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LLE Lucha Azteca 5/6/16 Review

Sorry this is later than when I usually do my Elite reviews. Last week was hell of a week of me going to three wrestling shows (one had Pentagon Jr. vs. Fenix so I watched something Lucha Related ha ha), and finals week. I am now a free man from school, and how do I start out my first day of my first week of freedom? Reviewing Elite of course! At this point I am writing the review I don’t remember anything that was supposed to be on this show so everything is a surprise to me! I’m okay with that, I’m exhausted but I need to get this review out so let’s get into the review!

Rush vs. Negro Casas***3/4

Wow! Completely forgot this was on the show which I was really excited for when I first heard that this was the match. These two already had great chemistry, which rang truer in this match. I thought that match was well executed. While it isn’t one of their best matches, it was still really good. We saw Rush brawl with Negro Casas to the outside, with Rush and Shocker continuing their banter that they have been doing every week at this point now. We saw great moves from both guys. Rush won with a pinfall.

While it doesn’t seem like much the match was just a great wrestling match. Nothing flashy from either guy happened but I would go out of my way to go see this match. Negro Casas is one of the greatest of all time, and Rush is on the way being that himself at the young age that he is at!

I usually don’t comment on the selfie stick proportion of the show. I often find them entertaining, but this week caught my eye as Negro Casas had the selfie stick. Something really funny about a 50-something year old man taking selfies. Something that caught my eye.

Caristico, Mistico & Mascara Dorada vs. Rey Escorpion, Ultimo Guerrero & Euforia****

What a great spot fest this was, as well as a great story of the good guys overcoming the rudos over the course of the match. First fall consisted of the rudo team dominating it which they got the win on this one. Second fall we saw the technicos start gaining traction. The first inclining of this was when the Rudos was going for a pyramid submission but Mistico stopped that by springboarding himself on the guy who was on top and doing a rana. The pinfall for this went to the rudos when Mascara Dorada springboard sunset flipped Euforia into a pin, and either Caristico and Mistico (it was hard to tell them apart in this match as they had matching gear) submitted Ultimo Guerrero. The third fall was when everything went crazy. Rana’s from everyone. Crazy spots including Mistico running from the stage, jumping on and off the turnbuckle and doing a a flip on to Ultimo Guerrero. Caristico planchaed onto Escorpion in the crowd, Dorada doing his running from the stage and ranaing someone int he ring. Match ended with Caristico submitting Escorpion.

This was a fun match in which I liked everyone on the Tecnico team. Like I said in past Elite reviews it is awesome that Caristico is finding his footing again in mexico, and this match rang true in that nature as well. Dorada and Mistico are right now the two best workers in terms of high flyers go in Mexico and you should want to watch this match for that alone. I think Dorada is a better singles wrestler but he still pulls out great performances in trios matches, but I think that the opposite for Misitco of being a better trios worker and shines there but still putting on good matches in singles. I highly recommend checking out the match for the tecnico team.

Atlantis vs. LA Park***1/4

Two of my favorite lucha legends facing off. The match was pretty good for what it was. We saw great suicide dives from both guys. We saw them go at a high speed for a time til LA Park started getting winded. This wasn’t too bad. It’s pretty great at the age that these guys are, can still go at a high rate. I love Atlantis, so that is always a treat for me to see him in a match. LA Park while is starting to gain more weight and slowing down still has bursts of being a competent worker. It’s not a bad match at all but it’s not must see. One thing that soured the match for me a little bit was the finish. LA Park submitted Atlantis with a weak arm lock. This was the point where LA Park was full out tired and you can tell that by the end and in this finish.

After the match they showed more of the undercard stuff. While I can’t properly rate them since they are clipped, I loved it. It’s like what Mas Lucha does for the indie stuff. They gave all the undercard a good amount of time to shine, and they all were fun matches to watch even though clipped. They gave at least 3 to 7 minutes on each. Check them out and go to Cagematch for the card to see who is who. I liked that I got to see these undercard guys who are mainly indie luchadores some time to shine.

Final Thoughts: I feel like I say this every week but Elite delivers. Every match was decent to good. Check out Negro Casas vs. Rush, and the trios. Stay for the rest if you have the time but they aren’t mandatory watching for lucha. Thanks for reading my review and like always I will link the show at the bottom!

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