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LLE Lucha Azteca 4/15/16 Review

Elite is the thing I look forward the most to every week now. We got a great lineup of matches in which we have Extreme Tiger taking on Ultimo Guerrero which is a part of the Liga Elite Tournament, a tag match of brothers taking on brothers as we have Caristico and his brother Argos taking on Rush teaming with his brother Dragon Lee, and the match that was built from last week … Cibernetico taking on LA Park. This should be a great episode, and let’s get into it!

Extreme Tiger vs. Ultimo Guerrero****

Match was a very well story driven match in my opinion. Ultimo Guerrero, the ultimate but very over Rudo taking on the underrated but (TNA) star (if that is a thing we should say anymore since most of the guys best stuff happens out of TNA as we see here) Extreme Tiger. The match revolved around Guerrero bullying Extreme TIger. After smooth submissions and pins, the match transitions to the outside where Ultimo throws Tiger into the crowd, then smashes Tigers head into the barricade door of Arena Mexico. Every time Extreme Tiger tries to gain control in this match Ultimo Guerrero stops that momentum. First sign of that was when Tiger tries to dive onto of Ultimo Guerrero on the outside, he catches him and power bombs him into the buckle. Then it transitions into the ring where a smooth trannstion into a super kick. Then Tiger tries gaining control again with a Frankinstiener but Guerrero stops him by getting him into a suplex position then slams him on his stomach. Then Tiger near falls, gets a nice dive to Ultimo Guerrero, then tries to do a Frankinstiener again but again Guerrero stops it and powerbombs him which Tiger sells that powerbomb masterfully. Near fall, the Tiger Leg Drops Ultimo in his nether regions, and finally hits the Frankinstiener from the top rope, to a near fall. Then Tiger sets Ultimo on the second rope, spring board double stomp and connect to him for a 1-2-3 win.

This was a really good match. Extreme Tiger needs to get out of TNA really bad and start with CMLL full time. Imagine him working NJPW in the Best of the Super Juniors, gasp! Every match I have seen of his from Elite has been really great, the match with Dragon Lee before the TV deal, the match with Mascara Dorada from the first episode and now this, on top of his previous AAA work before TNA I just want him in back in Lucha full time. Ultimo Guerrero is one of my favorite rudos of all time as well as he is one of the best bases in Lucha for the technicos to look good which he did wonderfully here. This is a match I think everyone should seek out. Extreme Tiger is a guy I’m really looking out for in Elite.

Caristico & Argos vs Rush & Dragon Lee****

The battle of brothers taking on brothers, Caristico and Argos team up taking on Rush and Dragon Lee. This match was a hot one. Match started out with some fancy stuff from Dragon Lee, Argos, and Caristico with Dragon Lee and Rush picking up the pinfall for the first fall. During the second fall we saw Dragon Lee working rudo, as he was attempting to rip Argos’s mask while Rush tore Caristicos mask. Not a lot of noteworthy action in ring wise happened in the third fall but the second fall ended with Rush just taking Argos’s mask off right in front of the ref for a DQ. Third fall we saw a lot of dives, a lot of actions that was hard to keep track of. Caristico got revenge on Rush by tearing Dragon Lee’s mask. The match ended with a ref bump, Caristco spring boarding himself and Rush just kicking him in the balls, in which Rush picks up the pinfall. After picking up the pinfall, Rush goes King of Banter mode on Shocker who is on commentary for Elite. I’m not sure if Shocker said something to piss Rush off or Rush just did it randomly, I hope the latter. This match sets up the main event of next week of Rush vs. Caristico.

I rate this at four stars as it was a hot match for the drama alone. The action was great as you expect from all four guys in this ring but the brotherly love coming from both sides bled through. Once Rush took off Argos’s mask, then Caristico to defend the integrity of his bother tore the mask of Rush’s brother Dragon Lee. Seeing Dragon Lee who to me is one of the ultimate techinco work Rudo was different to. I love Dragon Lee as a techinco but it was cool. That’s what I love about Elite, they are trying to do different things with our favorite CMLL talents.

Then they show Cibernetico getting ready for his match, as well as in between the falls of the last match we had the Japanese lady interview him. Then we see highlights of the women’s match which looked fantastic, a trios match involving Raijin, Okumura, and a bunch a people who I don’t know which looks fun, then a trios match of Super Crazy, Angel de Oro, and Golden Magic taking on Felino, Barbaro Cavernario and Y Tiger which also looked really good. I wish these matches would make it on the internet somewhere with pro shot footage. I want to see these matches so bad.

Cibernetico vs. LA Park**3/4

This match was sloppy, some good stuff but not much to write about. LA Park of course shined in the match which he had the two biggest spots which he did a suicide dive and a plancha from the top turnbuckle. Cibernetico seems and sounds like a cool dude but he just isn’t that great of a in ring wrestler in singles matches better in trios. A lot of moves after moves after moves. Match ended with a really sloppy roll up from LA Park. Match had some substance but just didn’t click. This is the worst Elite match I have seen since the TV debut but it wasn’t that bad of a match. Cibernetico challenges LA Park to a mask vs. hair match which it seems like he accepts it, let’s see if this goes anywhere.

Final Thoughts: Another great episode of Elite. The episode had the worst match they put on so far but if that is the worst match, it means Elite is putting out such great work as we have seen the past three weeks. The first two matches were great and I highly recommend those two, you can skip the third match but watch it if you are interested as I know I didn’t write much on it but it wasn’t that bad. Thanks for reading and as always I will link the video at the bottom.

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