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Lucha Underground 2/3/16 Review

We’re back! The second episode of Season Two is here. Last week: we crowned a new Gift of the Gods champion, and we witnessed Mil Muertes bringing destruction to the temple in the Lucha Underground Championship main event vs. Ivelisse. After the surprise ending of last week’s show, I’m curious to see which direction they take this week. All I know right now is that Johnny Mundo will be in action against Killshot, and The Mack is back to take on a debuting star that you won’t want to miss. Let’s get into it.

We kick off the show with a look back at last week’s show, and a couple highlights from last season’s Ultima Lucha. The camera cuts backstage and we see Prince Puma working out. He’s approached by Pentagon Jr., who thanks him. Pentagon goes on to tell Puma that tonight; they’ll be partners. Pentagon says after tonight, Puma will be next. This led to a brawl between the two that ended with Prince Puma slamming Pentagon against a locker, then walking away. Intense opening scene.

Johnny Mundo vs. Killshot

No stalling here. Mundo and Killshot try to get the best out of one another right out of the gate. Killshot ended up getting the better of Mundo for a split second after a outside dive, but, Johnny followed it up with a nasty spear. As the action spilled back into the ring, Killshot started to take control. Nice counters from both men here, Killshot looks very good, hopefully he can boost off this momentum and pick up a win. As the match flows on, Mundo made a mistake and was knocked off the turnbuckle, causing him to get caught up in the ropes. Killshot hit a sweet super kick, DDT combo then followed it up with a 450 Splash. Killshot almost had the victory but Johnny Mundo kicked out at a late two count. The match started to pick up from there. Then, out of nowhere; Johnny Mundo gets knocked into the referee. Mundo capitalized off of this and hit one of the coolest cheap shots I’ve ever seen. As the ref struggled to get up, Johnny Mundo hit a springboard enziguri and picked up the win after his end of the world finisher. Solid match. Enjoyed that opener very much.

Mundo cut a promo after the match on Mil Muertes. He told him that the earthquake he experienced as a boy will be nothing compared to the end of the world (double innuendo). Johnny was interrupted by Cage. He called out Mil for a title shot. He told Mil that he’ll break him in half. Mundo cut Cage off and told him he’s not in his league. Cage challenged Mundo to a match NOW! But, Mundo fled from the ring.

Cage taunted at Mil, and Mundo attacked him from behind. Sadly for Johnny, the attack didn’t work out so well. Cage beat his ass and sent Mundo fleeing again.

We see Sexy Star strapped into a chair. Marty The Moth came up to her and told her it’s soon time for her to go back to the temple, but they’re coming with her.

We see a kung-fu vignette type video package for PJ Black, who’s making his debut tonight.

The Mack vs. PJ Black

A very quick and agile start to this match with PJ Black showing off all of his skills. At the beginning of this fast pace match, Vampiro points out that he has no clue who PJ Black is. Not sure if he’s gimmicking or not, but if not; shame on him. Willie Mack started a chop battle with PJ, that ended up with Mack getting the better of his opponent. It didn’t last long after that for PJ to turn it around. He hit a blue thunder bomb that Matt Striker called “Black To The Future” and went for a 450 Splash but Willie Mack got out of the way before he could attempt it. The Darewolf hit a big splash on Mack in the corner, went to follow it up with a springboard move but was caught with a stunner in mid-air. Mack picked up the win off the stunner. Shorter match than I would’ve expected it to be, but a decent showing by both men.

We took another look back at the end of last week’s show, and they hyped up tonight’s main event; which is next.
We see another vignette but this time it’s for a female who goes by the name of Kobra Moon. She will debut next week.

Disciples Of Death vs. Pentagon Jr. & Prince Puma

All three of them gang up on Pentagon and Puma to start the match. Puma started to clear the ring and Pentagon hit a big outside dive on the DOD. Puma one upped Pentagon and hit a big shooting star press out onto the DDD right after.

Trece and Puma finally started the match off. Quick tags in and out as they destroy Puma. Pentagon Jr. made a save after a pin attempt, but was then ganged up on by the DOD. After a couple minutes of destruction by the Disciples Of Death, Puma and Pentagon started to fight back. A little miscommunication between the Prince Puma and Pentagon cost them the advantage and they were attacked again. Muerte went for an outside dive on Pentagon but he moved, which led to him taking out his own tag team partner, Negro. Puma who was in the ring set up Trece for the 630 Splash, and hit it. But, in the process of the move, Pentagon tagged himself in and stole the pin for the victory. Even though they won, Puma was pissed off that Pentagon stole his pin. Pentagon Jr. then attacked Prince Puma and hit a back breaker. He went to break Puma’s arm, but Prince Puma broke out and sent Pentagon running to end the show.

We hear Rey Myserio’s voice talking to a man in a hoodie. He explained that the mask the man is wearing was supposed to be his mask, but now it’s his. He said the name of the man, but it was in Spanish and I have no clue what he said. Editor’s note: it is Dragon Azteca Jr. Rey revealed his face to end the scene.

Overall a pretty good show. I dug every match on the show, but they all seemed a little too short, which in this case is okay because in return we saw several scenes that give us some storyline development. It seems like we’re getting a feud between Cage & Mundo possibly, and I’m happy Killshot is getting his own matches and is a singles competitor now, since last season he was always with Ryck and Mack. Speaking of Mack, he had a good showing against the debuting PJ Black. I hope we see a lot of these two in the near future. Also, after the main event it looks like they’re setting up a feud between Pentagon Jr. and Prince Puma which I’m all for. Things in Lucha Underground are getting real good, so be sure to check out the reviews every week. Thanks for reading.


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