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LLE Lucha Azteca Review: The Return Review

Golden Magic takes to the air in a totally awkward screen cap

Lucha Azteca

Taped July 7, 2016 (aired July 8, 2016)

Watch: Liga Elite’s YouTube channel for full show and separate matches as well as Cubsfans YouTube channel for separate matches

Arena Mexico – Mexico City, Mexico

Before I get into the review let me explain why these reviews went missing for the past two or so months. When I was doing these week to week, I was in school (I’m off for summer break). Since I was always in school I was in the work mode all the time with writing things. Once it got too busy at the end of the semester I had to put it for the wayside for a couple weeks. After the semester ended I fully planned on doing a catch up review, but due to low motivation I was in a funk and wouldn’t want break out of it to start writing and reviewing again. I meant to do a catch up review but I dug myself into a bottomless pit at this point so I’m going to jump on to the latest episode. I may do a best of what I missed at some point. But that is the reason why the reviews of the show stopped. I’m not going to write a intro on the show as I’m not to sure what happened at this show other than the Rey Escorpion substituting for Negro Casas due to injury. So let’s get to the review!!

Xtreme Tiger vs. Rey Escorpion*** 3/4

What a match to return to. Escorpion was a substitute to Negro Casas, which I was looking forward to since I did a podcast spotlighting Casas but this turned out for the best in my opinion. Before I get into the match, it seems like since I left that the production of the show show has gone up. Instead of doing the lame segment they actually showed the camera of the selfie stick (kind of like if they used the camera of Tyler Breezes phone on the titantron in WWE). Match was wild. A lot of smooth moves and dives from Tiger as per usual in Elite, but Escorpion did I think the best brawl I have seen since Elite started airing on TV. They brawled by the commentators booth as per usual but Escorpion brought Tiger on top of the booth and power bombed him the the table that the commentators sit at. Then they got back into the ring to some near falls. Then finished at the top where Tiger did something I don’t know what to fall but it was like a sunset flip into a face slam(?). Then during the pin it seemed like Escorpion was jumping up to kickout but the ref did not see it, which boggled my mind. I don’t understand where they were going with that. They brought the match a little bit down for me.

Then they showed the selfie stick segment that already aired, which I didn’t understand. After they replayed the power bomb on the table.

Caristico & Michael Elgin vs. Toma Tonga & KUSHIDA***1/4

What weird team selections, but it was a fun match to watch, but not a lot of things memorable happened that will make me look back at the match with fond memories. This was one of the international guys last appearances in Elite for now as they were over for their tournament and the CMLL Grand Prix plus a tour in general the last couple of weeks. It was a two of out three fall match and to get the fall you had to eliminate both members of the team. It went Tonga/KUSHIDA for the first fall, Elgin/Caristico for the second, and the third being Tonga/KUSHIDA. After a Swanton Bomb from Caristico to get the fall in the second, he seemed to injure himself but he wanted to continue (is this the same person who was Sin Cara in WWE? /s) so the third fall turned into a handicap match. Elgin did a lot of cool power moves, typical Elgin stuff. My favorite part of the match was the matchup between Elgin and KUSHIDA as that isn’t a matchup you are going to see often as they are in both different divisions in New Japan. They had great chemistry together and I hope they have a singles match somewhere down the line either in a place like New Japan or Ring of Honor. It was weird seeing KUSHIDA do some borderline Rudo/Heel tactics so that is a curiosity factor as he is pretty much slated as a career babyface. Tonga got the pin fall after a low blow to Elgin for the pin fall. KUSHIDA got pissed off at Tonga for going that direction and Tonga did the same to KUSHIDA as he did Elgin. Elgin got his payback. It was a fun match, watch it if you are interested.

La Mascara vs. Cibernetico**1/2

The match happened. When I saw it, I wasn’t looking forward to it. Match did nothing offensive to piss me off. It just happened. Some sloppy moves from Cibernetico. While the ref took a bump, Cibernetico ripped La Mascara’s mask off and pinned him trying to cover up his foul, but after two the ref caught the foul and declared La Mascara as winner. Match was skippable, as I said it just happened.

Angel de Oro, Golden Magic & Mascara Dorada vs. Karonte Jr. El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. & El Hijo del Medico Asesino***1/2

What a fun trios match this was. It was my first time seeing the whole rudo team, even el Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. While I didn’t find the other two rudos impressive they were great bases for the technicos in the match. Wagner has a lot of charisma that I saw in him, he very much takes after his father in that department. To the match now. It had a lot of nonstop action in dives, rudos dominating in the second fall, and a really short third fall with Dorada winning with his Dorada Driver. A botch happened with one of the Rudos in the white mask was trying to do a pyramid submission with his teammates, and Golden Magic sitting three waiting to do a rana, the Rudo slipped and while making it on top, it still looked bad and Golden Magic stood on the apron way too long, which made him look bad. This is a match I’m glad that Elite decided to air as not only I got to see new talent on the Rudo side, I was glad to see Golden Magic main event an episode (didn’t main event during the taping though) Golden Magic is one of my favorite guys from the little I have seen of IWRG. Seeing him in this spotlight is something that makes me happy. Not much to say about this match other than it was just a fun spot fest of a Lucha trios match that I suggest everyone should check out.

Final Thoughts: I am still liking of what I am seeing from Elite after a couple months absence other than a match here or there. I loved that they opened with Tiger vs. Escorpion and capped off the show with the Trios match at the end. I also like the increase in production, showing entrances, etc. It seemed like the buzz for the show has gone down the past couple months, with lower attendances. but it is still quality Lucha Libre. A new slot change happened with them starting this Saturday so it won’t hit the internet until later that night or on Sunday. Thanks for reading and I’m glad to be back doing this.


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