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Lucha Underground 3/23/16 Review

The day is finally here. A big night for Lucha Underground; Aztec Warfare! Last week we saw one hell of a match, that saw Fenix become the new Lucha Underground Champion. But now, he’s defending it tonight in Aztec Warfare as Entrant #1. Anything could happen, and anyone could show up. So, let’s get into it.

We kick things off with Catrina talking to Fenix and Pentagon Jr. She says Pentagon doesn’t know real fear, and tonight, Fenix will take his last breath.

After going to the commentary team, they explain that Pentagon Jr. wasn’t invited to compete in this match. Now, it’s Aztec Warfare time.

(Lucha Underground Championship) Aztec Warfare

Number one, which was announced last week, is Fenix. But, number two; is none other than Rey Mysterio! This is a Lucha Underground dream match and a great way to kick off the match.

Rey and Fenix went back and forth in a great few minute battle, but soon after the match started, number three made their way out to the ring; which was King Cuerno. I’m not 100% sure how many minutes have to pass before the next man comes out, but number four; which is Argenis, came out. With these four men in the ring, you know we were bound to see some great high flying action, and we did. Inside and outside of the ring, these guys were doing everything they could to get an early elimination, but, after a 619; Argenis was the first man to go.

As the match went on, many competitors came in, and many went out, but all through the match; so much high flying, fast paced action was happening, and it was very enjoyable to watch. At one point, Joey Ryan came in and handcuffed himself to the crowd barrier, which was smart because then no one could pin him. A surprising elimination was the second one when Rey made Cuerno tap out to an arm bar.

Number nine was Taya, who teamed with Johnny Mundo and Jack Evans to go after Prince Puma, Fenix, and Mysterio in a three on three war, while Joey watched as he was still handcuffed. Jack, Mundo, and Taya took out Puma and Fenix, then put their sights on Rey Mysterio. All three beat down Rey, but then number 10 came to the save; which was Cage. We took a break right after Cage’s entrance, but when we came back; Cage was destroying everyone. After a distraction from Taya, Mundo took control and threw Cage head first through a glass window. While all this was going on, Famous B; who isn’t in the match, was handing out business cards to the fans which was pretty funny. Soon after number eleven, Mascarita Sagrada made his way to the ring, Cage got back up and hit the Weapon X on Johnny Mundo on the outside, who was then pinned and eliminated by Prince Puma. Up next, at number twelve was Marty The Moth.

Number thirteen was Drago, who chased Jack Evans all around the temple, and spit mist in Joey Ryan’s face. While this was going on, Rey eliminated Marty with the help of Mascarita. The Mack was then next to enter. So many fighters were brawling in and out of the ring, and the action kept getting crazy, even in the crowd; where Evans was powerbombed on the steps by Drago. Then, Chavo who came out at 15 eliminated Mascarita. Things got even wilder when Mundo smashed a cinder block over Cage’s head, which led him to be eliminated by Taya. PJ Black was out next and during his entrance; Fenix eliminated Taya. Instead of getting in the ring, PJ went after Drago in the crowd.

As the match went on, Jack Evans, Drago, and PJ Black were eliminated, and Aerostar, Dragon Azteca Jr., Texano, and Mil Muertes came in. When Mil made his entrance last, Pentagon came through the crowd with a chair and attacked Muertes. Pentagon through him in the ring to get eliminated by Rey Mysterio and Prince Puma. Catrina slapped Vampiro at ringside because of Puma, and the clock came back on. The match was only supposed to have 20 men, with #20 being Mil, but it looks like we have one more.

When the clock stopped, Dario Cueto was at the top of the steps! I’ve been waiting for his return, as were many fans. He said he’s taking back the temple, But, he’s here to introduce the last man in this match, his brother; “The Monster” Matanza Cueto. He lives up to his name because this guy is huge and looks scary as hell. Matanza eliminated four men in a row, including Fenix, then went after Joey Ryan. He broke the handcuffs off of railing, then eliminated Joey after three gut wrench slams. With five men left in the match, four started brawling on the outside.

Dragon Azteca was thrown into the ring by Chavo and eventually eliminated by Matanza. Chavo was then eliminated next by Matanza, who did a freaking standing shooting star press. For as big as this dude is, I didn’t expect that. I’m impressed by this dude; that was awesome. Three men left in the match. Puma and Rey tried to gang up on Matanza, but it was too much. Puma was eliminated by him, leaving Matanza Cueto and Rey Mysterio as the final two men. Rey held his own, surprisingly and almost won the match after a 619, but he was caught on the dive, and power slammed in a nasty way for the finish. Your winner, and new Lucha Underground Champion, The Monster, Matanza Cueto. Dario stood with his brother to end the show.

That was a crazy Aztec Warfare. Better than the first Aztec Warfare. This one had everything you wanted, from crazy highflying action to nasty hardcore fighting, and even some huge surprises. After Mil had been eliminated so quickly, I thought Rey was going to win, honesty. But, I was wrong, and I didn’t expect to see this beast of a man Matanza. He’s so agile for his size, and it was great to see. With Dario back in charge and his brother as champion, anything could happen. I’m looking forward to next week’s episode. Thanks for reading.


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