go the way I expected it to go at all. Pentagon tried everything to knock down Matanza, including superkicks, back breakers, and multiple strikes, but Matanza didn’t leave his feet at all. Matanza destroyed Pentagon Jr. and even ripped his mask in the process. This was a really quick main event, which saw Matanza pick up the win after his powerslam finisher.

After the match, Vampiro left the announcers table and jumped into the ring. He was concerned for Pentagon who was hurt, but he ended up being beat up by Matanza. Then, the champion set his sights on Pentagon Jr. again and powerbombed him through the announcers table. Pentagon Jr. was carried out of the temple on a stretcher and put in a ambulance to end the show.

Well, that was a quick show. An hour long show that felt like thirty minutes. I’m not complaining by any means, but rather surprised that every match was so quick. Also, I’m so happy with Matanza because that’s how you build a big guy. Have him destroy one of the top luchadores on the roster, and barely even be affected by his offense. Matanza destroying Pentagon was the best thing they could’ve done here, and I’m excited to see where else this takes us. So, remember to come back next week, and thanks for reading.


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