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LLE Lucha Azteca 4/1/16 Review

This is the first TV episode for the Lucha Libre company Elite. Elite is independent lucha company that has a strong relationship with CMLL, so much so that Elite is able to run Arena Mexico and to my knowledge the only lucha/wrestling company to run the Arena is EMLL/CMLL. (Tweet at me and yell at me if I’m wrong though).

This first episode has Bobby Lashley vs. Rush, Extreme Tiger aka Tigre Uno from TNA vs. Mascara Dorada, and Caristico, Mistico & Atlantis vs. Volador Jr., La Mascara & Ultimo Guerrero. So, let’s get into the episode.

Bobby Lashley vs. Rush*** 1/2

This is a match up that you wouldn’t have thought would happen in a million years. It seems like Bobby Lashley usually only does TNA and the occasional indie and international tours no one sees footage of. This match up is pretty damn great as I am a huge Rush fan and I really grown a liking to Bobby Lashley in his current TNA run.

Some of the big things that happened in the match included Rush giving suplexes to Lashley, Rush doing a superplex to Lashley from the top rope, a flying drop kick, Rush doing his jumping stomps transitioning to a drop kick in the corner to Rush pinning Lashley and stopping it which Rush does his god tier bantering the ref after. Match ends with Lashley doing his signature spear. This was a great match that I think everyone should watch. This is a good sound wrestling match. Everything transitions well into each other. Nothing flashy happens but Rush and Bobby Lashley had good chemistry with each other even though this was the first time the two have met. I’m hoping we see more of Lashley in Elite as I can see him having good matches with other CMLL guys. A cool tid bit to go with this match, M Lucha released a post match interview with Lashley saying Rush is one of the best wrestlers he has worked with. To me that’s crazy but accurate with a list including guys like Kurt Angle, Austin Aries, Chris Benoit, William Regal, and so on. Glad the match turned out the way it did.

Extreme Tiger vs. Mascara Dorada***3/4

This is the second big match up for Dorada this week as he faced Barbaro Cavenario at Puebla in a great match that is one of my favorites this year in terms of lucha in which the fans threw money for it. Coming into this taping which happened on Wednesday you know this is going to be one of the better match ups of the whole card and it was. First for people who don’t know who Extreme Tiger is, he is Tigre Uno from TNA. He often gets booked way too strong in TNA but is a solid performer in that company. Outside of TNA he is a fantastic luchadore when paired up with people of his style on indies and AAA before he left for TNA. I highly suggest trying to find some of his work outside of TNA either in his old AAA run or highlights or fan cams in various other Lucha indies.

Match started out with some headlocks into some sequences. Some flashy stuff happened but we didn’t get to see as they set up a turnbuckle cam under the third turnbuckle. This was terrible shot and waste of a camera. Elite if you are reading this review get rid of that cam. After the sequences we didn’t see the set up one of the first big spots of the match as Dorada ran from the stage of Arena Mexico, leaped over the ropes, and did a hurricanrana. That transitioned to the spot of Extreme Tiger diving to the outside getting Dorada into the ring, and doing a leg drop from the third rope into a two count. Then it went into Dorada doing his flashy roll turning around on the second rope to a drop kick which was showed on that stupid turnbuckle cam again. After the drop kick Tiger moved to the outside in which Dorada ran and launched himself from the second rope to a flip, pretty much the Air Jordan we see from ACH in Ring of Honor. Dorada put Tiger int he ring and did a springboard splash from the apron, which got a near fall. After this the biggest spot happened as Extreme Tiger put Dorada on the barricade, went to the top turnbuckle and did a beautiful flying leg drop to a hanging Dorada to the floor. This results into Tiger throwing Dorada in the ring while trying to springboard himself, Dorada stopped him and dropped kick him. This transitions to Dorada doing a sling blade to a standing shooting star press into a near fall. After that Extreme Tiger does a flashy submission that Dorada breaks with his foot on the rope. Dorada does a Dragon Lee Flying hurricanrana to Tiger being on the apron to the floor. Dorada wins with a slam from his shoulders into the pin.

While it didn’t show it on tape, on social media we saw Dorada holding a cup of money showing that the fans threw money for this match. Throwing money is one of the many traditions in Lucha that comes from local shows the promoters in Mexico a lot of the times didn’t have enough money to pay the wrestlers which somehow got to the fans, if a match is so good and entertains the fans that much people throw money at the performers to show appreciation to the hard work that they just did. This is the second match this week Dorada got money thrown at him. He was the top lucha performer this week, and in both of his matches of this one and Cavenario, they both play intricate roles into this big week for Dorada. Please seek both this match and the match from Puebla, as Dorada is one of the most underrated guys in lucha today.

Caristico, Mistico & Atlantis vs. Volador Jr., La Mascara & Ultimo Guerrero***1/4

The main event was a fun one to watch. Unlike the other two matches it was a typical lucha 2/3 falls match. This match is very hard to do play by play on so I’m not going to do that gimmick as trying to do notes for everything flew apart in a good way. Big spots that happened in the first fall were La Mascara and Volador Jr. ganging up on Caristco and smashing his dick on the turnbuckle, with some some triple teaming from the rudos to the technicos with Ultimo Guerrero doing his headstand on the turnbuckle to his bronco buster. Ultimo Guerrero submitted Mistico while Mascara pinned Atlantis in the first fall. The second fall started out with Ultimo Gurrero throwing Caristico into some chairs outside the barricade. The second fall is where the technicos in the match took over, with the Misticos doing dives to the outside with Atlantis submitting Ultimo Guerrero in his torture rack. The third fall started with the Misticos doing planchas from the titantron on the stage to the ground of the stage onto La Mascara and Volador. This is part of the match where a lot of things happen. We saw Atlantis taking over with him doing summersault rolls throwing Gurrero out of the ring and then doing non stop backbreakers to Volador Jr. and La Mascara. We saw Volador and La Mascara ganging up on Caristico and a lot of match up between Volador and and Carsistico. One of the bigger spots in the match was Mistico from the top rope doing a flying hurricanrana to Ultimo Guerrero on the floor. The match ended with the ref being distracted and La Macara kicked Atlantis in the dick while holding Volador in a torture rack, him pinning Atlantis again and Volador submitting Caristico. After the match Volador took the ripped mask of Caristico and started wiping his boots down, and a lot of Rudo type things. Post-match, Volador took the mic and set up a hair vs. mask match between the two, and La Mascara took the mic and set up a feud with Atlantis maybe going mask vs. mask.

This was a fun main event. Volador Jr. being the rudo was so awesome as in CMLL as he is a top technico and gets sort of stale for me. I also think Caristico is losing his mask as I don’t think CMLL would let their top babyface lose his money hair on a indie event if they have a good relationship with them. This would be best in my opinion as since his departure from WWE he has had two masks since then and became a joke while in and after WWE. It would be more of a career rejuvenation for him in my opinion and if he does leave or jump to AAA again or anywhere else he doesn’t have to come up with a new mask design, etc … also the La Mascara vs. Atlantis feud should be a fun watch as well. Atlantis is one of my favorites and seeing him in feuds always gets me going, hopefully it lives up to it and we can see another classic mask vs. mask from Atlantis.

Final Thoughts: The first episode of Elite was everything I hoped to be and more. No match was under three stars, and it kept me entertained throughout. I can’t wait to hear more. They are going to start a tournament to crown its first champion. It is supposed to have some sort of points system and the last place person is supposed to lose his mask or hair. I highly recommend checking this episode out in which I will link.


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