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Lucha Underground 3/2/16 Review

Finally, it’s Lucha Underground day! I’ve been waiting all week for this ever since the end of last week’s show. Why you ask? Because tonight King Cuerno defends his Gift Of The Gods Championship against former champion Fenix in a Ladder Match! We’ve seen these two get crazy before in their matches, but adding ladders into the mix is going to be awesome. So, let’s get into it!

We start off with a look back at what happened in a past episode where Sexy Star ran into The Mack and told him The Moth was chasing her, but not Marty. “Her”. We then see a look back at the feud between Pentagon Jr. & Prince Puma, and Fenix & Cuerno.

We then see Mil Muertes yelling at Catrina. He wanted to fight them, but Catrina tells him if it wasn’t for her, he would’ve have never found himself out of the tomb he was in as a child. Mil says he wants Pentagon & Puma, but Catrina says No!

Sexy Star vs. Kobra Moon

Well, the only notable things that happened during this match is that The Mack walked out during the match and watched from ringside cheering on Sexy Star. Then, Marty The Moth distracted Star and cost her the match, giving Kobra Moon the submission win. If I remember correctly, Moon’s first showing was pretty solid but this match was bad. At least it was short.

We see another Famous B vignette. He’s trying to sell himself as being a fighting teacher. It turned to Rey turning the TV off that showed Famous B’s vignette. Dragon Azteca Jr. got mad because he was watching it, but then he began to train with Rey. This switched into King Cuerno hyping up his match for tonight. Pretty cool camera work here with all the switches from screen to screen.

Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr.

The last match these two had a few weeks ago was pretty good, and this one could’ve been as good, if it wasn’t for the finish. Just like last time, these two put each other to the limit with the quick, back and forth action. Last time Puma didn’t do as much high-flying as he usually does, but this time he was showing off with all of his high-flying moves. Not to be outdone by Pentagon though, who pulled out a Canadian Destroyer towards the end of the match, but it didn’t finish Puma, surprisingly. Mil Muertes ran into the ring and attacked both men, causing a double DQ. I wish this match would’ve went longer at least before the DQ finish. Not happy about that, but it goes with the story; so that’s good.

Muertes is walking backstage and tells Catrina that next week he will defend his title against both of them, because this is his temple and no one can stop Mil Muertes.

We find out that in 3 weeks we will see another Aztec Warfare match. Winner gets a world championship match.

(Ladder Match for the Gift of the Gods Championship) King Cuerno vs. Fenix

Fenix wasted no time to pull out some of his crazy unique offense and it’s such a sight to see. Not even two minutes into the match, Fenix already had a ladder in the ring and started to climb up, but it didn’t work. Instead of using it to climb, Cuerno used the ladder as a weapon, which is perfectly legal. King Cuerno used the ladders in all different types of ways, just to inflict pain to Fenix. So many ladders on the outside used as weapons and defense for both men. Suddenly, both men started climbing a ladder on the outside. Cuerno tried to suplex Fenix off the ladder, but it didn’t work. Cuerno was knocked off the ladder, leaving Fenix alone. Fenix, being the wild man that he is, got on top of the stands and flipped over the ladder, onto King Cuerno.

So much back and forth, high-flying, hard hitting, crazy action going on. Not just in the ring, but all around it and in the crowd. Fenix was tossed out of the crowd, onto a Ladder at one point and it looked to hurt Fenix’s leg pretty bad. But, he wouldn’t give up. He fired himself up and brought the fight back to Cuerno. The crowd was going crazy for both of these men, beating the hell out of each other with ladders. Finally, Cuerno made his way into the ring and tried to climb up for the title, but out of nowhere, Fenix came flying in and knocked him off of the ladder. Fenix and Cuerno made their way to the top of the ladder, which fell, but both men were hanging onto the title and fell all the way down to the ring mat. And now, it looks like ladder weren’t good enough. Cuerno introduces a table into the match, but it backfired. He went to put Fenix through but he reversed it and hurricanrana’ed Cuerno through the table. Fenix climbed up the ladder and retrieved the championship. Fenix is the new champion after one hell of a main event. Fenix and Mil have a stare down as the show ends.

This episode felt like it went by very fast, but it was good. One bad match, one decent match, and one great main event. Lots of storyline development as always and two big announcements. First, next week; Mil will defend his championship against Pentagon Jr. & Prince Puma. Then, in three weeks, Aztec Warfare returns and the winner gets a world title shot. Be sure to come back week after week to see what happens with these two big matches. Thanks for reading.


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