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Legacy Wrestling “Hollywood Takeover” Review (3/11/16)

This was my first time seeing a Legacy Wrestling show. Looking at the card which looked great on paper, I was excited to review. There were some guys I did not know, and in turn, learning about new wrestlers is always fun.

TJ Mathis vs. Laszlo Arpad**

This was my first time seeing both men so going into this match I had no bias. TJ Mathis starts off by giving a 10 bell salute to a sick child that passed away and was a fan of the shows. I thought that this was a very nice thing to do, very touching for him to do that. Immediately, when Arpad comes in, he beats down on TJ Mathis and Arpad’s manager cuts a promo about how good he is and the Hollywood stable is, and burying other stables like saying The Bullet Club will never be as over in America. They leave, but before Arpad gets to the back, TJ Mathis calls him a bitch and the fight happens.

The match itself was very average and short. TJ Mathis was selling the beat down for most of the match and was just getting dominated, which got Arpad a load of heel heat. But Mathis got the win with a roll-up, which was pretty much all of his offense. After the match Arpad whips Mathis with a strap, so of all people, DJ Hyde makes the save. DJ Hyde says on July 23rd, they will have a lumberjack strap match. An interesting stipulation.

Tony Deppen vs Desmond Xavier***1/4

From what I have seen from FIP and CZW, Xavier is pretty damn good and this is my first time seeing Deppen. Deppen was working heel, and he was so cocky, it was great. He did things like saying he was gonna hit the greatest suplex of all time but getting small packaged and going for a dive, but flipping his body back into the ring to trick the crowd. Xavier was great at high flying, hitting many dives to the out side and a standing moonsault too. He also hits a top rope hurricanrana and then hits a tumble weed corkscrew for the win. This was a fun sprint that showcased both talents very well, Xavier hit some great flips and Deppen was an awesome heel.

(Legacy Women’s Championship) Veda Scott vs. Kimber Lee*3/4

Way to kill the momentum that last match had built up. A lot of pre-match shenanigans, Lee working heel and being annoying in a good way, as it is her character. There was a weird part of this match early on, I think Veda tried for an arm drag but couldn’t do it and they got in a clinch, just felt super awkward. Also a super awkward springboard bull dog. That is the best way to describe this match, awkward. Like when they went for a tilt a whirl back breaker but Veda landed on her side, and a cat fight part that was pretty weak. A big boot misses. But here’s the thing, the match wasn’t god awful, they just didn’t connect and it made it hard to watch at some points. Veda wins the match, gets the belt, with a step up enzuiguri.

Lio Rush vs. AR Fox****

On paper this match seems like it could be amazing, two great high flyers. The crowd was beyond hot for this one. They trade some holds in the beginning oddly enough and then hit each other with arm drags of many varieties, and it was great. At one point they slide into the ring when both of them tried to dive to the outside. Lio Rush tried to hit YES Kicks, but gets caught, which is no problem for Rush as he flips out. After a Death Valley Driver, Fox hits a split legged moonsault. A huge superplex into a brainbuster from Fox. Ace Crushers. 450s. An amazing pin sequence. That was just only a FEW of some of the cool spots they hit in this one. This was a sprint, an AMAZING sprint and some of the best flippy stuff I have seen. If you even remotely like spotfests, then this is for you. Rush hits a Rush Hour but gets attacked by a “fan” Joe Keyes, causing a DQ. I don’t care if the finish was terrible, the match itself contained some great high flying. These two are the best in this game, and this was a showcase. If the finish was better, I would have gave it higher than ****, but that finish really wasn’t fitting to a match like that.

Facade vs. Amasis**3/4

These two are pretty good high flyers so I was sort of looking forward to this, but I am admittedly not the biggest fan of Facade. They took me out instantly by doing a dance off after 2 minutes of trading holds. It was about 2 minutes, but 2 minutes too long. Once the high flying started, the match started to pick up and get good. There were a couple good dives to the outside. Facade gets the win with the Arashikage Driver, in a sloppy, yet good match. The dance off ruined my enjoyment of this one, but overall it was good and not too long.

(Submission Match) Jonathan Gresham vs. Drew Gulak****

Looking at this match on paper, it seems like it could be amazing, Gulak and Gresham are two of the best on the independent scene. The match started off with some GREAT grapple frick. Which was kind of expected, since it is a Drew Gulak match, and the guy is amazing. But Gresham was keeping up, and was doing great work in this one as well. They were both the stars of this match. Gresham, at one point, goes for a monkey flip to get out of an arm hold, but Gulak keeps an arm hold on, and it just looks amazing. Gresham then has Gulak in an arm hold but Gulak picks him up and suplexes him, then bodyslams him into the ropes 2 times, and it looked great. They take the fight to the outside for a small while, but quickly go back to the catch point style. One of the only bad things about this match was that the submission stipulation felt tacked on as these guys kept accidentally going for pins and the crowd seemed dead. Gulak taps out after getting stuck in the octopus hold. A great match. Love this style but if you don’t you would probably dislike this one, but to me it was great.

(Legacy Tag Team Championship) Bloodbound Warriors (Grey Wolf & Red Scorpion) (c) vs. The Wildcardz (Eddie Page & Jason Radatz)**1/2

First time seeing these teams, the Bloodbound Warriors remind me a lot of the Ascension from the WWE. The match was alright, with nothing really sticking out to me and I think after that last match it was gonna be hard to follow. One of the cool parts was that the double moves were alright, but that’s about it. The Bloodbound Warriors win after hitting an assisted fireman’s carry neckbreaker. It was boring, but just average.

(Legacy Championship) Eddie Smooth (c) vs. Cedric Alexander***3/4

Eddie Smooth was accompanied by the Hollywood’s Finest stable. They cut a promo on how the crowd sucks but Cedric Alexander comes out and asks for a title shot. Smooth says no, but he then cheapshots him to get the match started. Smooth was wrestling heel and he was great at it. Cedric was also great at trying to get sympathy from a guy who was acting like a douche, the crowd was into it. Smooth was in the drivers seat in the beginning, besides when he got hit with a head scissors, but then Alexander then went for a dive, but got kicked in the head and suplexed on the apron, which I thought was one of the coolest spots of the match. Cedric sold it amazingly, and made me feel bad for him. The members of the Hollywood’s Finest interfered sometimes in this match, but it wasn’t overbearing. While Smooth was in control, Alexander got limited offense in but when he did it looked great. Smooth goes for a 450 but Alexander moves out the way and mounts a comeback on him, including an awesome Michinoku Driver. He also hits a sweet low-pe. They brawled on the out side for a bit, where I also think Cedric may have accidentally hit a fan but the camera angle was not clear. Smooth hits a damn dragon suplex into the top turn buckle and a top rope half n half suplex. Cedric hits a Lumbar Check but as the 3 count was about to happen the time limit expired.

After the match Smooth cut a promo and Alexander was very pissed. But, AR Fox came out and attacked Smooth, because apparently at the last show he was screwed out of the title.

This was a fun show, with three matches that I would recommend you see whenever you can, even if the finishes were off on two of them, they are great matches. Thanks for stopping by and reading this, and for all your US Indie reviews, you are already at the right place, Wrestling With Words.


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