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Lucha Memes Chairo 2 Review (12/25/15)

Really, how awesome of a name is Lucha Memes? Finally this show from Christmas Day of last year has surfaced. On paper with guys like Dr. Cerebro, Virus, Atlantis and Negro Casas on the card, it should at the very least be solid.

El Demasiado & Los Kamikazes del Aire (Aramis, Alas de Acero, & Iron Kid) vs. Super Mega, Suicida, Freelance, & Septimo Rayo****

This match was about as crazy as it gets. There were no actual tags in this match. Just guys hopping quickly in and out of the ring and from that spawned this nonstop thriller. From the opening minutes of Septimo Rayo and El Desmasiado where we saw a slick pin combination and a unique armbar all the way to the end, this was an extremely fun match to watch. Smooth, fast paced action in the ring to start with some breath taking spots including one where a member of Los Kamikazes del Aire (sorry, don’t know the name because they were all wearing the same outfit) performed a Shooting Star Press to Super Mega while his stable mates hit topes on to Suicida and Freelance and El Desmiasado hit Septimo Rayo with a cannonball senton in the corner, all in perfect synchronization. Shortly after, the match broke down on the outside and chairs started getting used to inflict damage. Freelance did a crazy running flip senton that took him over the barricade and in to one of the Los Kamikazes del Aire. The madness continued as Septimo Rayo got hit with a SPANISH FLY TO THE FLOOR that left my jaw completely dropped. How could these guys top themselves from there? By all taking turns doing spectacular dives to the outside. The end of the match came when El Desmiasado slammed Super Mega on to a pile of chairs. If you’re a fan of car crash spotfests, you’ll love this match. Easily one of the best tag matches I’ve seen this year and maybe the best opening match this year.

Los Guapos VIP (Decnnis, Toscano & Zumbido) vs. Los Indystrongtibles (Arez, Belial & Impulso)***1/2

Nothing to do with the match, but Zumbido looks disturbingly similar to Joe Riggs.

Not as wild as the opener, but another fun tag match. Really dug the beginning minutes of the match. Los Guapos VIP were on their opponents before the bell even rang and exhibited some nice team offense. Zumbido in particular was very good during this portion and may have been the star of the match as a whole. Arez landed a kick on a speeding Zumbido and now Los Indystrongtibles are able to take control. Arez used his teammates as a human step ladder to deliver dropkicks to Toscano and Decnnis who were both sitting in corners of the ring. Impulso and Belial then work together to deliver some kind slingshot moonsault to Zumbido. The match then gets a bit more under control as the teams go back and forth with guys stepping in to the ring after a teammate gets bested. The one who came across the best here was again Zumbido who annihilated Belial with chops, a slap, and a wicked lariat that looked like it caught him in the back of the head. There was a bit of action going down the stretch. Arez did a springboard dive to the outside that got a lot of height and Zumbido did a triangle crossbody to the outside, but the ending felt flat after some sloppy looking hurricanranas happened from all three members of Los Indystrongtibles during the finals minutes. Zumbido got the win for his team after powerbombing Impulso. Solid match.

Negro Navarro vs. Virus***1/4

Now on to a maestro y maestro match featuring someone who’s one of the best mat workers of all time in my mind, Virus. I don’t think this was as good as say the match Virus had in 2015 with Dr. Cerebro or even the 2016 Fantasticamania match with Jushin Thunder Liger, but this was still a very intricate, smartly worked match with it’s fair share of ridiculously hard to describe transitions, pins, and submissions. Navarro went for Virus’ arm quite a bit during this match and his persistence payed off as he got Virus to tap with a Kimura variation. Good match that doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.

Dalys vs. Keira**1/4

The match opens us with the women going for speedy pins. I always really like the way Dalys projects herself. Her aggression when she’s in control, her facial expressions, the way she interacts with the crowd, it’s all good stuff and sets her apart from her peers. This was a decent match where both women worked hard. It was on it’s way to being good until the dreadful double pin finish.

