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Lucha Underground 3/16/16 Review

Welcome back to our weekly Lucha Underground review. It feels like forever since I’ve watched Lucha Underground, but it’s only been a week. But, if you watched last weeks show, then you know that Fenix cashed in his Gift of the Gods Championship and is now challenging Mil Muertes for the Lucha Underground title tonight! Plus, will we see fallout from Cage destroying Taya last week? Let’s get into it.

Well, this show got off to an interesting start. Catrina confronts Fenix, who takes her hand and she questions if things would be different if she never left him. They then kiss each other then Catrina tells Fenix that it was their final kiss. Tonight, Mil Muertes will destroy him, according to her. I’m a a loss for words. I didn’t see that coming.

(Lucha Underground Trios Championship) Son of Havoc, Angelico & Ivelisse vs. The Disciples of Death

Didn’t expect much out of this match, but we saw something we haven’t seen in a while from Havoc, Angelico and Ivelisse; and that’s teamwork! That was some of the best teamwork I’ve ever seen. The things Havoc and Angelico can do are out of this world. What started as a big tornado brawl, led into some tag in, tag out action. But, towards the end we got another whirlwind of action that saw Angelico knee the brains out of a Disciple, followed by a perfectly smooth Shooting Star Press from Havoc. Angelico picked up the win for his team, and we have new Trios Tag Team Champions. One hell of a way to kick off a show.

Johnny Mundo confronts Prince Puma backstage and tells him that next week in Aztec Warfare, he’s not going to take it easy on him, because it’s his world now. Puma gets pissed and punches a hole through the punching bag.

We go to a little room where Rey Mysterio is talking to Azteca. Rey Myserio tells him that his training is complete, and reveals that both of them will be in Aztec Warfare next week. Now I’m especially hyped for next week. I can’t wait to see Rey’s debut.

(Bull Rope Match) Chavo Guerrero vs. Texano

Chavo ordered The Crew to attack Texano, but they said no and left him all alone. Now, finally; Texano can get his hands on Chavo in a fair fight. What started off with little Bull Rope tactics like pulling the rope and making your opponent hit the ring post, quickly turned boring. Nothing much came out of this match. They didn’t use the bull rope as much as I would’ve liked, but the little moves they did do were cool, I guess. Nothing else really wowed me. But hey, at least Texano got his bull rope back.

Backstage, Mil Muertes beat up the Disciples of Death because they lost the trios tag titles.

The scene then cut and we saw Dario Cueto. He was 375 miles away from the temple with Black Lotus, listening to the sounds of someone getting beat up. Dario says he’s ready, and they’re going to take back his temple. He unleashes his brother. Finally we see what he looks like. One big ass dude with a metal looking mask. Looking like someone from a horror movie with blood all over him.

(Lucha Underground Championship) Mil Muertes vs. Fenix

I’m in complete shock at this main event. First of all, Mil had to switch up his style and put some high flying into his Arsenal to compete with Fenix and it was working. But, Mil also used his size and strength advantage that really helped him out. Fenix tried to fight back, but Mil was just destroying him. Fenix had his mask ripped off, and was then busted opened with a chair. Fenix wouldn’t stay down and I was literally out of my seat by this point. After brawling all through the crowd and around the temple, Fenix mounted a comeback and ripped Mil’s mask, then gave him a bit of his own medicine by busting him opened with a chair. These two were bloody, sweaty, and dead tired. Yet, they wouldn’t stay down. A few very close near falls had me holding my head in amazement as I watched this gruesome, yet truly amazing main event. After a neck breaker from the top rope, Mil set up Fenix for a flat liner, which was reversed and Fenix rolled Mil up for the three count. Ladies and Gentleman we have a NEW LUCHA UNDERGROUND CHAMPION! Fenix really deserved this and he earned it in that match. My mind is blown away. Please, if you get the chance; check out this main event. Insanity.

After the match, Catrina told Fenix that next week, in Aztec Warfare; the Championship will be on the line. Fenix will be entree number one, while Mil will be the last entree in the match. Fenix celebrated to end the show.

Well, that was the best episode of Lucha Underground Season 2 so far. It’s going to be really hard to top that. I’m still shocked that Fenix is the new champion. I’m so happy for him. Not only that, but the Trios Titles changed hands. The opener was fantastic, the second match took a bad toll on the show for me, but the absolutely fantastic main event made up for it. Lucha Underground is indeed back, folks. Next week, Aztec Warfare will change the landscape of Lucha Underground. So, come back for that. Thanks for reading.


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