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Lucha Underground 1/27/16 Review

Finally, the best televised wrestling show on the planet is back; Season 2 of Lucha Underground is upon us. Last time we saw Lucha Underground, Vampiro was revealed as Pentagon’s master, Fenix won the Gift of the Gods, and it ended with Mil Muertes & the Disciples Of Death holding up Lucha gold. There is so much hype around this season premier episode, so let’s get into it.

Season 2 of Lucha Underground starts with Vampiro being evaluated. The evaluation is to see if he can be let out of the mental facility. The man tells him to stay away from things that trigger him. Of course, he’s talking about the temple. He has a vision of him attacking everyone, but he says he can do that. Matt Striker picks him up and tells him there has been an invitation for both of them to return to the temple. But, says things have changed.

We head into Dario Cueto’s office. Katrina is staring out the window.

“I was wondering if you had the guts to return to this temple, then again it’s just like a Fenix to not know when to stay dead.” 

In walks Fenix. Katrina says she’s the new ruler of the temple and says he can cash in his Gift of the Gods next week, but there is a man that’s chasing after him. King Cuerno awaits.

Vampiro & Matt Striker are on commentary and reveal that Mil is the new boss, and he’s sitting on a thrown in the Temple.


(Gift of the Gods Championship) Fenix (c) vs. King Cuerno

Fantastic opener for Season 2. Fenix was on fire from the start, with Cuerno slowly pacing himself into it. Lots of mat based wrestling from both men. The momentum changed, though; when Cuerno hit a DDT on Fenix on the outside. Cuerno then started to fire up. He taunted for the arrow and hit one of the smoothest outside dives I’ve ever seen. Not to be outdone, Fenix turned the match his way and hit a crazy outside dive on King Cuerno.

Hard hitting shots landed on both men. A quick little brawl turned into Fenix hitting a cutter, that turned into a dragon sleeper, that was reversed into a surfboard, and Fenix then pushed head first into the turnbuckle. Crazy back and forth action from both these Luchadores. Fenix turned things around again, and hit a double foot stomp on Cuerno while he was sitting on the top rope. Yes, that just happened. Man, I missed this stuff! Cuerno eventually took control again, and went for his finisher but ran into a nasty super kick. Fenix went for a 450 splash, King Cuerno managed to move out of the way, then hit a modified twisting piledriver for the win. Your new Gift of the Gods Champion: King Cuerno.

Ivelisse, Son Of Havoc, and Angelico arrive at the temple right before we head to a commercial.

We come back to see the three walking into the temple and running into Katrina. They want the trios titles back, but Katrina says no. Katrina reveals that Mil has other plans for them. They’re going to be in a triple threat #1 Contenders Match for the Lucha Underground Championship. Now.

Pre-match, Katrina whispered something in ring announcer Melissa Santos’ ear.

Right before a commercial break, Katrina & Cuerno have a run-in. He tells her that Mil & herself have nothing to worry about, after Katrina tells him to remember what they talked about.

(Lucha Underground Championship #1 Contenders Match) Son Of Havoc vs. Ivelisse vs. Angelico

Right from the start, we see multiple pin attempts by all three competitors. When they realized the pins weren’t going to work this early, they started the match. Ivelisse’s face was drilled by Angelico’s knee, then she was smashed in between Angelico and the Turnbuckle, which knocked her out if the ring. This gave us a one-on-one match for a few moments, where we saw Angelico show off a little bit before Ivelisse returned to the match.

Son Of Havoc started to take this match by storm, dominating both his opponents for a little while with a series of strikes and outside dives. Of course, in a three way match; people are constantly getting in, and out of control. Havoc had Angelico down and looked to be going for one of his perfectly executed moonsaults, but he took his eye off of Ivelisse. She jumped up and pushed Havoc down, groin first into the turnbuckle, then rolled Angelico up for the three count. Fun quick little match, but now; Ivelisse gets her title shot next!

Three guys in a car approach Black Lotus about a secret underground fight club, called the temple. She stayed silent for a moment before telling them to follow her.

(Lucha Underground Championship) Mil Muertes (c) vs. Ivelisse

Before the match, the Disciples Of Death attack Angelico and Son Of Havoc and they carry them away, leaving Ivelisse all alone.

Mil pretty much threw Ivelisse around from the start. Ivelisse tried to fight back, but her strikes weren’t effecting him one bit. Ivelisse tried to lock in a choke, which was easily broken out of by Mil. She tried for a triangle choke, and an Arm Bar, neither worked. She hit a tornado DDT and finally took the big man down. Mil kicked out of the pin and Katrina slid in the ring to distract Ivelisse. Mil went for a spear but Ivelisse moved and he speared Katrina! Holy shit! Ivelisse rolled him up and I thought she had the win but she didn’t. Mil Muertes hit a giant power slam then his signature flatliner. Mil retains.

After the match, Katrina told Mil to continue the attack. He went for another Flatliner, but she was saved by Prince Puma after he struck Mil with a superkick. Puma ran off with Ivelisse. Little did Mil Muertes know, someone else was after him. Pentagon Jr. Hit a backbreaker on Mil, then snapped his arm! The crowd is going insane for Pentagon Jr. as the show ends.

We see Black Lotus introducing the three men to none other than Dario Cueto. He makes them pay $20, then lets them through a door. They ask who’s fighting tonight, which he replies with “You are”. The door closes and we hear screams from behind his door while Dario counts his money.

No complaints about this episode. It had everything I wanted. Some insight on things that happened last season, which now we know that Mil and Katrina have taken over the temple. And we saw some great action, which of course I loved. Cuerno & Fenix was by far the match of the night, which resulted in a new Gift of the Gods Champion. The triple threat was pretty good for the time it got, and the main event wasn’t particularly good wrestling wise, but for the sake of the storyline, it was fantastic — plus it was great to see Pentagon, Puma, and even Dario Cueto at the end. I can’t wait for next week, hopefully it’s just as good, if not better. Be sure to check back every week for Lucha Underground Reviews. Thanks for reading.


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