Negro Casas vs Dr. Cerebro**

Well this was disappointing. Coming in to this show this was the match I was most excited to see. I wasn’t expecting anything crazy from Casas on this show, but I thought we’d be getting more than a 5 minute match that ends on a flash pin. Cerebro’s offense looked extremely good. He busted out a nasty looking piledriver, a springboard dropkick, and a cool standing Indian deathlock variation and then added double underhooks to it. The finish played in to Casas’ craftiness as he acted like he was more hurt than he actually was, but I was still left wanting way more out of these two. Nothing here to sink your teeth in to.

Los Traumas (Trauma 1 & Trauma 2) vs Black Terry & Negro Navarro**1/2

Negro Navarro is in action for the second time tonight, this time against his sons that make up Los Traumas. The beginning of the match is mat work centric. While I think it did look decent for the most part during this portion, there were a couple moments that looked lazy and outright bad like Black Terry’s very slow roll through when he was grappling with Trauma 2. The match stayed grapple heavy until Trauma 1 slapped the hell out of Negro Navarro later on. That caught everyone in the arena off guard. Navarro sold this slap like he got hit with a right hook. After Navarro gets back to his feet, we got a bit more fire in the action. Navarro gets payback on Trauma 2 with a slap of his own. So many straps were pulled down that not even Jerry Lawler would be able to keep up. The mat work continues and starts to look a bit better after the slaps. Trauma 1 catches Navarro in a submission similar to that Kimura that you saw Navarro use to beat Virus earlier in the show. That moves makes Navarro tap out and eliminates him from the match. Black Terry steps in and almost immediately makes Trauma 1 tap out with a Dragon sleeper. The match is now down to Terry and Trauma 2. Terry gets the upperhand on Trauma 2 after some strikes and a hard headbutt. Terry goes to the middle rope and hits his signature Lung Blower on Trauma 2, but it doesn’t get him the win. He goes for the pin again, Trauma 2 is still fighting. Terry picks up Trauma 2 and looks like he’s about to go for another dragon sleeper, but it get’s reversed and Trauma 2 locks in a nasty leg submission to get the win. Good match really helped by the well done final minutes.

Atlantis vs. Caifan***

This matched actually exceeded my expectations going in to it. Caifan is all over Atlantis before the bell even rings. Caifan is flipping off the crowd, ripping Atlantis’ mask, and putting a good beating on him inside and outside of the ring. He’s reeling me in with his performance. The tide turns when Atlantis moves out of the way and Caifan goes flying in to the ring post. Atlantis then proceeds to beat the living hell out of Caifan on the outside. Atlantis sends Caifan over the barricade and in to the crowd. A fan offers Atlantis a chair to beatdown Caifan even more, but he politely pushes it away. What a man. Caifan ends up with a bloodied face from the brawl in the crowd. Atlantis works him over more in the ring. Caifan teases walking out on the match, but eventually gets back in the ring. The two exchange strikes until Atlantis launches Caifan with a monkey flip and then a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Another monkey flip sends Caifan to the outside and Atlantis busts out a tope suicida. Atlantis continues with the high flying offense when he hits a crossbody from the top rope. Atlantis runs at Caifan and gets nailed with a pop up powerbomb. Caifan folds Atlantis up, holds his arms down, and goes for a pin with his feet on the ropes, but Atlantis kicks out. It was a very convincing near fall. Caifan argues with the referee and is almost pinned on a roll up by Atlantis. The match ends when Atlantis locks in Atlantida, forcing Caifan to tap. Fun, short match that over delivered.

Final Thoughts:

Enjoyable show top to bottom. Even though there were short matches like Dalys vs. Kiera and Casas/Cerebro that I think could’ve been more, everyone on the card did the most with what they were given and worked hard. My favorite match was the opening 8 man tag by a very wide margin. If you aren’t familiar with lucha outside of CMLL and AAA, this would be a decent show to check out.


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