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LLE Lucha Azteca 4/8/16 Review

The second TV aired for what is becoming my favorite Lucha promotion, Lucha Libre Elite. Last week’s review sparked controversy within the WWW staff and another website. It was discovered that mine and many other reviews were being used to “report” results with our notes being basis of the report in a way that it was pretty much stolen with none of their words at all and mine was the first to be discovered. It caused people fighting and the such. I called the website out on Twitter and they blocked me. It was a hoot! Enough of controversy, let’s get to what this episode is about. Today we have Atlantis vs. La Mascara and Caristico vs Volador Jr. as these matches were set-up last week. The other matchups on the card also inlcude a trios match of Marco Corleone, Maximo & Toscano vs. Cibernetico, Mephisto, & Sharlie Rockstar! Let’s get into the show!

Atlantis vs. La Mascara***

The match starts off hot right away as La Mascara attacks Atlantis. After the attack, there’s brawling on the outside. A note that La Mascara keeps on going for Atlantis’s mask which plays into the match later. After La Mascara keeps going for Atlantis’s mask, a few exchanges happen which transitions to Atlantis doing a beautiful suicide dive to the outside. Atlantis is one of my favorite luchadores because of this. He is 53 but still going at a high level. That is pretty common in lucha, as a lot of these guys in their 50s and 60s can still go at a high pace and level. After the suicide dive La Mascara keeps the match slow with with a DDT to Atlantis on the second rope. Then La Mascara attacks Atlantis in the bottom corner, in which he pins, stops his pin and rips Atlantis’s mask. They then go into back in forth moves and pinning each other back and forth. Mascara then does his signature ripping his pants off, then Atlantis takes advantage by giving Mascara a couple of backbreakers, tries to rip La Mascara’s mask, and then gets La Mascara in his Atlantida which is spinning backbreaker rack, in which he submits him.

This was a fun match. Nothing too crazy happened. As I said in my review last week I hoped for this feud if it continues and goes into a mask vs. mask and with both of the performers going for each others masks means it might come into fruition. There isn’t much else to say other than it was a enjoyable match.

Marco Corleone, Maximo & Toscano vs. Cibernetico, Mephisto & Sharlie Rockstar**3/4

We got two non CMLL guys in this match on both teams, I’m not sure who Toscano as this is my first time seeing him but I want to explain who Sharlie Rockstar is. Sharlie Rockstar is formally known as Charley Manson from AAA. He got arrested and went to jail in 2013 for fighting with two police officers which injured them. He was originally sentenced to 7 years in 2013, but last year he got released after two years for good behavior, no one knew and made a surprise debut at Elite last year. The rest of the guys are CMLL regulars.

It seems like the trios matches for right now in Elite are going to be normal 2 out of 3 falls where the singles matches are 1 fall. These trios matches are also hard to take notes on the action so I will explain the big stuff that happened in each fall. First fall pretty much was the more straight up wrestling part of it. Maximo was trying to do sexual advances on Mephisto which he Mephisto were having none of that. Test of strength for Mephisto and Maximo happened, the rudos team starts ganging up on Marco, which he overcomes the odds, does a nice dive onto Mephisto and does his Push Ups shtick. Technicos win. In between falls the cameras shows LA Park (orignally La Parka in AAA & WCW fame) and his son el Hijo del LA Park. The second fall is the more entertaining fall. Maximo does entertaining dives, and shows off. Mephisto tests Marco’s height and hops by first Marco reaching up, Mephisto goes on each turnbuckle to see where he measures up. One the second buckles Marco starts hoping and touching Mephisto hand til the top. After all the entertaining stuff happens Rudos dominate and get the second fall. Once the third fall happens all the rudos start staring down the LA Park clan. This gets the dives out of the way from technicos which all the rudos stopped them til Marco dove which Cibernetico gets out of the way and goes to the LA Park clan. Once as off screen all the Rudos were in the ring beside Cibernetico distracted which a double pins happens while Cibernetico and LA Park & Son start bantering each other. This triggers a brawl and a promo that sets up next week which sets up a one on one match between LA Park and Cibernetico. LA Park and his son are now in Elite.

The match was fine, it was entertaining, but the main thing to take away is that it built to the next week’s episode. What a novel concept that doesn’t really happen in Lucha. I love you Elite! I’m a big fan of LA Park. He has the aura around him like no other. He brings around a lot of politics that make him a interesting character in Lucha. AND OH YEAH LA Park didn’t tell the crowd to go F*** themselves!

In between the matches we saw highlights of LA Park vs. Dr Wagner Jr. from last year maybe signifying the next AAA jump, segments of a Japanese woman interviewing the crowd, and cool highlights from the other matches that didn’t make tape for this TV taping!

Volador Jr. vs. Caristico**** 1/2

This, like the first match, was one built from last week. Match started off hot with Volador right away attacking Caristico. This transitions to brawling on the outside. Volador rips off his tare away pants reveling he is wearing trunks and not tights for this match. ODD but cool! Caristico does a dive to the outside. Nice sequences follow that up from both guys, that ends with hurricanranas from both guys both times. Match is hot at this point. Volador starts going for Caristicos mask and rips it. Volador Jr. is working full blown rudo (heel) in Elite and I love it! This transitions to both of the guys working each other around one of the turnbuckles doing different moves. Ending of this turnbuckle exchange ended with Carisitco doing a double foot stomp to a hanging Volador Jr. into a pin and a near fall. After that Caristico does a spanish fly to Voladar, near fall, then Volador Jr. does a top rope frankensteiner for another near fall. They start throwing everything at each other, with a lot of near falls that sucks you in even more so than before. Then it transitions to one of the most beautiful spots I have seen in a long time in wrestling. Caristico tries for an Asai Moonsault to the outside where Volador gets on the ground, puts his legs up and kicks him out of the way and times it perfectly! Then they get back to the ring where Carisitco does his corkscrew into a crossface submission for the win.

This match was a fantastic match. Since leaving WWE and AAA for that matter Caristico has found his groove especially in March and April as he had a really good match against Ultimo Guerrero in Puebla a couple weeks ago. The only match I enjoyed of his since leaving WWE was the Rey Mysterio match from TripleMania, which is great he pulled off two really good ones since leaving AAA. Seeing Volador Jr. working Rudo was also a bit of fresh air. Since La Sombra left, Volador has started to get stale on me as a top Technico in CMLL. In Elite they are building him as a top Rudo in the company, and he is doing a fine job at it. I highly suggest for anyone to check this match out even if you aren’t a regular Lucha watcher.

Final Thoughts: This was another great show. Elite has been batting two for two so far and in doing so they are becoming one of my favorite companies in the world to watch at the moment. The two top built matches next week have Cibernetico vs. LA Park and Rush & Dragon Lee teaming with each other which is so much hype. I will link the video of the whole show below! Thanks for reading my review and hopefully it doesn’t get stolen!!!!

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  • SuckaFreeSince83

    Is this like CMLL or AAA’s version of NXT?

    • It’s a indie with a strong relationship to CMLL. CMLL allows Elite to book Arena Mexico, and they use mainly CMLL, Indie, and Foreign talent.

    • Christian Orozco

      Elite is it’s own beast. They just rent out the building CMLL doesn their shows out of. Arena Mexico is the true “Temple of Lucha”


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