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LLE Lucha Azteca Review: Hart and Blood in Arena Mexico

Lucha Libre Elite

Watch: Full show, Cubsfan has individual matches (Jinzo & Súper Crazy vs. Felino & TigerTeddy Hart vs. Diamante Azul, MUST WATCH – Rush vs. L.A. Park

Taped July 14, 2016, Aired July 16, 2016

Arena Mexico – Mexico City, Mexico

This episode is one of Elite’s biggest episodes in a very long time and that is due to the feud of Rush and L.A. Park. This is big because this feud has be brewing since before I took my two month break from reviewing the show, and it all landed here. I will get into the match once I get to it but first I have others to get through and to review which at this point escapes my mind and it will be all of a surprise. Let’s get into the review!

Karonte Jr, El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. & El Hijo del Medico Asesino vs. El Hijo de Dos Caras, El Hijo de LA Park & Rayman***1/4

Second week in a row where we see this trios unit and they seemed more like a unit this week than last week. The series of this went Technico, Rudo, Rudo. The match had little structure to the different falls so it is hard to remember what happened during the falls, but from what I saw I liked. The main star in this match was El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. He proved to me even more the charisma that he possesses that he got from his own father. He does a lot of cool dive spots as well as being a Rudo. I see big things in his future once his dad starts to wind down his career. El Hijo del LA Park seemed to get a little bit better from the last time I saw him a few months ago. He seemed a lot more comfortable than he did wrestling with his dad and his family members. This is the first proper time I have seen El Hijo de Dos Caras, and I usually see some not so favorable reviews of the guy but what I saw I liked. He did some cool spots. I want to see a full match of his to really form my opinion around him. The other Rudos are really grabbing my attention nd I hope they stay in Elite and I should learn to tell who is who between the two. It is hard to say what happened in the match as like I said there was very little structure to the falls but overall a fun match to watch though you don’t need to see it.

Teddy Hart vs. Diamante Azul **1/4

TEDDY HART IN ARENA MEXICO!!!! What can I say? That Teddy Hart is god and this was a 5 star match because he was in it? I really want to because I have such a ironic love for the guy and think he is one of the most interesting characters in all of wrestling. But to keep my somewhat journalistic integrity I actually have to critique the match for what it is, and what the match was it was not good. This isn’t to the fault of our boy Teddy though as he worked pretty damn hard to keep the match as watchable as possible. What made the match actively bad was more so Diamante Azul than our noble lad Teddy. Teddy looked as smooth and crisp as in the past. What went wrong with the match was too much crowd pandering from Diamante and some sloppy work. When Teddy did his beautiful top rope asai moonsault onto Diamante, Diamante was pretty close to dropping him. The match got decent at some parts but overall no real chemistry from both guys. Azul beat Teddy with a German into a bridge pin. I would say you can skip this match unless you want to see Teddy Hart in arena Mexico, but warning he does not have his faithful companion Mr.Money the Cat with him.

Super Crazy & CWC competitor Ronnie Mendoza aka Jinzo vs. Felino & Tiger*** 1/2

Match didn’t get going until the 3rd fall, but once it did it got to be a really good tag match. Like other tag matches in Elite and Lucha it ended up being elimination rules. First fall with to Felino/ Tiger, second went to Super Crazy/Mendoza via DQ from Tiger, and then the third with Super Crazy getting the win after both Mendoza and Felino were eliminated by a superplex from the top rope. An awesome spot was when Super Crazy did his famous moonsault off of the CMLL/Elite announce booth. What you may want to know about was how Ronnie was in this match since he is in one of the most important tournaments of this year and is getting showcased next week in which he was excellent. Super Smooth in the ring. Great aerial maneuvers once it got to the third fall, his springboard 450 is wonderful. He really showed why he is in the Cruiserweight Classic in the little time he had in this match. If he doesn’t get picked up from WWE in the tournament, then CMLL should snatch him up and push him to the moon as he is going to be a legit star once the CWC is done and over with and CMLL should capitalize on that. Watch this match if you want to see a sneak peak of the CWC competitor Ronnie Mendoza, and for Super Crazy as he is still awesome and fun to watch.

After the match they showed some fun highlights of the Cancerbero & Raziel vs. Ciclon Ramirez Jr. & Principe Diamante match which looked a lot of fun. Then they showed highlights of Atlantis & Dos Caras vs Mascara Ano 2000 & Universo 2000 with guys of the combined age of 229 (I did the math) it looked slow and boring, I love Atlantis still and he is still one of the top guys in Mexico but this match I was glad they did not show. It’s cool that these guys still wrestle time to time though and they don’t steal screen time from younger guys, I’m okay with that.

Rush vs L.A. Park****1/2

What happens when you put L.A Park’s I don’t give a fuck attitude mixed in with Rush’s I don’t give a fuck attitude? You get a confirmed shoot, and what a shoot this match was. My god! MY GOD! This has been a feud that has been brewing in Elite for months now, and they finally meet mono e mono. And on this day, they made art at its finest. Match started out with some classic crowd brawling in Arena Mexico which outside of brawling right by the commentators booth, it is very rare that they go into the crowd. Then Rush goes finds a trash can in the lobby and throws it at Park. Then they do some more brawling, and then Park starts to bleed. This is very shocking to see in Arena Mexico as it hasn’t been done in a very long time. This is where you know this match is serious. They go into the ring and Rush starts licking the blood. They they go to the outside and L.A Park hits Rush with a chair, and then throws the trash can at Rush in which the Ref DQ’s  LA Park in which Rush picks up the victory. When you think this is all over, you think this is all anticlimactic, but then they both enter the ring and say “fuck the ref” and start chopping each other.  They went over what the ref ruled and gave the crowd what they came here to see. Both guys all bloodied up and both guys performing their hearts out. The match may have been over at this point but this post match was what made it special. Both did dives and both milked the crowd and had them at the palm of their hands. And once you think it is finally over and Rush grabs the mic making you think he is going to cut one of his hyped up promos, he drops it and they start shooting some more. Once they were finally over the fans threw their hard earned money at these two gentlemen, and they really worked to earn that extra money. This match was piece of fine art that compares to the old school lucha brawls of the 80’s and 90’s. I’m not going to do a final thoughts on this whole show as this match stole the show and overshadowed everything. This is what makes lucha exciting. Lucha Brawling is one of my favorite aspects of wrestling period and they did it to perfection. If you are still reading this review, go watch this match right now!


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