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Lucha Underground 2/17/16 Review

After a fantastic main event last week, we may be getting one again. Heading into the show we know Pentagon Jr. Will be going one on one with Prince Puma. Also, a few returns and debuts might be on the rise so stay tuned, let’s get into it.

We start off with a look back at the past few weeks, highlighted by the Prince Puma and Pentagon feud.

Ivelisse walks into Catrina’s office and challenges the Disciples of Death to a match. Catrina says no, but; she puts her in a match with a different trios team, but she doesn’t say who they are. Ivelisse promises to one day get her hands on Catrina.

Ivelisse, Angelico, & Son Of Havoc vs. Chavo Guerrero, Cisco, & Cortez

Pretty cool that they put Chavo in the crew now, since he’s not doing anything else. Cisco and Angelico started things off which was quick because it looked like Cisco hurt his shoulder on a arm drag. After this, multiple tags were made throughout the match. Once he came in for the second time, Angelico was ON FIRE! This guy is such an amazing athlete and it’s such a sight to see. This is where the match started to get good. Sadly, once Angelico got on a roll, the match was over. Angelico hit a diving stomp to pick up the win for his team. After the match, Chavo argued with The Crew until Texano ran out and went after all three men, leaving Chavo running.

Johnny Mundo cut a promo backstage which was shot very well. The production on this was amazing. Mundo talked himself up, saying how he was the best and he wants the Lucha Underground championship. He said there’s only one man in his way and it’s Cage. He said Cage is a machine, but he is THE man.

We then see Cortez backstage icing his wounds. He’s approached by Joey Ryan, who says he’s a better cop. Joey tells Cortez to watch his match for some tips.

Joey Ryan vs. Cage

If I’m being honest, I thought they’d give Joey someone to squash, but I was dead wrong. Things aren’t looking good for Joey Ryan.

At first, I thought it’d be Joey squashing someone, then when I saw Cage, I thought Cage would squash Joey Ryan, but I was wrong for both guesses. It was actually a back and forth match. But, nothing noteworthy or really even exciting happened. This is a very skippable match considering it went longer than expected and it wasn’t good. At the end, Cage ended it with the screwdriver.

After the match, Johnny Mundo attacked Cage and beat the living shit out if him. That was until Cage fired up and hit Mundo with the weapon X and laid him out. He’s not a man, he’s a machine. We find out that next week, Cage will take on Johnny Mundo.

We get to see a little training session with Rey Mysterio and the man we saw with him a few weeks back. Then Rey explained a story of the Aztec gods to him.

Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr.

This match started off with a head of steam, and it just kept getting better. Both men worked completely different than what I expected and it worked. Pentagon is quickly becoming my number one favorite in this company, he’s so good in every aspect of wrestling and I love it. Not to mention; I believe his chop is one of the best chops I’ve ever seen. It even hurts me just watching it. Prince Puma was also on his game tonight. He was selling so damn good for all the nasty looking moves Pentagon had, and of course; the selling made it look ten times better. At one point in the match, Puma went for a springboard moonsault and Pentagon drop kicked him in the neck in the process of it and it looked fantastic. Definitely one of my favorite spots in this match, but there were so many to choose from. So many close calls as well, and the crowd was eating it up. Everyone was on fire during this match and it made it so much fun. Pentagon went for a surfboard type submission but Puma was bent back all the way to the mat. Both men’s shoulders were down on the mat and the ref counted the three count. Puma got his shoulder up at the last second and won. I actually enjoyed that finish and match very much.

After the match, Pentagon superkicked the ref. Prince Puma then kicked Pentagon, and set up his own arm submission on him. Puma teased like he was going to break his arm, but he whispered in his ear and let go.

Right before the show ends, we see Sexy Star running. She runs into The Mack. He asks who did this and she said “moth” but not Marty. She points to his sister and the show ends. We didn’t get to see her face.

Overall, that was a fantastic show. I loved every bit of it, expect the Joey Ryan vs. Cage match, but I liked the ending with Mundo. Other than that, everything was on point. The Texano return was short and sweet and Angelico is the man. The main event was fantastic as well. Not much else to say because nothing was really horrible. Next week we get Cage vs. Mundo which should be good, so stay tuned for that. Thanks for reading.


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