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Lucha Underground 2/24/16 Review

Coming out of last week, many feuds are really starting to boil up. One feud that’s getting hot is Johnny Mundo and Cage! Tonight, they finally meet in a one on one match, for the second time ever! Let’s not waste anymore time, lets get into it!
A little vignette for Vampiro started off the show, explaining how he thought Vampiro was just voices in his head. He explained to Pentagon that he can’t let anything get in his way.

We head to the ring and Jack Evans rips the mic from Melissa Santos and cut a wild promo, cutting down on Drago. But, Drago isn’t his opponent.

Jack Evans vs. PJ Black

Holy shit, I’m actually marking out. At first glance, I know this is about to be awesome. Sadly, I was disappointed. I expected to see a nice, back and forth, action-packed match, but that’s not what we got.
It started off pretty solid with some back and forth moves from PJ and the crazy Jack Evans, but around two or three minutes into the match, Drago appeared to distract Evans. A few moments later, Drago spit mist at Evans; which failed and the mist hit PJ Black, giving Jack the win.

Vignette for a repacked Famous B aired. It looks like there making him a car salesman type gimmick. Interesting.

King Cuerno vs. KillShot

My goodness. These matches so far are looking amazing on paper, I hope this isn’t a disappointment.

This match started off pretty good, and it only got better. This was exactly what I wanted from both these men. High flying, fast pace wrestling. KillShot was bringing a tough battle to Cuerno and I was actually surprised about it. KillShot is so damn talented and it really showed here. King Cuerno as well showed off some skills, proving that for a big man, he can hang with the smaller, quicker guys. We saw that with Fenix a few weeks back and now we’re seeing it with KillShot. A fast paced match, that quickly turned into a hard hitting battle, really, really entertained me. In the end, KillShot went for some crazy looking twisting dive, and missed. Cuerno followed it up with the Thrill of the Hunt, picking up the win. Very much enjoyed this match for the short amount of time it got.
After the match, Cuerno continued to beat down KillShot until Fenix came for the save, sending King Cuerno running.

(Gauntlet Match) Texano vs. Mr. Cisco, Cortez Castro, & Chavo Guerrero

Well, we get our first ever Lucha Underground gauntlet match. I have no idea what to expect, but Cisco is starting things off.

Cisco started the match and it lasted five seconds. He was super kicked and then eliminated. Chavo is pissed, but Cortez is next.
Cortez surprisingly lasted a little longer and gave Texano a bit of a challenge. It was very slow and not so good, but after a pop-up power bomb, Texano won. Now, the match we all want to see. Texano finally getting his hands on Chavo.

Chavo ran in and attacked Texano from behind and took control of this match from the start. Not long after, Texano started to fight back, and change the way this match was heading. Texano was staying on Chavo, not letting him catch a break, but after Cisco distracted the ref, Cortez got involved and it cost Texano the match.
We see Black Lotus and Dario outside waiting for someone who is in practice. It’s apparently Dario’s brother. Dario tells Black Lotus a story about Dario’s brother saving him.

Catrina is seen backstage. She was approached by Pentagon Jr. He tells her that Prince Puma needs to be taught a lesson. Catrina asks why he deserves it and they get into a little brawl. Pentagon locks in his signature arm submission, the lights go out, and Catrina is out of the submission and in the corner of the training ring. She tells him he has his match, but he will regret putting his hands on her.

Johnny Mundo vs. Cage

The match starts off with Mundo slapping Cage. Probably not the best of ideas. Cage, of course got pissed; and began to go right after Mundo with big strikes, tosses, and pure power. Mundo tried to get away from Cage as best as he could. After knocking him off of the top rope, he finally caught a break. He followed it up by hitting a pretty cool twisting dive to the outside, then ran Cage into the wall. Mundo used his parkour style to manage the size and strength of Cage, as they went back and forth in a hard hitting war of a match. Trading brutal moves and shots, they both were hurting very early. Cage was favoring his leg a lot, while Mundo was just trying to stay alive. Cage hit the Weapon X on Mundo, but the ref was distracted by a female by the name of Taya, who slid a metal pipe in the ring and jumped up on the apron. I don’t know much about her, but obviously she was there to help Mundo, who picked up the pipe and hit Cage over the head with it, then picked up the win.
Taya and Mundo beat down Cage after the match.

Cuerno went in to Catrina’s office and cashed in his Gift Of The Gods title to face Mil Muertes. Catrina says no, because Cuerno already has a match set for next week. He will be defending the Gift Of The Gods title against Fenix … In a Ladder Match!

Tonight’s episode of Lucha Underground was solid. Nothing bad, but nothing to really brag about. It was very easy to sit through these episodes as it always is, and I’m happy about that, but I’m really stoked for next week. We’ve seen how much chemistry Cuerno and Fenix have, and we’ve seen their awesome encounters. Yet, next week might be their best match to date; because it’s a Ladder Match, so be sure to check back next week for that review. Thanks for reading.


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