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Lucha Underground 2/10/16 Review

Things in Lucha Underground are really heating up. Last week we saw debuts, returns, and new feuds being molded. This week will be no different. Going into tonight’s show, all we know is that Cuerno & Fenix are going back at it, and the returning Drago will take on the returning Jack Evans. Just based off of those two matches, it looks like a solid show. So, let’s get into it.

We take a look back at the past episodes as always before going into the temple for our first contest.

Bengala vs. Cobra Moon

Well, here’s our first debut of the night. Cobra Moon is new in Lucha Underground. She is a female wrestler and no one really knows anything about her. Should be interesting to see if she’s any good.

Right off the bat, Cobra Moon wastes zero time, going right after Bengala and showing off her high flying ability, hitting a hurricanrana on the outside. As the match starts to go back into the squared circle, Moon hot Bengala with two kicks and a knee, all which were very slow like but seemed to be effective. Bengala started to come back after hitting a couple diving head-butts and a well placed kick. Bengala went for a frog splash off the top but it was reversed, leaving Bengala wide opened for Cobra Moon to lock in her submission, the Snake Sleeper. Bengala tapped shortly after.
Very quick match, but pretty impressive for the time it got.

We see Katrina in her office, when she’s approached by Fenix. He wants a match with King Cuerno. Katrina tells him that even a thousand lives run out eventually. Fenix replies by telling her that he will destroy Cuerno, and her. We see a vignette for the returning Aerostar. This leads us into King Cuerno working out backstage when he’s approached by Katrina. She wants Cuerno to make sure that Fenix is destroyed.

Jack Evans vs. Drago

Aggressive start to the match with some great back and forth action. Jack Evans acting cocky is very hilarious to me. Playing the heel here, Evans is using some nasty heel tactics, including biting Drago’s thumb to get out of a submission.

The first big move in the match was used by Drago when he hit a flying cross body to the outside into Jack. Drago keeping control of this match with some sickening shots, and eventually; Drago ends up trying for multiple pins which didn’t work. He hit his signature flipping DDT on Evans that didn’t look good at all. Drago tried for a pin, which was reversed and Jack Evans turned it into a backslide with his foot on the rope for the three count. Another quick match. Not as good as I expected it to be; but after the match, Jack cut a promo and called himself Jack ‘The Dragon Slayer’ Evans.

A vignette for Texano plays, showing him beating people up in a bar. Texano returns next week!

We see Prince Puma praying backstage when he’s interrupted by Katrina. Katrina made a remark to him about Konan, basically applying that he’s dead. She went on to say that he would’ve loved to see what Puma does to Pentagon last week.

Fenix vs. King Cuerno (Last Luchador Standing Match)

With this new stipulation just added, now I’m really excited for this. The match that these men had on the first episode was great, but now with this stipulation, this match could be even better.

This isn’t a wrestling match, this is a fight; and this fight starts off right away with some big back and forth punches. Cuerno was down for the first count after a big hurricanrana off the ropes. Cuerno was up before the ten count, then put Fenix down for the count after a nasty kick to the face, but Fenix got up. Fenix went for an outside dive, Cuerno moved, leaving Fenixs’ body to smack right off the floor.

These men know that a normal wrestling move isn’t going to keep their opponent down for the ten count. So, King Cuerno is throwing Fenix into the ring post, the crowd, and even the wall; but Fenix won’t stay down for the ten count. Once the match starts to spill back into the ring, Fenix gets his second wind and starts coming back, full force at Cuerno. Fenix knocks King Cuerno out of the ring and hits two awesome outside dives. Fenix has some of the most amazing moves I’ve ever seen, but they couldn’t keep Cuerno down. King Cuerno wasn’t out shined though, because he ended up hitting the smoothest outside dive I’ve ever seen. But after seeing that it wouldn’t keep Fenix down, a ladder was brought into the mix. A ladder shot wouldn’t keep Fenix down, so Cuerno took it one step further and brought a table into the match.

Fenix got the upper hand and super kicked Cuerno’s head off, then both men decided to climb up the ladder. Fenix was heading to the top of the building, with Cuerno right behind him. Fenix kicked Cuerno off the ladder and he fell through the table, and was out for the ten count.
That was awesome! By far the match of the night.

Right before the show ends, we see a scene of Cortez Castro who seems to now be a police officer, meeting with his boss. They’re looking for Dario Cueto. The boss tells him that he’ll need some help. The other officer helping him is none other than; Joey Ryan. She tells them that people in the temple can’t think that they know each other, so they have to pretend to hate each other. Their only mission; bring down Dario Cueto.
Pretty good show tonight. Three matches, two very short matches, but they delivered and the main event which was by far the match of the night. A damn good match between both men. Cuerno and Fenix have great chemistry together, and I wouldn’t mind seeing them wrestle every week. But, something seems to be a revolving thing ever since season two started. That is that the backstage segments seem to be some of the best things on the show. Props to Lucha underground for giving us some fantastic backstage segments and great camera work. Also, heading out of tonight’s show, we know that Texano is returning next week and possibly even Aerostar so stay tuned for that. Thanks for reading.


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