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WWW/PITR Korakuen Hall Attendance Tracker: January 2017

In Japan, it is hard to dispute that Korakuen Hall is the most used building for wrestling year in and year out. A total of 183 wrestling shows were held in Korakuen Hall during 2016 alone. Many promotions have filled (or attempted to) the seats dating back to 1962 with the greatest wrestlers to ever live. The range of wrestling goes from traditional places like New Japan, deathmatch federations like Big Japan, women’s wrestling promotions like Stardom, independent one time event shows and even promotions from the western world like TNA and AAA put together shows the last couple of years.

However, fans and writers have disputed over message boards and other forms of social media about attendance numbers correlating to the health of these promotions. To almost end the debates, I wanted to set up a tracker that accounted for every Korakuen Hall show that occurred in 2017.

The goal of this tracker to show the attendance numbers but also present what the trends would be for wrestling in Japan through charts and which wrestling shows fans in Tokyo decide to spend their money on. For the record, here is the data that I collected for the Month of January and these numbers are cross referenced with what Weekly Pro Wrestling Magazine reported and each promotion claimed on their website.

1. January 2017 Korakuen Hall Attendances

This chart shows the monthly flow for the promotions and it follows what people would think to expect but for the drop off between shows with the “Reborn” Pro Wrestling NOAH is alarming.

2. January 2017 Korakuen Hall Totals

The domination of New Japan Pro Wrestling shows as they attracted over 8,000 spectators throughout the month. DDT has over 4,000 if TJP (Tokyo Joshi Pro) is included into their totals.

3. January 2017 Korakuen Monthly Average Attendance

Monthly average attendance is a bit misleading because only New Japan, DDT, All Japan Pro Wrestling, and NOAH ran multiple shows during the month. This will obviously change as the rest of the year unfolds.


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